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  1. How to create smooth-edges water plane?
  2. Exported world has no description in-game. HELP!!!
  3. Salvadorado for The Sims 3 - want to help build it?
  4. Missing road texture {solved}
  5. Some effects in SuperCaw are nt working
  6. What are the resources that I would need to make a Hogwarts school on Sims 3?
  7. Installed CAW on new computer - now EIG crashes on load
  8. EIG crashes while in loading screen
  9. Just a warning about recent Origin update (memory issues)
  10. HELP CAW world keeps exporting older saved world
  11. Facebook Group for CAW research, discussion, & feedback!
  12. World Sizes
  13. Would Like To Edit Some Already Created Worlds
  14. Specific trees placed w/ CAW animate with weather?
  15. What Trees/Plants/Objects Trigger Sounds?
  16. Custom signs for CAW? Completely lost...
  17. World objects on lots?
  18. Routing question
  19. Water plane issues.
  20. Not putting rabbitholes on lots?
  21. White Screen in Edit-In-Game
  22. Add lots in Ea world with CAW ? (solved)
  23. Lunar Lakes dirt roads
  24. Failed to export world
  25. Help! Huge Noob To Mts!!
  26. Free Sidewalk Overlapping Road Sidewalk
  27. CAW Textures Help: Road Lines
  28. Are in game textures available for caw {solved pretty much}
  29. New W.I.P. would love (and need) as much support as I can get!
  30. Can't See The Seasonal Lot Marker
  31. how to extract terrain textures from a world using s3pe
  32. Major Texture Malfunction
  33. Clue need for lot to road routing problems.
  34. Invisible Sidewalks and LOD
  35. Needing a bit of insperation
  36. Not sure where to put this, Anyone recognize this terrain?
  37. "Error creating instance" when trying to add custom objects in world
  38. Fail to Export world.
  39. Save file with added lots?
  40. Recoloring CAW effects?
  41. Crashed Ship Shell Disappearing?
  42. Adding sims in SuperCAW itself? (Not EIG!)
  43. Underwater terrain showing up?
  44. Functional Bridges?
  45. Which fighter plane to use - opinion needed
  46. Deco Buildings or Non Routable Shells?
  47. adding lots to CAW w/o EiG
  48. CAW Coordinates
  49. EIG Crash When Placing Pre Done Lots
  50. Town wall set
  51. Gem and Butterfly spawners are really parrot spawners?
  52. Why do my lots edited through caw eig look like this? {solved}
  53. External editing of a Height Map (16 bit grayscale .png file)
  54. Unable to Change Terrain Sculpting Brush Shape in CAW
  55. Weird Painting Glitch
  56. Getting recolors to appear in caw {solved}
  57. Ridiculous CPU usage the second CAW launches
  58. Edit in game wont open with EPs {solved kinda}
  59. How to create the water plane
  60. DCCash problems.
  61. WA Pavement slate gray v. yellow brown? {solved}
  62. Routing Test - !!!!!
  63. Another Routing Question
  64. Quick Question About Routing
  65. CAW solved- deleted lot with spawners, which are now placed without the lot
  66. Opinions for my new world
  67. Layers and lots in CAW
  68. How would I go about editing existing distant terrain?
  69. Lot with many EA Rabbitholes in One Place in Basement
  70. Making Progress In Spite of One Obstacle After Another
  71. Am I the Only One? Tad Red Faced Here
  72. How do i Upload my world to modthesims?
  73. Error when saving lot is only read able
  74. Question about deceased sims in Pre-made Worlds. Possible solution for the ghost issue?
  75. WindSpeed. ini - how do you adjust tree and wind gusts in your world
  76. Should I get Super Caw?
  77. CAW Is Adding Trees On It's Own (!) HELP!
  78. problem placing ports in some places in world
  79. Having trouble making a playable world from CAW files
  80. Question About Sunset
  81. just want to tweak a pre-made custom world..
