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  1. Assigning Vertices to a newly created bone/joint?
  2. Bump mapping on objects
  3. Mirrors look fine in TSRW, weird reflections in game
  4. [Solved] Hair transparency issues (inside of hair turns invisible)
  5. How do I get the sleeves to fit right on an age converted outfit without clipping?
  6. What the hell are all these file formats and how do I make them work with TS3?
  7. Hair looks fine in CAS, clips in Live Mode
  8. Error message from Mesh Toolkit | SOLVED
  9. Where could I find some good tutorials that shows you how make 3d models for Blender and where could I find 3d models of the sims' bodies so that I could model around it?
  10. Problem with texture mapping after resizing a mesh
  11. How do I convert Sims 4 mesh without TSR?
  12. How do I get my custom content to move with sliders?
  13. [beginner] What does this mean?
  14. Is it possible to automatically assign the joints to a custom playable plush ?
  15. Extracting sims to blender?
  16. Solved-Modifying the slots for a dining table in TSRW
  17. Horse hair modding
  18. How Can I Open My Sims 3 LOT in 3DS Max?
  19. [SOLVED] HELP: My accessory mesh I made for the sims 3 is not showing up in the game after being installed.
  20. Blank sims 3 character sim reference models? FOUND/SOLVED
  21. Converting Sims 2 counters to Sims 3--texture import issue & can't place a sink [SOLVED]
  22. converting sim2 download in sims3
  23. Hey, I'm a 3D modeller and I want to put my outfit models into Sims 3/4. Is this how I do it?
  24. How can I mesh from a reference picture?
  25. [SOLVED] .simgeom mesh all black when imported to milkshape
  26. [SOLVED] Neck Seam/Gap
  27. SSNS EP Soccer Ball replacement help, please?
  28. Problem with adding IK rigs in Blender
  29. Can't Export Mesh from package (No Geom)
  30. Gravity Falls Window Creation
  31. This is possible or no?
  32. Modifying the LodX_1
  33. Body meshing with Milkshape: Toddler Frankenstein (by Cocomama)
  34. S3 School Bus Replacement
  35. black spot on mesh
  36. S3 Rig maker
  37. Custom poses and unexpected results
  38. Convert this to Obj or make new Mesh?
  39. Non-Sims mesh designs!
  40. Problems with exporting mesh to MLOD *SOLVED*
  41. renumbering verts for morphs
  42. Creating clothes in blender
  43. Shadow/ Highlight Issue
  44. Mesh has a black back for some weird reason.
  45. Can I convert .sim file to 3DS Max???
  46. How to create new bone mesh base (member body, articulation etc)?
  47. New Milkshape Mesh won't transfer to TSRW or CAS unitool
  48. Importing Peggy simgeoms.
  49. Reattaching texture maps to an OBJ file.
  50. GEOM plugins not working
  51. Make BGEO files from actual Morph meshes GEOM?
  52. What's the general processing of putting custom clothing and objects into Sims 3 using Blender?
  53. I want to make hair textures with Gimp
  54. Wanting to create new posable objects...
  55. Mesh Problems in Milkshape 1.8.5
  56. Any way to get objd files into milkshape?
  57. Texture Problem
  58. With which program I should be able to extract mesh from certain cc?
  59. TSRW Issues
  60. How to assign joints to baby body?
  61. Problem installing Milkshape Plugin
  62. Error with Mesh Toolkit..
  63. Make a top a default body replacement?
  64. Problems with Meshtool kit
  65. Texturing Problem
  66. Super blurry texture!
  67. Collaboration (IceCreamStand meshing) and occluders (LITE resources)
  68. Index out of range Problem.
  69. Where's the Geometric Data Container?
  70. Invisible meshes
  71. Which Tutorial is Best For This Project?
  72. Understanding geostates
  73. How to cut off excess in Milkshape?
  74. [ASK] Creating Unsmoothing, Edgy Line on Mesh Surface
  75. Custom Animations
  76. Milkshape problem
  77. Same mesh appears with different shine?
  78. Reassigning Vertices to Bones in Milkshape?
  79. toddler rigs???
