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  1. Photoshop Blend Modes Tiptorial
  2. Creating Custom Foods Tutorial: Recoloring and Guid Assigning
  3. How To Properly Scale Walls Using Gimp
  4. Tutorial - The "Easy-er" Way To Texturing Objects!
  5. Tutorial - How to make Wallpapers Tile Properly with Photoshop (Applicable to other objects)
  6. Tutorial - Using Wizards of SimPE to create a basic recolour
  7. Default Replacement Object Recolors - mini tutorial
  8. Object transparency tutorial
  9. How to make Walls, Floors, and Ground Cover (Beginning Creators Start Here!)
  10. Texturing for Dummies - Maxis and Custom Mesh Texturing
  11. Recolouring Roofs with Object Workshop (NEW Tutorial)
  12. Recolouring Objects with Object Workshop (NEW tutorial)
  13. Creating custom paintings with Photo Studio
  14. Designing Bedding Double AND Single Mini-Tutorial
  15. The Grand Trianon: Colours and Recolours (UPD 23dec2007)
  16. Tutorial: Transparent Floor tiles
  17. SimPE Handbook: Cloning and Recolouring options - *07 APR 2006: UPD to new v.56*
  18. Mini-Tutorial: A broken glass for your windows *UPD 11May2005*
  19. Tutorial: Transparency in Floor Tiles (Updated 16 Apr)
  20. Tutorial: Creating Templates for PhotoStudio