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Default How to translate your favorite Mod (sims 4 studio)
This is a tutorial of how to translate your favorite Mod
The easiest way I know is to use Sims 4 Studio

What you'll need:
Sims 4 Studio
file .package (your favorite Mod)

OPEN S4S---->>> My Project----->> open .package file

1.scroll the files list till you see sbtl files (there are flags icon to get easier ;P )
2.Choose you languege
3.Click "edit items.."
4.There you'll see lines to translate.
5.Translate! :D
6.Click SAVE (you don't have save it after EVERY line.)
7.Then save the file and put it into your Mod Folder

It's done :D
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but what when the mod will be update? How can I export only my translation into new package?
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#3 Old 24th Jun 2019 at 8:28 PM
how to make standalone translation (translated strings in separate file like for example translations for WickedWhims)?
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