  80. how to make cars and bikes
  81. Weird shading and error when trying to export MODL
  82. SHORT skirt/sleeve into LONG skirt/sleeve ?
  83. Meshing Bone Allignment Help!
  84. Issues with Milkshape and making poses...
  85. Seams on neck and hands
  86. Absolute Total Beginner
  87. Milkshape messes up mesh: HELP!
  88. Where is the .geom file??? (Distant Terrain meshing)
  89. Convert TS2 Door
  90. Need help on new custom objects!
  91. How to read the slots of an object
  92. How do I select multiple vertices at once in Milkshape 3d
  93. weird edges on a dress mesh
  94. Reference Mesh Showing
  95. ERR: Original mesh had one group, modified has two.
  96. New adult skin
  97. Help Texturing Problem
  98. Normal mapping a skin
  99. Poly count
  100. My CC accessory isn't showing up in game. Any artists or developers want this project?
  101. TSRW thinks there are no faces even though there are?
  102. Hair mesh looks messed up in-game but not in 3DSMax/Milkshape/Workshop, help wanted!
  103. Tsr workshop displaced my mesh
  104. Problem with LianaSims3 mesh
  105. Adding Pregnant Morphs to Maxis clothing?
  106. Need help with normals/shading on CAS model.
  107. Can't select vertices in Milkshape
  108. Sims 2 to sims 3 conversions
  109. I have a question... Can I import my SIMS into Blender?
  110. Alignment issue
  111. Regroup Problem
  112. Trying to mesh a Japanese hair pin from scratch- but problems persist...
  113. Object Conversion Problem - Messed textures
  114. Retarded_Pig's lil thread of help: V2
  115. VertexWeight
  116. Fail to add bouncing breast to walking animation
  117. Low resolution texture on accessory?
  118. Misterious seam in my mesh
  119. How to "oversized top" and "long sleeve"
  120. vertex id / shoe movement
  121. Creating a tail in Milkshape?
  122. milkshape/TSRW help (SOLVED)
