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  1. My TS2 hair conversion it's ok?
  2. Texture showing up where it's not supposed to be - what am I doing wrong?
  3. Edits to mesh don't show up in S4S? What am I doing wrong?
  4. What would cause a piece of clothing to cancel actions for all sims in household?
  5. How would I go about making a tiara?!
  6. Can someone make this hair?
  7. Solved! Help Converting face paint eyes to non default
  8. First time hat conversion
  9. Help with creating CC hair
  10. Hat removes Hair
  11. {SOLVED} My cc shirt recolor shows up as NAKED in game! :D :( HELP PLEASE!! :(
  12. UV mapping help
  13. My Skin is a Void
  14. Change to accessories
  15. Custom Hair Color - Better way to keep track?
  16. Any help with removing the shiny?
  17. I have crunchy hearts :/
  18. Losing Custom Content Quality
  19. First attempt at converting hair from TS3 and the first fail(sim ends up being covered in red&white squares and question signs)
  20. How do I figure out which part is which part of the hair?
  21. Why does the colour get 'lighter' when I apply it to a T-Shirt?
  22. TS4 Vampire Features on Non-Occult Sims
  23. Milkshape 3D: can't import ?
  24. I want a different CAS background.
  25. wolf tail/ears
  26. Making Hair Mesh Mashups?
  27. Skin details on top of custom skins
  28. Accessing 'hidden' gender morphs (X-Post from S4Studio Help Forum)
  29. seeking help to make a mesh/skin need help locating something
  30. FusionStyle by Sviatlana !
  31. Please read: How to ask for help in this forum
  32. hello
  33. Theres A Bald Spot On A Maxis Hair Mesh When I Use Sims 4 Studio
  34. I have this problem again with some meshes
  35. Converting EA Hair to Alpha?
  36. Hello
  37. Socks Texture Help!
  38. Export files from Blender TECH HELP
  39. Sims 4 Hair CC I made With S4S Isn't Showing Up In-Game
  40. Need Help with that package
  41. Clowns and their associated facepaint
  42. Is it possible? "I want to make animated hair & clothes"
  43. Skin detail doesn't blend with skin
  44. Sims 3 to Sims 4 Vice Lords conversion Request
  45. Eye poses look weird (super creepy) in game?
  46. Question: Recolor CAS with Pattern
  47. Can someone make these characters?
  48. Need help with textures
  49. Sims 4 Face Sculpting
  50. Baby Changer Master Controller Mod
  51. Making Custom Part Presets
  52. How to make Sliders/Edit Bone Data
  53. can someone tell me were i went wrong?
  54. Retexturing top with in game pattern?
  55. Help with merging some CCs
  56. Is possible change the high of the sims depending of the shoes is wearing?
  57. Custom Styled Looks
  58. Creating a celebrity facemask?
  59. Alpha hair tutorial?
  60. alpha clothes part crossing each other + having strange blue color
  61. [SOLVED]Clothes with alpha channel not showing correctly in game
  62. New to making cc please help.
  63. Where do I ask for "Changes Requried" status clarification!?
  64. Bad shade on floor. dress
  65. How do I disable the EA skintones?
  66. Pixelated clothing texture
  67. ...
  68. Modding childs clothing to fit teen/adult?
  69. CC Help Please :)
  70. [Solved] Is possible edit the UV1 Morph Data in some parts of one mesh?
  71. Making CC without SimPE: Is it possible?
  72. UV Mapping in Milkshape
  73. Changing what a item is categorized as?
  74. skin color
  75. Can someone help me with this hair?
  76. Seams and texture issue
  77. Help with Glasses haveing a dark Line on the Lense
  78. AJ logo picture
  79. Need Help Making A Clothing Mesh!
  80. How to make Custom Content (Tattoo) Preview for CAS?
  81. My mod is glitching out
  82. Swedish Lucia
  83. Converting CamKitty's Werewolf Feet for all ages and genders
  84. Hair mesh edit and recolour not showing up correctly in live mode.
  85. Hiding boots under pants?
  86. Child works, toddler does not. shoe help MS3D & CASTools (SOLVED)
  87. About making all lods
  88. Editing eye lashes?
  89. Mesh looks very rough in game, but not in S4S
  90. Little sister from bioshock
  91. Having issues with an eyeshadow I made. Help please?
  92. Modeling question in Milkshape
  93. Tutorials for making custom hair colors?
  94. How to create actual default eyes (for Vampires?)
  95. 2017 - Face slider extensions -- edit never mind
  96. Milkshape or Blender?
  97. "Unisex" female clothing
  98. onesie with the hood down?
  99. Custom Meshes yet?
  100. Hair mesh not working
  101. Is there a way to disable certain clothing from the base game?
  102. Underwear over Leggings (like superman)
  103. Need help with texture for facial hair mesh
  104. Help adjusting age limit for a CC top
  105. Disabling 1 package's all skin tones for random automatically?
  106. Need fins for characters
  107. Weird Line on Neck From edited shirt.
  108. CC Hair - Hairline lighting bug
  109. Sims 4 CC to Sims 3 CC
  110. Sims 4 Skininator - Disable for Random Help
  111. Created a child top, Showing in CAS but not in live mode.
  112. Sim4Model
  113. Is possible, bumpmap on skin details?
  114. Bohemians Prague Fans Tshirt for Sims 4 to download.
  115. shirt not working correctly???
  116. Standalone CAS part shows in CAS but not in Live mode?
  117. Child to Adult clothing conversion
  118. Custon Swatch Thumbnail size? [Resolved]
  119. hole in mesh with certain body shapes - help a Blender newbie?
