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Default La Fiesta Tech University Recreation | Feedback wanted!
Hey guys,

I have been working on a custom university for the Sims 3 during the past year. Now I'm ready to share it with you, but before I can upload it to MTS, I'd love to hear some feedback and maybe even have some testers, who are willing to playtest my world in their game. If you wish to be a tester please let me know in this thread!

Facts & Figures about this world:

- It will replace the usual uni and comes as .world file (installation instructions will follow)
- I used some CC, but tried to use as little as possible
- It's prepopulated
- Lots and Sims all have german names currently, but as soon as I know everything works I will do a second, english version of it
- Townies: 20 (including 6 professors)
- Map Size: Large
- Spawn Points: Just basegame spawners
- Routing Info: Routing pretty much ends where the terrain is starting to heighten at the edges of the world
- Layering: Global layer + 2 addtional layers
- Textures: 3
- Lots: 36 (Sizes will follow)
- Rabbitholes: University Rabbitholes, Supermarket, Bookstore, Diner, Restaurant (all rabbithole rugs)
- Community Lots: 18
- Dorms: 4
- Residential: 14 (6 inhabitated, 2 of those are Student Unions)

I will include more pictures and information soon. But for now, I'd love to hear some of your thoughts on this!
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I think it looks good. I would suggest more shading of the terrain and also more landscaping of the lots. In the US in places like Arizona and New Mexico the settled areas have much more in the way of trees and landscaping. It looks good but pretty barren now. Not sure about those huge rocks. So I think this is a great start and it just needs to be filled in more?
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Oh wow! Is that a recreation of La Fiesta Tech? I love it!!

But I do agree with daisylee, that it needs a bit more texturing.
Like when you look at the neighborhood in The Sims 2 you can see how the hills are more reddish on the top and how under the mountains there are grassy spots.

I think things like these are important to make the world more alive.

Otherwise I love it so far!
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Hi @daisylee and @reddragon14

Thank you for your thoughts!
This is indeed a recreation of La Fiesta Tech I think it's a very good idea to do some more texturing, I will definitely work on that!
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Hey guys,

I tried some terrain painting, but I'm not sure if it looks nice... what do you think about it? I'm a bit insecure about terrain painting...

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In my opinion, the hills look really really good now, it looks more realistic and more 3 dimensional! Looks very good (:
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Huge improvement! Well done.
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Thank you very much @Fluse and @daisylee

I'm really glad it turned out well, cost me some nerves to get a result that didn't look absolutely terrible! I'm also very thankful for your pushing me to do this! I like it so much better know, but I wouldn't have dared to experiment with the terrain painting if you hadn't said anything.
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I totally understand that it takes a bit courage to work with the CAW-tool. It is difficult to handle and you can mess up things easily, so it's extra cool how your terrain paint turned out :D
Just don't give up, those buildings look also made with love and you put so much work in it, I believe. Just take your time and when it's done, it is done and if you have to make one step over and over again, it may be annoying, but mostly you will be relieved and happy with the result - like you were after painting your world (: and another good thing is making backups of your world^^ When I am working in CAW i always, always use "save as..." not just "save". But of course, it's up to you in the end^^
i am looking forward to more pictures of your world :D

ps: thank you for sharing your progress here on mts (: I think it's very interesting to see the way other people work and help each other, share advises/suggestions and ideas.
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Save as is a wonder for CAW. We can try things and if we like go ahead. And if no, go back to the prior save. I have changed my mind on things. And they are good backups.
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Thank you so much for your tips! I will definitely need to pay more attention to making backups.

@Fluse thank you for your kind words, they really encourage me to go on! I think I will share more pictures soon. 😊
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I finally got some time and so I visited the university and took some pictures! These are the available dorms, which strongly resemble the ones from the Sims 2. The pictures have been taken with the BrntWafflesPerfectDayLightingMod, as I unfortunately forgot to take it out before. But I thought it looked so pretty that I wanted to share the pictures anyway!

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On the one hand I love how much it looks like the original, it really looks like a TS2 neighborhood from above......on the other hand, you know how old video games always look better in your mind? I'd love to see a La Fiesta Tech that looks like our memories of the neighborhood. Because I have some memories of it, and they look a lot better than the real thing.....

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