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  1. Problem with hair Mesh
  2. Making a mesh seamless with the face.
  3. I'm trying and failing to link a mesh to 3DID to get the hat to show up on a different age group.
  4. Mesh problem
  5. How do I create hats on Sims 2, link them properly to a new mesh and change them to an accessory?
  6. meshing and dissapear in bodyshop
  7. Line on top
  8. Modern Blender?
  9. Servo Formal Outfit Not Showing
  10. Accessories for Toddlers
  11. Copying changes over to morphs
  12. Strange shading where mesh pieces were joined (shoe-swap)
  13. Cat collar problem
  14. HELP with shoulder joint adjustment/rotate and dark spots on the mesh
  15. How to adapt a mesh to a different bodyshape.
  16. Problem with programs to convert TS3>TS2 clothes?
  17. Is there any pregnant body mesh with bone assignments?
  18. SimPE mesh extracting -- not all parts could be found (also Blender over Milkshape)
  19. I wanted to make two female hairs but need help.
  20. I want to make a custom accessory but I dunno where to start
  21. how do i make meshed beards that change with the face
  22. Making sliders need some help
  23. The Sims 2 PSP mesh conversion
  24. BodyShop pose in ms3d?
  25. How to create CC
  26. new alpha mesh won't grab subsets & recolors.
  27. Messed up Normals?
  28. Milkshape error loading texture.
  29. Can't wrap my head around rigging a hair...
  30. Mesh Transparency Issues
  31. Connecting hair/scalp to head/face
  32. Fix Integrity messing up my mesh?
  33. Can't fix fat morphs
  34. Does this bone assignment looks good?
  35. NormalMap Repository?
  36. Help with Frankenmesh UV
  37. Mesh Lump
  38. New hair mesh only appears for elders
  39. Joining vertices on the UV map
  40. Separating an Alpha Outfit
  41. Mesh not showing up in Bodyshop
  42. Textures dont work properly on child & toddler converted mesh
  43. Mesh Parts Appearing Through the Body? (Solved)
  44. How do you extract the 3D file for a sim with a custom made/sculpted face?
  45. Sims 2 and MakeHuman
  46. how to get infant body in game/simpe?
  47. Adding shine/reflection to parts of an accessory...
  48. Sims 2 accessories transparency glitches? help? [SOLVED]
  49. [HAIR] current conversions replacing previous, HELP!
  50. Imported mesh [.obj] to make sims clothes [?possible]
  51. Braid Brawl Blender
  52. Joints=Transperancy?
  53. Could it be About Binning?
  54. Scalp Defiance
  55. Black Outline (Solved)
  56. UV Mapping Going Under (Solved)
  57. Small Strands (And Textures)
  58. Alpha for President
  59. Edit ALPHA Texture File for Clothing
  60. Request
  61. Make Different groups blend In Same UV Map
  62. Is It Possible To Assign Joints Using Blender?
  63. Different Planes = Different Alpha?
  64. Error: Too Many Faces
  65. Blender: Mirror
  66. UVMapping Hair
  67. Making Curly Planes
  68. Best Program for Meshing?
  69. Making a Long Dress
  70. 3t2 Clothes transparency issue.
  71. Mesh From Scratch
  72. Hair Layering In Mlikshape
  73. How to make duplicate groups in Milk shape 3d???
  74. Sims 2 accessory mesh for TM sims not showing up in body shop - 3IDR problem linking stage
  75. B_hair, R_hair, L_hair
  76. Fresh, New Hair Mesh
  77. Hair In BodyShop Shows No Change.
  78. Black spots/shadows on ripped mesh?
  79. Dumb question but.. help?
  80. Hole through legs
  81. Skirts Crushing
  82. Shirt Connections
  83. Problem with regrouping mesh in the Sims 2/Milkshape? Help?
  84. Milkshape Isn't adding texture to Sims 2 Accessory mesh. Help?
  85. Converting Clothes (Meshes and Texture) From Adult to Teen Using Milkshape
  86. ~HELP~ How add transparency in acc like LianaSim's Necklace Acc?