  120. Question about broken clothing
  121. Stumped on how to fix my custom bra
  122. Need help make some custom cc!
  123. How do I import a custom hair / hat mesh to replace the original?
  124. new cas part not functioning correctly
  125. Custom content ideas
  126. How to turn Hair Part into an accessory?
  127. Bioshock masks
  128. Im A NewBie
  129. Is there an easier programme than blender to create cc for sims 4?
  130. How do I start creating Sims 4 CC?
  131. Tips for making tattoos?
  132. Hair Retexturing Questions
  133. [Solved] Help with making S4S use Transparent texture
  134. Problems converting TS3 hair for TS4
  135. Guidance for creators of CAS parts to be compatible with the June 2 2016 gender neutral patch
  136. Milkshape?
  137. I want to make Custom hair, hats, traits, and outfits
  138. Huge packs of CC for TS4 on Dropbox?
  139. Wanting to create a hair?
  140. Packaging Sims?
  141. Create
  142. Replace heavyweight LOD0 hair mesh by lighter LOD1
  143. Como Sei que meu upload foi aprovado?
  144. Roupas Branca de Neve
  145. Texture Oddness and Possible UV Map Trouble
  146. Extending pre-existing sliders
  147. Problem with my Custom Content
  148. S4S won't import mesh
  149. is possible make a transparent texture for a hair on Sims4Studio? :(
  150. Remove shine of the eyes ???
  151. Nude mesh - pants not tucking in
  152. Set full outfit to sepreate
  153. Colour Magic
  154. Creating a Slider Mod
  155. Lowering Hair
  156. Issue with shine on the neck
  157. Problem with a step on earring tutorial: marking seams in Blender
  158. Problem with hair transperancy.
  159. Unable to remove shiny buttons on belt
  160. Hair Mesh Not Showing up in game?!
  161. Hair Conversion
  162. Mesh seam and texture issue
  163. New to custom content for Sims 4
  164. Recoloring hair/re-texturing
  165. CAS Hair Color Swap in the Wrong Order
  166. Separate transparencies on Sims 4hair meshes (glass and skin) on one hair mesh(like sims 2-3) solved if you need it.
  167. CC hair problem
  168. The Sims 4 - Thumbnails?
  169. How to modify clothing options for Social Events such as Black/White party?
  170. How to make an accesory jacket?
  171. Gap connecting feet to leg, texture problems
  172. Help with a slider mod
  173. Where are the actual Texture files in the program files folder?
  174. Altering Accessory Mods Functionally Not Visually
  175. Voice in CASP resource
  176. How can i make Alpha Hair for The Sims 4?
  177. make an item into a skin detail
  178. Skin: Facial Overlay Problem!
  179. Hips/Butt slider help?
  180. Silly question:new Sims 4 player: how do you package a Sim once it's done?
  181. Extracting the baby mesh?
  182. Help with TS3 to TS4 Conversion?
  183. Info: CAS Part resource v37 (2015-12-04 update, 1.13.104)
  184. Islamic Mens Clothing
  185. Converting clothes to different gender (Neck)
  186. Exclusive outfit linked to custom trait
  187. Skintone question
  188. Sims 4 Studio Version (Joy) Problem
  189. blender help
  190. Neo-antiques outfits
  191. Less ripped jeans?
  192. I really need help making CC hair colors
  193. How to edit a custom skintone (for personal use)
  194. Sims 4 Skintones
  195. A mysterious dress collar that shouldn't exist
  196. makeup crashes game
  197. Help with creating CC
  198. S3 to S4 hair conversion - crash test dummy skin problem *solved*
  199. Dress Issue?
  200. Getting Rid Of Glitter On Shirt Recolors?
  201. Need Help Converting TS3 to TS4
  202. Upper Arm Bracelet
  203. Tutorials for making tattoos with Paint.net?
  204. How do I retexture non-maxis meshes?
  205. Hair Conversion with no texture
  206. UV maps
  207. Issues with low quality textures.
  208. Need help with creating a shirt.
  209. Can someone help me with blender???(with S4S)
  210. Converting female to male clothes
  211. ColorMagic won't let me get past the second screen.
  212. Question about alpha channel edit - hidden black color.
  213. Clothes
  214. Strange CASP issue - experts needed
  215. CAS texture hierarchy?
  216. Any pointers much appreciated! (Mermaid ears conversion)
  217. I'd like to commission some custom content...
  218. Is it possible to disable skintones for random the way you can with hair/clothes?
  219. s4pe not working
  220. Expansion/Stuff Pack Codes
  221. Hair Issue
  222. Alien Question & Changing Default Skin to Non-Default
  223. Princess Peach's Hair
  224. I'm this close! (Creating Sims 4 hair in Blender!!)
  225. minor issue
  226. Changing bones assignment weight with CAStool
  227. I Need Help D:
  228. Need instructions
  229. Creating Clothing in the Sims 4
  230. Certain body meshes not working for some people?
  231. How to find and edit base game clothes files?
  232. “Occult” random flags in CASP
  233. Re categorize
  234. Mesh shows up wrongly in S4S and CAS.
  235. Bone Assignments not working for new accessory?
  236. Cc shirt turned invisible
  237. Real Madrid Home Kit 2014/15 - Male and Female (The Sims 4)
  238. Meshing Tutorials For Blender?
  239. [Solved] Full body to top/bottom conversion: To remove or not to remove mesh groups?
  240. I want to make a skin detail with these markings
  241. Default Replacement eyebrows causing problems
  242. Body goes trough the cc clothing
  243. Textures not being applied to low-detail LODs (TS4CASTools
  244. Help me; How to mod
  245. Weird Green Bands appear around hands of new top?
  246. Custom tattoo help
  247. -- Make Pack Specific? --
  248. Clothing Import Help
  249. Best Full Body Mesh For Tucked in Pants?
  250. Celebrity Skin request