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Default How do I make a new skintone swatch for CAS?
Hello! I'm entirely new to this whole scene and please ask you to bear with me as I try to fully explain myself.

I've started myself on a project to create some sims that just cannot be done with the given presets of the game. So far, I've managed to (somehow) make tattoos and skin details (yay, baby's first modifications!!) thanks to the help of using The Sims 4 Studio on Mac. So I suppose I have the most basic understanding so far of the program.

However, I now approach my next major hurdle: the character(s) I am intending to try and make personalized assets for require some specific skin tone colors, and for the sake of example, I want to make one of the skin tone base colors purple (HEX#7D6DA8 as to compensate for the lighting that will brighten the color). I do understand there is CC that exists with purple skin tones, my issue though is the purple is just too light or the CC itself is out of date and/or unusable. Plus, sometimes they come with skin overlays that just are not of my interest (I appreciate the work put into making them, it's just personal preference and knowing exactly what I want) so that is why I am trying to figure this out on my own.

I am aware that a tutorial already does exist:
The issue I have with it is... I am a total newbie, so trying to even start with the first line, "First, in FullBuild0, look for files with the tag TONE (type 0x0354796A)" I am utterly lost because I do not know where such files even exist and nor am I versed enough with modding or editing game files to comprehend doing any of that without fear of irreparably damaging my game files. And it would be too much a headache to redownload the base game and all the expansion packs involved.

What I need is an absolute idiot's guide through this madness. That or some screenshots with big red arrows that point at the right buttons for me to push and hope to Maxis I can figure this out.

Recap: I am a Mac User that is currently using Sims 4 Studio (Apple Blossom) to create CAS CC, I've successfully managed to create tattoos and skin details, but my main quest at this time is to create new skin tone swatches for the sake of layering.

And additionally, I would also really appreciate knowing how to make new eye color swatches (I want to make the eyes fully opaque with no iris and pupil, essentially I want it to appear as an eye color swatch much like a skin tone swatch), I'm assuming it would be similar to the process of creating a skin tone swatch but I also believe this would require some variation? I am a complete, utterly baffled buffoon so I apologize if I make this frustrating I will do the best I can with whatever anyone can provide to me. Thank you!
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TS4 Skininator is a tool for creating custom skin tones, but it only runs on Windows. If you can use an emulator to run it that's what you need to use. This is a good tutorial:

Eye colors are CAS Parts like the tattoos and skin details you've already made. I suggest you download a custom eye set to use as an example.

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I agree that if you can get Skininator to work with an emulator, you'll be off and running, creating custom skintones in no time!

I wanted to mention that whenever you see FullBuild0 or similar file references, those are .package files located within the app files, and though I am not sure where your program files are located on the Mac, I found this on a help site MacRumors: "All the information is contained in or, instead of scattered across the hard drive like a Windows PC." So, and you'll know this much better than I, wherever you find your Sims 4 game, therein should be all the FullBuild files, and since they are .package files, can be opened with Sims4Studio; they tend to be huge, so make sure to use filters in the warehouse tab. For example, type in Tone and click filter. If there is a skintone file in that particular FullBuild, it will come up. You may need to open a few to find the right files. Opening these files will not harm your game, however I recommend you make a copy of them to play with, and not alter the ones directly from the game. Your particular skintone and eye colour package files will do the work needed.

You can also use Sims4Studio's Game File Cruiser under the Tool tab on the main screen to find Skintones. Under Type are all the categories listed alphabetically, so just scroll down until you see Skintone and tick the box next to it. They will all pop up in the window below. From there, I'm also a complete newb and don't really know the steps to creating a custom skintone. I do know it's more complicated than creating cc eyes and such (I've always used Skininator), but at least you hopefully know where the files are located now

This is S4S's tutorial for creating standalone eye colours: When you see the eyeball texture, make sure you only recolour the part that is the eyeball in your image editor, and not the surrounding area as that tends to colour the sim's face.

Back to skintones, if you can't use Skininator, and are firm in using S4S, I recommend checking out their creator help sections on their website. Or, perhaps someone here will have more information for you.

Best of luck to you!

Please, anyone correct me if I'm wrong!
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