View Full Version : CC hats from TSR not showing in CAS?

22nd Jan 2018, 7:03 AM
Hi there!

I recently downloaded a lot of hats and beanies for my female sims from The Sims Resource and they aren't showing up in game. I also downloaded a huge ton of other clothes from the same creator and it all works perfectly fine.

I checked the hats, accessories and the hairstyle tabs in CAS but they are nowhere to be found! Not one!

Please help me!

22nd Jan 2018, 10:55 AM
1. Is your game up to date? If your game is outdated, new cc might not show up until you update the game.
2. Maybe they're recolors of a mesh you do not have?

30th Jan 2018, 2:09 AM
If you don't have the mesh, you'll still get a white blank box in Cas (usually with a red X in it) for having the texture of the CC installed. Is this the case?

If it's seen in Cas but not in game, it will likely be due to the CC hair the sim has not allowing for hats. Try a Maxis hair to see if the hat appears.

If it's not in Cas nor in game, take advise of Anhaeyn and check SP/GP/EP/Patch requirements.

Failing all that, double check it's TS4 CC and not TS3 CC. Downloading from TSR it's very easy to make that mistake while happily clicking on the links of creator's CC that looks nice. Many creators have made CC for both iterations of the game. (I speak from experience of making that same gaff many moons ago. :lol: )

30th Jan 2018, 5:46 PM
For some reason, I have had this issue with TSR as well - not specifically with hats(I just really don't use them), but other CAS items. The issue may be with TSR workshop, which is what is used to create a lot of the content. I have all the packs, and yet there are certain items that just will not show up in my game - and when I go to edit them in S4S, it is hit or miss whether they will show up properly and S4S will generate errors.

Way back when, a MTS user named Sakura made a mod detector that would scan your folder for conflicts and would help determine whether it was a s3 or s4 file. I frequently got false "positives" for S3 files being in my Sims 4 folder, when they were, in fact, created for S4, and EVERY single one of them was created with TSR's workshop. While I am not a creator and am not finding fault with that, my observation is something I have witnessed multiple times, and MAY be the reason you are having issue with these files.

Perhaps installing the file with TSR's own installer may help you. I do not always understanding the mechanics of why some files will work fabulously and some don't, this may be an option for you.