  87. Requesting help with old files
  88. Newbish Question About Sleeves
  89. HELP: Accessory transparency glitch?
  90. Alpha Help
  91. GMDC importer/exporter for Blender
  92. Pregnant morph to Werewolf Mesh outfit
  93. New accessories pulling mesh of previous accessories ...
  94. how to make group hair?
  95. Help Extracting a Maxis Mesh?
  96. How to link a default nude mesh?
  97. Trying to Lower Vertex Count Breaks Model Surface (Solved)
  98. Peggy Hair Won't Open in Milkshape
  99. (Problem solved!) Accessory Mesh Bone Assignment Woes
  100. 3t2 Top Conversion Gone Wrong
  101. Adding morphs to multi-group meshes
  102. Recolouring a hidden mesh
  103. Combing Meshless Top and a Skirt
  104. Finding An Outfit's GMDC?
  105. TS4 to TS2 Clothing Convertion
  106. How to make an accessory move with sims mouth/eye/nose/ear?
  107. Lace transparence in my new dress mesh
  108. Texture Not Correctly Appearing in Body Shop or In-Game (Solved)
  109. milkshape mesh dissapear in sims2 bodyshop
  110. Locating the Correct Joint For Accessories... [SOLVED]
  111. Someone can separate this suit, so you can be a bottom?
  112. Are these possible to make for the Sims 2 and How do I make them? (Teenage Male and Female clothing meshes)
  113. Question: How to convert TS3 hair to TS2?
  114. Fat Morph goes Missing when Imported into SimPE
  115. Sexy feet not showing up
  116. Shoe Help...
  117. The Neck Doesn't Show Up
  118. Help me please ._.
  119. Unassigned bones popup when exporting from Milkshape
  120. My new mesh has stiff/straight arms...?
  121. Fixing the gap between skirt bottom and top of legs in Milkshape
  122. Adding Sims 3 Shoes to Sims 2 Mesh?
  123. Problem with texture in Milkshape
  124. Converting a TS4 outfit to TS2
  125. attaching skeleton to new mesh
  126. Attack on Titan (SnK) Characters
  127. Problem extracting the mesh
  128. [SOLVED] Neck Gap & Missing feet
  129. (SOLVED) Converting Outift Help x.x
  130. Morphs!
  131. Way to see changed mesh in Milkshape?
  132. Fat alpha3 morph exploding no matter what I try.
  133. Genetics The Sims 2 :D (Suggestion for personalized content)
  134. Milkshape 3D 1.8.5 bug
  135. What in the world...?
  136. BBB hair mesh question for a mod or admin
  137. correct bone assignment didn't do anything
  138. How do I use the Extracting stage and linking stages in PJSE in SimPE?
  139. Pregnant Morph on a skirt mesh?
  140. Wanting to Learn how to Mesh..
  141. Making a bottom only part outfit. Like pants
  142. Removing shoes from mesh
  143. Getting rid of ugly shadows.
  144. Fat Morph
  145. Missing GMDC for clothing (SOLVED)
  146. Parent cres not found.
  147. Morphs
  148. How Do You Extract Custom Meshes?
  149. Creating Hand Hooves.
  150. Issues with making a face template
  151. how to fix hair_alpha transparency problem
  152. How do I convert TS3 Hair to TS2?
  153. Combined Mesh looks fine in MS and Simpe. Explodes and floats in Bodyshop.
  154. Joints Not Appearing in MilkShape?
  155. new problem mesh part showing up black
  156. how to manually link up clothing?
