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Default Not So Berry Challenge
Awhile back this challenge was big for the Sims 4 and I was jealous because I didn't have all the packs to complete it (and still dont) so now I decided to try and making a Sims 2 version. I havent play tested it, I just tried to find the most similar challenges to the original. Feel free to offer changes to make it better

Original Challenge Rules

Basic Rules:
1. Each heir must represent the color of the generation (i.e. hair, makeup, clothing), but brightly colored skin is not necessary (these aren’t actually berry Sims, that’s the joke). Of course, this is optional but a big portion of the fun.
2. The colors of the spouses don’t matter as they aren’t part of the challenge. Unless otherwise stated you can do whatever you please with them.
3. You may live wherever you please unless something is specified in the rules of a generation.
4. Every generation is supposed to complete the career and all the goals.

Generation One: Mint
You’re a mischievous scientist that really loves the color mint. You’re career driven but still make time for silly pranks and outings with your closest friends. You love luxury and want the best for yourself and your family.
Aspiration: Knowledge
Career: Science
- Reach top of science career
- Master logic skill
- Max science hobby enthusiasm

Generation Two: Rose
You had everything you desired as a child but you were always longing for more. As an adult you have a hard time committing to relationships as you’re so focused on your career. You have absolutely no maternal instincts whatsoever but you still love your child with all your heart.
Aspiration: Romance
Career: Politics
- Have only one child
- Master politics career
- Max charisma skill
- Don’t get married until an elder

Generation Three: Yellow
Growing up you never had a close relationship with your mother and spent the majority of your time alone in your room obsessing over space. You just really love space. You’ll do whatever it takes to get to Sixam no matter the cost.
Aspiration: Knowledge
Career: Military
- Reach astronaut (level 9) in military career
- Master mechanical and logic skill
- Be abducted 5 times
- Never have any close friends/relationships other than grandparents until they pass

Generation Four: Grey
You always felt that you were different. While the rest of your family was busy messing around in the lab, you just wanted to be outside playing basketball. You’re very good at sports and you dream of becoming a professional athlete. To make up for your nonexistent relationship with your parents you want to be there for your own children as much as possible. Oh, and you love to sing.
Aspiration: Any
Career: Athletic
- Max athletic skill
- Learn parenting
- Max athletic career
- Have three failed relationships before finding a spouse
- Be good friends with all your children
- Have family night once a week

Generation Five: Plum
You’ve always been good at anything you tried. It’s hard to choose a career, so why not try a few? You work as a doctor for much of your life, but as an adult realize that your true dream is to become a professional dancer. You quit your job and join the entertainer career. Basically: you’re an indecisive oddball.
Aspiration: Pleasure
Career: Slacker, Medical, Entertainment
- Master three skills, achieve level 8 in all others
- Reach level three in each of the above careers
- Get divorced and remarried to the same sim
- Must move three times

Generation Six: Orange
You’re the black sheep of your family (but with orange hair) and you were raised in a hectic household. You’ve always wanted to cause mayhem, but you’re just really bad at being evil. You enjoy breaking into your neighbors’ houses and eating their food. You really love baking and spend the majority of your spare time eating sweets.
Aspiration: Any
Career: Criminal
- Master cooking and charisma
- Master criminal career
- Have five enemies

Generation Seven: Pink
You grew up poor and are living paycheck to paycheck working in the business career just as your parents did. You long to write romance novels but are too afraid to quit your steady job to follow your dreams. You’re very practical and you know the chances of making it as a writer are slim, so you stay working at your nine to five. As an adult you finally decide to pursue your dreams. You’re a hopeless romantic, but your unflirty nature makes it nearly impossible to find love.
Aspiration: Any
Career: Business
- Master creativity skill
- Write 5 novels
- Write 1 best seller
- Join the garden club
- Quit day job as an adult to focus on writing

Generation Eight: Peach
Your mother always taught her to follow her dreams. You’ve always wanted to be a detective. You’ve always wanted to be a comedian. Well dang it, you can do both! Detective by day, comedian by night, you can do anything you set your mind to.
Aspiration: Any
Career: Law Enforcement
- Master cooking and creativity skills
- Become a detective (level 6)

Generation Nine: Green
You were caught hacking by a major tech company that then offered you a position in their firm. You know Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds? That’s you. You’re dedicated to your work, but that doesn’t stop you from going out and having a good time. You’re the kind of person that will be at a party at 3am and then at work at 6am.
Aspiration: Knowledge or Popularity
Career: Gamer
- Max mechanical and logic skill
- Master gamer career
- Must go on at least one outing or throw one party a week
- Have five good friends and five enemies

Generation Ten: Blue
You have the perfect life. White picket fence, loving spouse, beautiful children. But why do you still want more? You have a one time secret affair and will regret it for the rest of your life. Afterward you pour your soul into raising your children and fixing your marriage. You never admit the affair to anyone and dedicate your life to being the perfect mother.
Aspiration: Family
Career: Journalism
- Adopt at least one child
- Master cooking skill
- Learn parenting
- Master Journalism career
- Be with the same sim from high school until death
- Have a one time affair
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This is really creative! I have the sims 4, but I share an account with my husband, and he's been playing the Anthem beta, so I can't use the gallery without it kicking him out of his game, and sometimes it won't even let me play without connecting. I booted up the Sims 2 Ultimate Collection because I can play it easily in offline mode. The Not So Berry challenge is my FAVORITE challenge ever, and I miss playing it in TS4! This version is definitely fun! It's interesting to see what there is to use in a game I'm not as familiar with as I used to be, and use content I've never used before to match the themes. If I could figure out how to attach files from my pc, I'd share some screenshots of the house.
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This seems "berry" hard! Do you lose the challenge if you don't meet a requirement in one of the generations?

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