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  1. How To: Linking Your Custom Career To Maxis Majors
  2. MODDERS RESOURCE : Career Outfit Lists
  3. Mini-Tutorial: Making Custom Icons which Do Not Hurt One's Eyes
  4. A Picture Tutorial for Creating Pet Careers
  5. Tutorial: Attaching Icons to careers
  6. Updated: New Turtorial: How to link custom rewards to careers with the latest Sim PE
  7. Major Creation: The Definitive Tutorial
  8. Custom Careers for absolute beginners (NOW WITH PICS)
  9. NEW: Creating a Custom Major!
  10. How to make a major! UPDATED!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. DIY Career Repair Centre, plus how to make careers EP ready (beginner's tutorial)
  12. Picture Tutorial- attaching custom clothes to careers
  13. Picture Tutorial- a beginnerís guide to linking teen careers to adult careers
  14. Picture Tutorial- a beginnerís guide to linking custom reward objects to careers
  15. Career Vehicle and Outfit GUID's
  16. Tutorial/ Hints and Tips- Career Creation
  17. DIY School Overide
  18. Step-by-Step Custom Career How-To Guide v0.05
  19. Upgrading Pre-EP Careers to work in EP1 (University)
  20. Guide to making Custom Careers v1.1