View Full Version : Tutorials for Object Modding

  1. Minitutorial - Lord Darcys centerpiece fix for CC
  2. Tutorial: How to Create Your Own Custom Memories (Easy Way)
  3. Tutorial : How to make your own Custom Easel with its own Custom Paintings
  4. Tutorial: Make the pizza box buyable in Buy Mode!
  5. [Tutorial] Creating Recolorable Modular Stairs
  6. Tutorial: How to Make a Posebox Base-Game Compatible
  7. Slots Tutorial (Gimme the Slots Info NAO)
  8. [Tutorial] Adding Slots
  9. Tutorial on Custom Thumbnails for Objects
  10. Tutorial on Custom Cameras for Thumbnails
  11. Tutorial: Creating a random object in a particular category
  12. Modding InfoCenter - The Material Definition (TXMT): a visual reference table *Update*
  13. Tutorial: Understanding the Scenegraph
  14. Modding InfoCenter - Package Resource Graph
  15. Tutorial: How to update custom fridges and computers to enable latest EP functions
  16. Tutorial: Recatagorizing Maxis Content - Objects
  17. Tutorial: Building a new object skeleton
  18. How to Pull Textures from Maxis Items - Tutorial
  19. Step by Step Instructions on How to Increase Energy and Comfort for a Bed
  20. Tutorial: *Reducing* the no. of tiles of an object
  21. Slave Object Tutorial - Repository Textures From Maxis Objects
  22. Tutorial How to Use Recolorable Pets Collars
  23. Making a new Dog Collar (for Pets only)
  24. (Short) instructions on how to make your object visible in the Neighborhood View
  25. Tutorial - How to add "Dialogue" To your object!
  26. An introduction to Slots
  27. Adding an "Effect" to an object
  28. Creating Working Slots for Extended Objects.
  29. Mini-Tutorial: Batch-fix Custom Objects to make them *placeable on OFB shelves*
  30. Creation of Custom Musical Instruments with 'Perform' options - *UNI REQUIRED!*
  31. Tutorial: Fixing self-referencing objects
  32. An overview over the Package structure
  33. Simantics and BHAVs
  34. Partitions: walls, fences, fence arches
  35. Lights and LGHT files
  36. Tutorial: Fixing the footprint (or "stop walking through my object!")
  37. Tutorial: Making objects available in Community Lots
  38. Retaining object animations using the Mesh Tool
  39. Understanding The TXTR File and Formats
  40. Modding Infocenter - The Resource Node (CRES)
  41. Understanding the Object Functions (OBJF) file
  42. Changing the object Placement
  43. Creating an Animation Cell Re-Color
  44. Modding InfoCenter - The "Repository" Technique
  45. Linking straight and diagonal objects
  46. Invisible and flashing blue custom objects: Check List