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Default Packaging Custom Sims - Is CC included?
I am packaging a Sims I edited in-game with the help of SimPE (helpful tutorial linked below). Is the CC I used on her included in the package file or do I need to let people know to download these things themselves?

Noob question from 2005, I know, but I am just now making CC.
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If you extract a sim with SimPE, you MUST clone the sim in Bodyshop before packing, or CC won't be included. You should also remove the extracted file from your game after cloning, or it can potentially cause issues.

(Extract with SimPE, put extracted file in Downloads/Savedsims folder, open Bodyshop, clone sim, package clone, close Bodyshop, remove extracted file, then open game).

Most CC is included when you pack a sim in Bodyshop, with the exception of accessory meshes, occasionally accessory recolors, hair or clothing meshes. Otherwise everything should be there.
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