  157. How to Stop a Texture From Stretching?
  158. Cloning an Full outfit
  159. Wait, wut? Mesh in Blender looks nothing like what it does in Bodyshop
  160. Adding Pregnant Morph to full outfit that has none
  161. Blender 2.49b & Accessory Creation
  162. Adding ages/genders to an accessory
  163. How to make accessories for both genders?
  164. Accessory mesh- Not sure what's gone wrong?
  165. Converting clothing to an accessory?
  166. Creating a new face type in milkshape?
  167. Fix face count mismatch?
  168. Accessory mesh problem...SOLVED
  169. Copy UV map across morphs?
  170. Pants bleeding into separated top
  171. Modified mesh simply doesn't work in Body Shop
  172. Exploding fat morph for no apparent reason
  173. How can I convert sims 3 clothing to sims 2 (it's a top)
  174. problem adding groups to a mesh
  175. UV mapping problem
  176. SimChic meshes problem
  177. Mesh is good in Milkshape & SimPE, fails in Bodyshop
  178. Newbie Need's Help - Installing plugins to SIMSPE
  179. Extracting GMDC Problem (SOLVED)
  180. Accessory mesh works in Bodyshop, not in game??
  181. Why is it so difficult to get the mesh for clothes?
  182. Merge 2 Maxis hair meshes into one?
  183. Adding a Texture and Alpha Image to "Glass" Lenses
  184. Update: Not working on this anymore, so I will upload the resources in this thread for free usage.
  185. Weird transparency at waist
  186. SOLVED: Hat is showing up in front of the head, where it is supposed to be behind it.
  187. OMG The Horror
  188. Vertices with 4 bone assignments
  189. Normals won't change in Milkshape.
  190. SOLVED: Why can't PJSE extract the adult maid outfit?
  191. Duplicates in bodyshop
  192. Looking for a tutorial
  193. No changes at all.
  194. Accessory Transparency/Texture Problem
  195. Milkshape: hair vertex won't align to neck no matter what I do
  196. Strange things on my meshes... (Hair meshing)
  197. [HELP] How to Assign The Right Texture to Mesh??
  198. Bump Maps on Accessories-- Is This Possible?
  199. What did I do wrong? (outfit separation)
  200. Weird ring around bottom of recolour using alpha-editable skirt, please help :) - SOLVED! :)
  201. Help please! Milkshape crashing when using Sims 2 Unimesh Bone Tool!
  202. I need help on how to assgin hair correctly
  203. Adult to Child Hair Conversion, Don't know if I missed something
  204. Female to Male Hair Conversion Help
  205. Need help at my hair mesh...
  206. Making small edit to custom accessory mesh, won't show after editing in Milkshape
  207. importing hair problem
  208. Is it possible to make bump maps for accessories?
  209. Mesh Has Weird Black Areas: Help Please?
  210. Blender: .smd won't import
  211. Question about adding preg morphs...
  212. Exploded Mesh...?
  213. Missing Shoes...?
  214. Mesh Mirror & UV Maps Help
  215. Creating clothing for both sexes
  216. New Body Shape help, Please
  217. General TS2 Mesh Information
  218. Converting Meshes to New Bodyshape?
  219. Blender help- I need lots of it! Help me create!!!!!!!!
  220. mesh breaking with skin color?
  221. polys on an accessory?
  222. Milkshape 3D plugins not working
  223. My new fat morph won't show up in game-UPDATE, SOLVED see last post
  224. Trying to create custom Career clothes for my custom made boxing career
  225. What is the largest texture size allowed for hair?
  226. Strange necks,arms... in my mesh please help me :)
  227. meshing
  228. How do I change the shape of something?
  229. Milkshape Wireframe Overlay doesn't work
  230. Transparency problem with a coat
  231. Removing ages from defaults in SimPE and Wardrobe Wrangler
  232. Default mesh clashing
  233. Need help in converting adult clothes into child clothes
  234. modding maxis to fit HBB
  235. How to convert an object into a wearable accessory?
  236. Complex hair mesh has only one part?
  237. ts3 to ts2 hairconversion problem
  238. Normals issue - body lighter than head
  239. Odd Meshing Conversion Help?
  240. milkshake crashing
  241. help finding an alpha transparent mesh with bump maps
  242. How to make an accessory move with sims' face?
  243. How can I convert an adult hair to child? Can someone link me to a tutorial?
  244. bodyshop, obj, poser
  245. Sims 2 Mesh tool error - can't end my mesh!
  246. tf top with alpha-group - Find? Create?
  247. Body Disapears in Body Shop
  248. Half a hair not showing up in bodyshop and game?
  249. Adding ages to an accessory
  250. i need some help with modyfing a dress