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Default Child of “DEATH”
First off I'd Like to say is this Challenge was inspired by junglewildchild and the Original Challenge can be found here

Child of “DEATH”

Back story:

All you life you have been over shadowed by your beautiful and talented, twin sister until one day in a fit of jealousy and rage you accidently kill her.
But before you can escape the house “Death” arrives and seeing the brutal killing before him/her, he/she bestows a curse on you “you have taken my beloved and now you must repay this debt you will become my bride/groom and bare or father my children”
At first you don’t believe him/her and rolling your eyes you turn to exit the room but before you get to far “death” calls you back “ since you will not take this chance at redemption I will extend your curse You shan’t work or earn money, no one wants thee you who has cast eternal winter”
This time you take “Death” seriously and walking back he/she slip a ring upon you finger and in a blinding flash you are no longer standing in your home but outside a small cottage/shack with only $1000 to your name.

Sims Needed:

1 Female Sim or Male Sim if you want to play it that way.
This Sim can look any way you like with any traits or LTW but can never have a job, earn, or mooch money the only money you get is what “Death” gives you.
When ever “Death” comes around either buy just stopping by or you invite him/her over you must try for baby never just plain woohoo

1 “Death” Sim (If there is a way to get children from the original Grim Reaper with out killing your game then go for it) other wise you need to create “Death” he/she can also look any way you like you want a totally Gothic/Emo “Death” go for it or if you just want a plain Jane/Joe “Death” that works to. His/hers traits and LTW is also up to you.
“Death” is responsible to paying the mother/father $1000 for each life stage of the child until the child reaches young adult (for a harder challenge try $1000 per child)
if you are playing a female “Death” you must move her into the house until she gives birth then move her out again.
“Death” will have little to no contact with his/her offspring and will never live with you.

Other Rules:


If you have Seasons set it so it is always winter if you don’t have Seasons that’s fine too.

I forget what EX Pack has the indoor garden platters having an inside garden is fine you just can’t sell the Fruits and Vegetables as word has gotten around that the eternal winter is your fault and no one wants to buy from you.

NO selling collectibles they are there purely for decoration.

Dumpster diving is fine for better furniture also salvaging things from the dump is fine but you can never sell what you don’t want

Pets are fine just remember you need to care for them as well as the children and no selling collectibles

Doing opportunities are fine as long as there is no money involved

No baby sitters until there is a teen to help with the younger children.


You can start on any size lot you want but you can only start with a three room cottage/shack and $1000 to your name
reduces your funds as soon as the cottage/shack is built and furnished (cheap furnishings)
you can expand as soon as you have the money for it.

Losing the Challenge:
The only way to loose this challenge is if the social worker comes and takes your kids

Winning the Challenge:
The Challenge ends when your youngest child turns into a Young Adult

Scoring: Good

+10 for each child
+30 for each time your child grows up well
+10 for every baby skill (walking, talking, and potty training)
+5 for each skill point.
+20 for every A (once for per life stage)
+20 for getting on the honor roll (once for per life stage)
+30 for love for teen
+20 for first kiss (teen)
+20 for going steady(teen)
+30 for maxing Skill
+40 for maxing LTW

Scoring Bad:

-30 for child growing up badly
-5 for eating a plate of rotten food
-50 for leaving a baby/toddler away from the home lot and a baby sitter comes
-5 for leaving a baby in the snow even for a birthday
-30 for failing school
-40 for any repossessed items
-30 for rejected love(teen)
-20 for rejected kiss (teen)
-20 for rejected going steady(teen)

Well I think that’s all Please let me know I forgot something or if you have questions thank you and have fun.
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Default Idea
I have an idea! Can we eventually fall in love with grim, and then try and earn his love? It's just an idea but yea I thought I would say it. :P
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Olive Specter is wondering what the challenge is supposed to be XD
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