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The Vampire's Contract [Requires Sims 4 Vampires]
"A vampire born," he says, "is much stronger than a vampire made."

She doesn't respond. Although he stands framed brilliantly by the moonlight streaming in through the window, although he is indisputably the most handsome man she's ever seen, she still feels uneasy. He is a vampire, after all, and she is standing in his home, decidedly... living.

"Of course, a vampire born is also a great deal rarer than a vampire made," he continues. He turns around. For the first time since she arrived, she notices a wine glass in his hand. It's full, though almost certainly not with wine. "Your average vampire is a corpse, after all, incapable of either siring or carrying children. For a vampire to be born a vampire, they need at least one parent like them -- a vampire who was born a vampire, who still has a spark of life in them."

Despite her nervousness, she asks, "That's what you are?"

He smiles, maybe. It's hard to tell, with the moon backlighting him. "How do you think I became a Grand Master Vampire in a mere 200 years?"

She imagines that she could do just about anything in 200 years, but if he thinks it's an achievement, she's certainly not going to disagree.

"Yes," he says, "I was born a vampire. And I want my progeny to be like me. We're much stronger than those made by bite, you see. More capable, more powerful, more adaptable. And in the absence of another like me to carry my heirs, that privilege falls to you."

She almost says "privilege is a strong word." Almost. Her survival instinct kicks in at the last moment, and instead she remains quiet.

"That's the contract," he says, walking to the desk. The light from the candelabrum illuminates his face as he bends over it, sliding a single, yellowing parchment across it, toward her. Despite it feeling like a terrible idea, she walks forward to examine it. "You carry my heirs. I'll need three of them, all vampires by birth. Any humans born by you..." He sneers. "Well, you can do with them what you like."

The contract is almost illegible. The ink is not quite black, rather a sort of dark brown. She suddenly has a niggling suspicion that it may not be ink at all.

"And then after--?"

"Yes," he cuts her off. "After you give me what I want, I'll turn you. And your children, too, if you insist on it."

She swallows. This is all she's ever wanted, and here he is, laying it out at her.

"They will never be as strong as me or my heirs," he reminds her. "And neither will you."

She looks up, defiant. "May I use your pen?"

He pauses, and then a smirk tugs at the corner of his mouth. He looks almost like he's impressed. "My dear," he says, reaching into the pocket of his waistcoat and producing a small, sharp dagger, which he stretches out toward her, "this is a vampire's contract. You aren't going to sign with a pen."


Make two sims in a family alone. One will be a vampire, one will be human. Although the above example featured a male vampire/female human, feel free to swap genders, or to ignore gender binaries all together. It's the year of our lord 2018, gender is at best a suggestion. As long as they can procreate, they can be whatever genders you want.


  • Give the vampire three children who are naturally born vampires.
  • Complete the lifetime aspirations of both the vampire and the human.
  • Complete one of the three endings (see below).


  • The vampire's aspiration must be Vampire Family. Traits don't matter.
  • The human's aspiration must be Master Vampire. Traits don't matter.
  • They must start as roommates and may not be each other's spouse/fiance(e)/significant other before the end of the challenge.
  • Lifespan must be set to normal.
  • The only expac you need is Vampires, obviously.
  • The only cheats you can use are money-related cheats (which can be used as much as you want), and stats.set_stat rankedStatistic_Occult_VampireXP 1486 (used just once, on the vampire at the start of the challenge, to make them a Grand Master).
  • The only mods you can use are cosmetic ones (custom CAS content, WickedWhims, etc) and a mod to expand the maximum size of a family, which MC Command Center can do. Note that if you do not expand the maximum family size, and you do not use Dark Leyline or "give away" human children, this challenge has a 50% base chance of success.


  • The human may not leave the lot and may not have a job until the vampire has secured three naturally born vampire children.
  • Any human children on the lot may not leave except for school and may not take home friends from school.
  • The human and human children will be confined to their own wing of the house.
  • The vampire and vampire children will remain in their wing of the house, likewise, and agree not to drink from the human or their children.
  • The only exceptions to the above two rules are, of course, when a child is confirmed as a vampire and is taken out of the humans' wing, and when the human and vampire conceive a child together.
  • When the human provides the vampire with three naturally-born vampire children, the vampire will turn the human into a vampire, along with any human children who request the same.


  • When a child is born, it is impossible to tell (both in-game and in-fiction) whether or not they're a vampire. It's only until they age up into a toddler that the signs start to show (in-game, you'll be able to look at their Needs icon; if it has fangs, it's a vampire). Until a child is confirmed as a vampire, the human will take care of it. Playing in hardmode, you cannot age up the infant immediately. Otherwise, you can if you wish.
  • When a child is confirmed a human, the vampire loses interest in it immediately and will try to conceive another child. If you're playing in hardmode, the human must keep the child and raise it. Otherwise, you can "give the child away" (move it out of the house in the Household Manager to a random family). A human might reasonably think dropping the child on a doorstep somewhere would be a kinder fate than subjecting it to a life trapped in a vampire's lair.
  • In hardmode, the vampire refuses to hire any help (maid, nanny, butler) to assist the human in raising any human children, as the existence of vampires is a closely-guarded secret. Otherwise, they are willing to be more lenient.
  • In hardmode, if the human conceives three human children in a row, the vampire will lose interest and cut ties with the human (read: you fail the challenge).

