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Default Is it possible: Mod that makes Inactive sims do an interaction when one of their moodlets time out
So look i'm a fan of werewolves but i have a lot of problems with them in ts3. Between all these problems the only one that i can't just ignore is the fact that inactive transformed werewolves have a very low chance of transforming back autonomously and i hate it!!!

So i'm thinking of making a mod that makes inactive werewolves transform back to their human form every time their "Feral Wolf" moodlet times out. (unless they have the Supernatural Fan trait)
is it possible?
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#2 Old 18th Mar 2019 at 10:26 PM
You could look for the TransformationToHuman_sim, and add the feral wolf moodlet, and depending on how much sims would do it, you can set it to around 0-200 (200 = they will do it very often, if I'm not wrong). Since it's more common to add skills, motives and traits in the ITUN files, moodlets might not work, but it's worth trying if it does.
Basically, it could look something like this: (The part that I marked in bold is what you need to add)

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<Interaction name="Sims3.Gameplay.ActorSystems.OccultWerewolf+TransformationToHuman+Definition" />
<Object name="Sims3.Gameplay.Actors.Sim" />
<CodeVersion name="EP7" considerCodeVersion="True" />
<Disallow DisallowAutonomous="False" DisallowUserDirected="False" DisallowPlayerSim="False" />
<AgeSpeciesAvail AgeSpeciesValue="C,T,Y,A,E" />
<MotiveThreshold MotiveThresholdType="None" MotiveThresholdValue="0" MotiveBelowCheck="False" />
<MoodThreshold MoodThresholdType="None" MoodThresholdValue="0" />
<SkillThreshold SkillThresholdType="None" SkillThresholdValue="0" />
<Occult OccultRestrictionType="Inclusive" OccultTypes="0x40" OccultTypesHumanAllowed="False" />
<CareerThreshold CareerThresholdType="Undefined" CareerThresholdValue="0" IncludePastCareers="False" />
<Lot AllowNonGreetedSimsIfObjectOutside="True" AllowNonGreetedSimsIfObjectOutsideUserDirected="True" AllowGreetedSims="True" AllowOnCommunityLots="True" AllowOnAllLots="True" />
<World RestrictionType="None" Types="" Names="" />
<Room AllowInTombRoomAutonomous="False" AllowEvenIfNotAllowedInRoomAutonomous="False" />
<Misc DisallowedIfPregnant="False" DisallowedFromInventory="False" />
<Check type="All" value="0" />
<Tradeoff name="TransformationToHuman">
<Localization autoGenerate="False" />
<Time value="1" addRoute="True" />
<Exit funExit="False" stressExit="False" interruptible="False" />
<RouteLeadIn allowed="False" />
<AskJoinInteraction joinable="False" />
<AllowAutonomousReinforcement allowPraise="False" allowScold="False" />
<ScoringFunction alwaysChooseBest="False" name="" specificCommodity="None" />
<ActionTopic name="" ActionTopicUnavailableAfterActionFinishes="False" />
<Change type="TraitLycanthropyHuman" advertised="200" locked="True" actual="200" updateType="ImmediateDelta" timeDependsOn="False" updateEvenOnFailure="False" updateAboveAndBelowZero="Either" />
<Change type="SkillLycanthropy" advertised="0" locked="False" actual="200" updateType="ContinuousFlow" timeDependsOn="False" updateEvenOnFailure="False" updateAboveAndBelowZero="Either" />
<Change type="FeralWolf" advertised="200" locked="True" actual="200" updateType="ContinuousFlow" timeDependsOn="False" updateEvenOnFailure="False" updateAboveAndBelowZero="Either" />

<Notes Notes="" DesignerNotes="EP7 - First Tuning Pass - Andy" LastChange="5/9/2012 3:13:17 PM" />

I'm sorry if this didn't help, but it's just what popped up in my head, good luck!

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#3 Old 19th Mar 2019 at 7:59 AM
Sadly moddlets are not a CommodityType. Someone would have to add them with a Scriptmod. I would totally love to be able to use them in ITUNs as well.
NRAAS used to have a list of all available CommodityTypes but there are not back online yet:
They can probably be found with the Wayback machine though
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