  123. How to "uncrop / unsplit / group (?)"
  124. Mesh Joints(?)
  125. Adding Texture/UV Map from scratch.
  126. GEOM smooth problem
  127. Modeling hair ringlets?
  128. Dress mesh is "divided"
  129. Necklace Mesh?
  130. Need help converting a wheelie bin i downloaded from a 3d modeler program
  131. Meshing, TSRW import and UVmapping problems :'P
  132. Need help so i can do this
  133. fit/thin morph issue
  134. Converting Teen -> YA
  135. CAW object mesh: TSRW / Milkshape UV coordinates and self-illumination
  136. Removing shadows
  137. TSRW mesh import problem
  138. Using areas reserved for the body
  139. I cant see the mesh well in program(Milkshape)[SOLVED]
  140. Working with the UV map
  141. How to Smooth Mesh Seams in MilkShape??
  142. geostates
  143. How many bones are in a full body?
  144. Adjusting a mesh to work well in-game
  145. Shaded areas in-game
  146. Large sleeves problem
  147. Creating wso reference morphs from geom and bgeos
  148. A problem with hair mesh and its transparency
  149. Problem with a new tent
  150. Layered clothing seams
  151. My mesh looks like a mess when I load it to TSRW. Help? (solved)
  152. Correcting the female pregnant bottom
  153. I can't select vertices in Milkshape
  154. Another Shoe mesh question!
  155. Reflection
  156. Breast slider issue
  157. Showing Faces after vertex data merge
  158. Controlling object rotation
  159. I Hate Normals
  160. Mesh mismatch SOLVED
  161. Displaced Joints After TSRW Export
  162. Looking for bone assignment tutorials
  163. How do I convert a decoration plane into a drivable/flyable plane
  164. "Blacked-out" faces in Milkshape
  165. Modifying a mesh in milkshape and it looks a mess...
  166. What makes an accessory look see-through in game?
  167. Adapting an adult animation for children/toddlers to use.
  168. Distortion of hand
  169. Mesh/Texture Problem
  170. I can't see my loaded prop...
  171. [Solved] A little problem with the shadow
  172. Help with glass on objects in TSRW, please?
  173. Doing a frankenmesh with TSR Workshop? (SOLVED)
  174. Testers needed: Mesh Toolkit .obj conversions
  175. Edit new problem
  176. How to import .simgeom files?
  177. My mesh is so shine
  178. Creating a new object and need a yellow brick road
  179. Removing hood from Death's robe
  180. Adding a Obj to a Clothing Mesh. Help ASAP
  181. Problems exporting .simgeom from Milkshape into CTU
  182. What is wrong with my uvmap?
  183. Sims 3 MLOD/MODL missing in Blender
  184. i can't get castextureunitool to work on mac??
  185. Clothing Glitch - How to fix that ?
  186. [PROBLEM WITH SEAMS] Weird body after importing .simgeom/.wso/.obj
  187. [Solved] How to turn the intern black shadow of a cropped skirt to grey ?
  188. I have ONE empty face that I can't seem to fix!
  189. [Solved] Little problem with a test for a teen maternity outfit
  190. Invisible Mesh
  191. Meshes turn into mess after importing them into TSRW
  192. Problem unable to do -45 in armfix of sims 2 mesh
  193. Hair is invisible after importing to TSRW?
  194. Black faces after dividing edges!
  195. Importing TSRW to Milkshape 1.8.5
  196. Adding polygons on clothing/shoes?
  197. I am having an issue with CTU (CasTextureUnitoon)...
  198. Conversion from YA/Adult to Child/Teen/YA/Adult?
  199. Mesh imported in blender, texture not showing correctly
  200. Fix the fringe of this hair
  201. Unwrapping the burrito baby.
  202. how to change the shadow of my object
  203. LOD generation issues/DirectX mesh tools
  204. mesh uses 2 different joints but can only assign 1 joint?
  205. View of the simgeom in Milkshape
  206. [EDIT; Updated, still need help] Mesh turns miscolored/sharp in-game?
  207. mudbox for mesh?
  208. Problem with importing and exporting .obj files
  209. Exporting from TSRW
  210. How to link several added resources to an unique main objet ?
  211. Black spot on mesh in TSRW, looks fine in milkshape. O.o
  212. About UV coordinates and different UV maps
  213. Line Color
  214. I'm a bit stuck on whether or not if I should change my mesh somehow?
  215. Meshing on a Mac OS X?
  216. How do you import a picture into milkshape to create mesh?
  217. How to change the footprint of a buildable shell?
  218. I need help for object textures
  219. Object problem - MS & TSRW
  220. Pearls exploding?
  221. Exporting Sim Made In-Game to fbx or obj format
  222. Nif plugins?
  223. Converting Images to 3D in Milkshape...
  224. I need help to animate, script (and interactions) and to create a TS3 door
  225. Can't see my object that i exported with TSRW
  226. Is this ment to look this way! Help :( !!
  227. Nighttime Textures
  228. Is it possible to recreate a new debug building (Late Night)?
  229. Why do objects made with SketchUp are invisible in the game?
  230. Oversize UVW problem
  231. How do i make deco buildings lit at nighttime
  232. Up side down models in Milkshape?
  233. TSRW can't open .wso file?
  234. how to save with the TSRW plugins
  235. How do i import 3DS files from model converter x to milkshape?
  236. model converter x problem
  237. how do i make a deco building? and how to make it light at nighttime?
  238. Any way to select linked faces/vertices?
  239. Mesh Transfer from Milkshape to TSRW..coming out strange?
  240. Nighttime textures only?
  241. New at this stuff.. tutorial suggestions?
  242. Backfaces getting in the way - help?
  243. Mesh issue: normals issue. [solved]
  244. Mesh coming out wrong.
  245. Questions: Now about Morphs :3
  246. Lines on the mesh after importing ...
  247. uv map won't work
  248. Mesh specific material issue.
  249. Anyone want to co-create?
  250. Transparent Backgrounds