View Full Version : Can't load Hospital after modifying it with free build cheat

30th Sep 2017, 1:25 PM

So I used bb.enablefreebuild to modify the Hospital, and I was very careful to place every required item on the lot. But regretfully I also placed the bassinet with a baby in it (it was called "Vessel of joy" or something like that) and there was absolutely no way for me to delete it afterwards. Soooo, I think the bassinet is what caused the bug, but the thing is the Hospital won't even load now. It just stays on the loading screen forever.

I tried loading it with my doctor and also going with a pregnant sim. Nothing. I also repaired the game, which didn't change much. So I have no idea how to fix this. Is there any way to restore the Hospital without loading the lot?

Any help will be much appreciated! :cry:

2nd Oct 2017, 12:06 AM
If you have Sims Tray importer http://luniversims.com/files/file/73-sims-4-tray-importer/ - you can go through your tray files in your game and it will help you delete every tray file related to the hospital.

I agree that the bundle of joy bassinet with the baby is the problem - I did the same exact thing.

3rd Oct 2017, 8:02 PM
I had that problem, but instead, load up the game, go to Options, Disable global mods, restart game, now again go to work with your sim, it should load normally now, then save gamei, go back to options, enable global mods, exit game completely then restart game and continue where you left off.

My problem was with my scientist lot when it destroyed half of the essentials with Fire on Any Lot mod, it seems maxis cannot automatically fix your lot with global mods enabled.