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Default Can I change the time to complete homework by school?
Hi, I'm very new to modding so I don't really know what I'm doing or if what I want is even possible.
I have recently added some of my own schools to the NRaas school career mod, one of these is supposed to be an intensive school that runs for 4 days a week but with pretty long days, I would like to make it so that sims attending this school can complete their homework faster.
However I have absolutely no idea where to even start with implementing this. I have found the file relating to homework in the gameplay files and looking through the file there are examples of the rate that homework is completed being changed, so I was hoping that it's possible and that someone here would be able to help me.
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If you want to do this via tuning modding, it is going to affect all the schools, not just the one. I think this might be a better way to go:

I have never used returned so I cannot say how or if a tunning can be done to only a specific school, but if it can be done, Nraas will be the way. So you can ask the folks over at their forum unless you want to do a traditional tunning mod that you just remove from your game when you're not playing that intensive school.
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Thanks, I just tried retuner, I think it adds a bit too much in terms of loading time to my game given that I just want it for this, I think I will just significantly lower the levels of homework needed for the school. I'll just then have to resist the urge to make my sims fully complete the homework.
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