Once the vampire has secured their three, naturally-born vampire heirs, the vampire will turn the human and allow them to stay for as long as they like as repayment for their services. The human-now-vampire is at this point allowed to leave the lot, have a job, and interact with whoever they like. However, it's the same for the vampires. Any human children remaining are fair game for vampires to feed on.

It is at this stage that both parents will focus on fulfilling their lifetime aspirations. And once they do, you get to choose an ending.

LOVE ETERNAL ENDING: After the human gives the vampire what they agreed on, the human is let free in the house, and becomes a creature of the night, themselves. The vampire begins to see them in a different light. From death has sprung life -- and perhaps, also, springs love? To achieve this ending, you must max out the friendship and romance bar and achieve a gold medal wedding event.

ENDLESS CYCLE ENDING: The human gets what they want, achieves their lifetime aspiration, and leaves, taking their children with them and leaving the vampire alone with his progeny. The vampire's eldest has seen this all play out, and is keen to continue that legacy. To achieve this ending, move the human half of the family out, and start the challenge over with the firstborn vampire and a townie/sim of your choice!

BLOOD RED ENDING: The vampire gave the human what they wanted, and now they won't leave. They are rising rapidly in power -- too rapidly. And they are too... friendly with other mortals. Their contract is ended, and the vampire no longer feels any impetus to keep them safe. To achieve this ending, the vampire must turn the human and all the human children, then kill them one by one by locking them outside in direct sunlight.

I've had a lot of fun playtesting this, and I'm going to start a build specifically for this challenge soon. In the mean time, enjoy, and let me know how yours goes!
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I realize this might count as necromancy but did you ever get around to making that challenge specific build?
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Originally Posted by DesereiPandemoni
I realize this might count as necromancy but did you ever get around to making that challenge specific build?

Actually, the only reason this post is a month old is because somehow, inexplicably, it took the mods a month to approve the post. Still not sure why. I was gonna start the build once it went up, and it finally has lol.

I'm a slow but thorough builder, so you can expect something in the next few days, probably. I'll post pics.
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Originally Posted by notrose
Actually, the only reason this post is a month old is because somehow, inexplicably, it took the mods a month to approve the post. Still not sure why. I was gonna start the build once it went up, and it finally has lol.

I'm a slow but thorough builder, so you can expect something in the next few days, probably. I'll post pics.

Whoa! That's certainly a long time to approve something Still this looks pretty fun, so it's good it did get approved even if it did take such a silly amount of time.
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Welcome, mortals, to Ravenloft Manor, built to replace Straud's castle in Forgotten Hollow. If Maxis can make a D&D reference, I can, too. Search Ravenloft Manor in the Sims 4 gallery to find it. My username is simdarkly.

An exterior shot. The build features four "upstairs" bedrooms (one master, three for the heirs, plus one nursery), and four "downstairs" bedrooms, repurposed servants quarters. It also has a formal dining room, drawing room, music room, and a small solarium.

The foyer. Marble floor, with a sitting/waiting room attached.

The drawing room, solarium through the door.

The bar and liquor stores, mostly used for parties.

The master suite, fit for a vampire. It has an attached ensuite and private balcony.

The master is ready and eager for his first heir. The upstairs comes equipped with a fully stocked nursery, ready for the new unlife.

Meanwhile, the servants' quarters downstairs has been repurposed as the quarters where the mortal and their mortal children will be housed. It's not as... elegant as the upstairs, but it's perfectly serviceable. In any case, the mortal would be wise not to complain.
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I've created my own Vampire and Mortal... though I suck at building. I'm gonna try to sit down and build something for them soon though as I'm eager to try this challenge!
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This challenge seems pretty interesting. I'm going to give it a try (I don't play with the vampires nearly enough for the price that I paid for the pack haha)
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I can’t find the Manor or your user 😞 This challenge seems pretty cool though!

The Sims 3 is my life.
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Wow this is one of the most interesting challenges I think I have read, with me I typically have no interest in challenges. But this challenge seems to play with the classic idea of a high ranking vampire having a human slave. I may just try it since it seems interesting and hell I get to be a vampire XD How would I keep the slave confined to one room though? Are we allowed to lock doors in this challenge to keep them in one place?
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Originally Posted by Sims2Celeb
I can’t find the Manor or your user 😞 This challenge seems pretty cool though!

Me neither! The search bar autofills for "simdarkly", but then says no users are shown.
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I couldn't find SimDarkly in-game, but you can find them on the PC online gallery, download/favorite, and have them show up in-game. Just sign in and make sure to click AVANCED and uncheck MAXIS CURATED when you search
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I'm super excited for this challenge!!
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This looks really good, and I just got the Vampire expansion so even better. Can't wait to try it out!
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Trying this challenge, with a couple twists (WhickedWhims is my favorite mod ever ) But I need something more than just have 3 vamp kids... so I'm also looking for a side challenge...
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This sounds like a great challenge! I haven't played with Vampires much, so this would force me to do so. It is really well thought out and I look forward to giving it a try.
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