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Default I'd need some help with UV maps in Blender
I'm using Blender 2.70a at the moment.

So - I wanted to combine two necklaces to create a new one, and I managed to do that. The problem is, however, that the textures are very messed up because both necklaces' textures are in the same spot. So I tried creating a new UV map for my mesh and I even colored the different pieces in blender (because I though I'd have an easier time that way with both mapping and recoloring) but I just can't make it. I'm just too unfamiliar with UV mapping and texturing meshes, and all tutorials I found either use a different, older blender version, or go way too fast for me to be able to follow.
Can anybody help me anyhow?
I'm ok with both uploading my mesh and switching blender versions if that's needed, I just really need some help with it. :')
Big thanks in advance to anyone who's willing to help me with anything!

[Yes, I could probably learn how to do it by sitting down and learning how to use blender properly by reading / watching the tutorials provided, but even right now I should be studying for exams (whoopsie ) instead of playing the sims and combining necklaces... I'll still sit down and do my "homework", but not any time soon. :/ ]

Edit: It's probably better to add this now than later.
I unwrapped my mesh and exported the UV map, but it's nothing like what it should look like according to the tutorials I've seen. It also looks nothing like the textures of the items that were properly made, so I'm obviously missing some important steps or messing up something badly.
Here is it:
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Well there is no quick way to learn how to properly use Blender. There are lots of tutorials for the Blender 2.79 and even 2.80. I suggest finishing up your homework (you know prioritize) and then look up some tutorials for which ever version you are using, also upgrade. It is free to upgrade and you will be more satisfied with the results. if you are trying to use both the old uv maps. Look up how to add materials to different areas. That will make if so you can have different maps on different faces.
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There is no real way to have a bad UV map. But to keep the original ones and make life easier, is super easy.

You can make a neat UV map using both items UVs though and it might be easier to start from scratch. Once you have both necklaces in the same blender file, in your properties window go to Object Data then UV map. Rename each UV map the same thing. Once that is done, you can join the meshes via the Tools tab using the Join button. This will allow the necklaces to both keep their individual images AND UV space. I tried this out first to double check everything worked. So I'll include some footage of me doing just as I indicated above.

From there, you just need to combine those images in whatever image editor you're using, and swap out the images in blender for the new one you've made. If you do all this and the UVs are literally on top of one another. In the UV editor, there is an icon next to vert, edge and face options, that will allow you to actively change the UV by selecting the mesh first, making it easier to select just the one necklace. SO. Click that, then in the 3D window, select necklace #2 which will now also be selected in the UV window. And move that baby to the left or right or wherever. Just make sure when editing the two images together, to move the second image into the new UV location. You may need to do this anyway, because secondary textures might not be translated into S4S thus, meaning you need just the one texture.

You can export UV maps using the same menu as the save image menu in the UV window.

I imported the choker necklace into the heart necklace blender file, as a DAE, though you could also save it as an OBJ.

I hope all this makes sense!
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