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Default making sims spca career. thoughts and opinions please
im curious of how many people would like a new career- it would be called SPCA and have 3 branchs
branch one would be SPCA officer- you would be required to go to the homes of abused animals and rescue them like on the tv show and in real life
branch two would be SPCA Team member- This would be the SPCA employees that do the work after the animlas are rescued, liked taking care of health, medication, rehabilitation ect.
branch three would be SPCA Trainer- This would be an employee who focuses on training the animal- basic needs, like potty training, and so on

im thinking of making it so the levels before oyu choose a branch are basic training levels. like safety training and animal behaviur training, and so on. so its more realalistic

what do you guys think? ive already started working on it. just want to see if you guys had anything you want me to add to it. or any must haves my new discord for my career mods.
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This is a great idea! Considering there are a ton of homeless pets roaming the streets! The sim could create an animal shelter or tie it into a club. You could even branch out to veterinarian tie in if you wanted. I look forward to seeing what you come up with!
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Make good chance cards about animals escaping or biting and successful pet saves. etc.
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