  82. Create water plane with SandrineD generator
  83. Lots that Are Blue and do not render well
  84. Sims 3 World items not appearing in CAW
  85. How to make CC trees show up in the trees for EIG?
  86. seed spawners
  87. New World - need some opinions please
  88. REVOLUTIONARY!!!: Easiest way to get Different Weather Types in your CAW Worlds
  89. Will this be an issue?
  90. Scandinavian style, paint and objects
  91. My camera zooms WAY far out in edit town
  92. Different Ambient sounds / no underwater sound in diving areas / Isla Paradiso Birds sounds
  93. My custom terrain paint texture keeps disappearing.
  94. Creating a Custom Suspension Bridge for CAW (or editing the one already there)?
  95. Having a issue in CAW and objects teleporting to limbo on world exports?
  96. Downloading CAW - "This file may harm your computer"??
  97. Can't convert sims 3 pack world into a package {solved}
  98. Water issues in Create a World
  99. Need help! CAW grey fog
  100. Crystal Flowers
  101. I failed to save the world.
  102. Sims won't pick up or put toddlers down only in my world? Routing errors
  103. Water planes for a River?
  104. Help With Rolling Plains Land and the Oceanic Border
  105. CAW for 1.69 and Worlds for a limited number of EPs/SPs.
  106. World-related error 12 while testing. And a dive lot issue.
  107. Make your own sized maps ?
  108. Extracting necessary CAW files from worlds {solved}
  109. Swimming issue
  110. Bridges (Solved)
  111. CAW World picture
  112. I can't extend the road in CAW.
  113. CAW for 1.69 messes up the launcher.
  114. EIG Save World Failed Lot Placing
  115. Finding this bridge in s3oc
  116. Problematic ports
  117. Questions about pre placed cars in custom worlds, better or worse than taxis?
  118. Created world won't load after game ended
  119. Loading Edit in Game Problems - Help!!!!!
  120. Items of Super CAW
  121. Share your wisdom about diving lots with me, please...
  122. A few beginner questions..
  123. CAW Bridge clipping issue?
  124. Road glitch?
  125. CAW Terrain Paints Sounds not working
  126. Dang Camera!!!
  127. Is it possible to...?
  128. Palm Royal Causing random fog?
  129. Expansion Pack Folders Absent -- Can't Find Worlds Files to Import to CAW for Editing
  130. Dirt roads and intersections issues
  131. Copy of House cost 3000 simolians more than original?
  132. Can't delete foundation pillars in CAW->Edit in game.
  133. How do you create your own world?
  134. I'm unable to delete some bushes.
  135. I deleted my world.
  136. Problems with creating waterplanes
  137. Refresher Needed Please
  138. Wanting to add tombs
  139. Setting Default Taxi Types to Future World
  140. The world really is flat!
  141. Mark a Town as requiring an Expansion pack
  142. Make world bigger than 300 Large
  143. General world
  144. Irritating door issue.
  145. Chunk Dimensions?
  146. Seeking Help with 3 Issues in Custom World
  147. Are seasons automatical in a new/edited world?
  148. TownieMarker? What is it?
  149. Square terrain sculpting?
  150. How can i make ...
  151. I have three questions
  152. Only one problem remaining
  153. Fog Effect on Edit in Game
  154. Trouble populating world Version 1.69
  155. Trying to make jobs work in Praaven
  156. Question about Sp + Castes... I think
  157. No description?
  158. Lots
  159. Creating a large worlds with different climate zones, is this possible in the sims 3?
  160. warrior cats populated world
  161. Would somebody export a world for me?
  162. Custom moon and stars, as non-replacement?
  163. Placing Street lamps
  164. Rock terrain not working properly?
  165. Solved-Sim legs sink into terrain
  166. Solved-Sub layer vanished ?
  167. Some CC is showing up, others ain't...
  168. CAW, Cemetery, deads, occults/lifestates, pets and families
  169. "Sims 3 has stopped responding" while saving in EIG + custom texture question.
  170. Solved -Lots on Chunk boundaries
  171. Thoughts on this very weird "white cards" bug?
  172. Solved - Apartment from Bridgeport sink in EIG
  173. Help Add Ponds & Sea Beds
  174. Anyone interested in a collaboration CAW project?
  175. How do I set a CAW world like Dragon Valley for clothing/no cars?
  176. Modded object problem (Solved)
  177. Multiple distant terrain objects?
  178. Nighttime ambient ocean sound from Isla Paradiso?
  179. no 3d camera , helpppp
  180. Trouble with Custom Roads
  181. Routing with Double Sidewalks?
  182. Brush parameters fallout and opacity not working
  183. Naming Lots
  184. New Orleans World Help Recruitment
  185. CAW- Beta has crashed!
  186. CAW-Help Create Custom Road not working for me
  187. Al Simhara World Sounds in Other Worlds?
  188. World doesn't save
  189. World height query
  190. Hey guys new to create a world a need some help with a few things
  191. How to create a "Unique World Reference (ID)"?
  192. Create a world spawners
  193. Tomb Building in Worlds
  194. Traffic lights?
  195. (Resolved) Trees not showing up in exported world
  196. Lot edges visible in game, like dotted lines
  197. World not showing anything?
  198. Railroad tracks I made for CAW, problem with track lighting on Switchtracks--SOLVED
  199. CAW recolors
  200. Can't change Roads
  201. new builds and failies, should I build a new world?
  202. Possible to create a world without the standard grass and water?
  203. Help and Advice on Creating City Map
  204. How many rocks is too many?
  205. CAW keeps freezing when in edit mode and go to city view
  206. Caw-layers?
  207. can you tell what you set your height to in caw?
  208. caw-lots over chunk boundaries
  209. Cloudiness
  210. Grid alignment
  211. World is all blue
  212. What kind of dormitories do I need to use?
  213. Routing Query
  214. Mongolian Vacation World
  215. Can't edit in game
  216. How to add something in here?
  217. Sims 3 CAW - Have the fixed it since then...
  218. CAW-made World Won't Open in Game, "A Serious Error Has Occurred While Loading" Message Even With New Game
  219. Can I just vent a little about roads & intersections?
  220. Terrain tearing along chunk boundaries
  221. CAW won't download?!
  222. CAW not running, no error message
  223. Snow/Light glitches - at night only
  224. Can't create lots in CAW?
  225. Night lighting in CAW
  226. Edit Bridgeport in CAW while keeping population?
  227. CAW Edit in Game issue - crashing!
  228. Routing Issues
  229. World Concept: Culturally Vibrant LN City
  230. old family, new family in town
  231. What is this (big red square)?
  232. Want me to populate your world?
  233. CAW crashing due to memory
  234. Error after replacing weather in a custom world
  235. How to get my world in my game
  236. World In-Game Glitch - Lots with inventory items render as if empty from a distance
  237. Can't use Edit in Game mode (solved!!)
  238. Spawner Questions
  239. Custom CAW Distant Terrain
  240. Help Needed! For editing world
  241. Weather rotation
  242. EIG not working when CC is installed
  243. Creating a Height Map from Real World Elevation Data
  244. Edit in Game mode makes Origin open instead of the game!?
  245. Problem with NPCs complaining about routing in apartment buildings
  246. Solved: What expansion/store is this wall from?
  247. CAW - unlock hidden features?
  248. Strange ocean border issue
  249. CAW-beta has crashe!
  250. I'm having trouble getting CAW to work, help!