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  1. How To Show EPs/SPs in Object Workshop with Collection Packs Then Make Them Base Game Compatible Again
  2. How To: Create a Fence
  3. Tutorial: Object creation for absolute beginners
  4. Tutorial: How to UV Map a Sphere
  5. Tutorial: Meshing Simple Organic Shapes (I.E. Fabrics) with Milkshape
  6. Tiptorial: Low-Poly 3D Modelling - How and Why
  7. Full tutorial - Object and texture creation with uv mapping explained!
  8. How to find your POLY COUNT and what is reasonable
  9. Tutorial: Creating a New Pet Using the Womrat Object
  10. **Making objects with cut-outs in Wings3D**
  11. UV Mapping & Adding Textures In Wings 3D - Tutorial - For beginner to Intermediate learners - By Travis
  12. Curtain Creation Guide
  13. Tutorial: Creating Curved and Detailed Meshes Using Wings 3D
  14. Creation of simple object using Maya 7
  15. Tutorial on UV mapping and texture baking for 3DS Max
  16. Creating a suitable WallMask for your custom windows and doors
  17. Creating an accurate Shadow for your Object - Tutorial
  18. How to create correct shadows for custom objects
  19. Sims 2 start to finish Object Creation Tutorial V 2.1 - UPD 22 feb 06
  20. Tutorial: Adding a subset to an object (and making it recolorable)
  21. Tutorial: Creating Custom Windows
  22. Short tutorial: how to create NightLife cars
  23. TUTORIAL: MESHING - Creating an Armoire Step by Step
  24. Tutorial: Sims 2 Object Creation with Wings 3D(free) *UPD 07/02/06*
  25. Understanding UV-mapping (with UVmapper Classic)
  26. Object making: Blender Tutorial v 1.0
  27. SimPE for Dummies - Textures and Models
  28. Tutorial: Using LithUnwrap to view Recolours in 3d
  29. A Guide for quick creation of Colour-Enabled Objects
  30. How to find an object's GMDC and extract the mesh using Object Workshop