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Default Brood Challenge
This can be done in either TS3 or TS4 - I'm more familiar with TS3, so let's go with that. Adapt these rules as you see fit if you're playing in the Sims 4.

The Brood Challenge is an occult challenge meant to take many generations of child rearing to fully complete, so you need to have patience in regards to pregnant sims, toddlers, children, teens, and all that good stuff.

The goal: To raise many "broods" of children that take over an entire world with just sheer numbers. Every household must have at least one half of a brood, and the total town percentage of the Brood Mother/Creator's children must be 75% or higher to complete the challenge.

General Rules:
  1. Raise all Broods to Full Capability
  2. Keep a strong relationship with The Lord or face His Wrath
  3. Your children, your land, and time are Holy. Treat it as such


For the Broods:
  1. Every pregnancy must be the spawn of a different, unique man (No using the same man for another pregnancy)
  2. Every man picked for pregnancy must be an "ideal" candidate: Age, traits, interests, familial and platonic connections all must be known to an extent, and attractive in terms of looks, temperament, and occult status
  3. The minimum of the extent of knowledge of the "ideal" men must be: One trait known, must spend at least 1 hour speaking/interacting with a close friend or family member of the male, and at least their career, sign, or relationship status. The max can be: All traits known, move in a close friend of theirs, etc.
  4. Every male that is used to create a Brood that is the same occult as the Brood Mother is a sacrifice used to support the health of the new life: Use a cowplant, adding-to-household-and-murdered, or a mod to end the male's life. Alternatively, you can use him as a slave (though he can never see or touch the children)
  5. A Brood constitutes as children born in the same "generation": Once the oldest child of that "generation" is about to turn into a child, all children in the household are part of the same brood. Any more children are part of a separate brood.
  6. Each member of each brood must be fully trained in order to legitimize the claim of the Brood. Each child must have all toddler skills, have read all toddler books, and fully socialized with the Brood mother or Brood Overseer/Den mother. They must specialize in one child and one teen skill (Not the same skill for both!) and have level 3 in charisma, logic, and athletic before turning into a Y/A.
  7. You must randomize each child's trait. If you are ever not allowed to do so (due to faulty pregnancy), that is considered the "Lord's child" and will be sent to a separate house until they reach adulthood, where they will be promptly added to the household again to serve as a slave, sacrifice, or other.
  8. Turning into a Y/A cannot be prolonged. If a child is to turn into a Y/A without having completed all prerequisites, they forfeit the claim of the entire Brood.
  9. Each child that has the Genius (or other, handpicked-by-you) trait counts towards a favor from the Lord: More time off the lot for the Mother, money, life, a higher brood limit, etc.
  10. Every child that is born with the "Insane" trait is to be left alone by the Brood Mother, never to feel her touch save for the moment they were born. If they ever engage in conversation with the Brood Mother or Brood members successfully, the Brood Mother is to be a sacrifice for The Lord and her oldest female child or closest female friend is to replace her.
  11. When a Brood has been effectively "disowned" by whatever reason may be listed above, you are to end their lives or render them incapable of counting towards the Brood final count. Move them out of the town or count them out of the number at the end, but they are not to be part of the final goal. I would also recommend the Brood Mother and Brood remove all possible contact with the disowned members for more realism.
For the Creator:
  1. The Brood Mother can be any occult, though I don't recommend it be a Mermaid. Keep in mind, however, that this challenge will take quite a while depending on your play style. She needs to be an occult that can keep up with the demand.
  2. The Brood Mother can have any traits, any physical appearance, and dress any way. However, there should be a theme and reason for why she is following the Lord's orders. She should dress according to whatever religion you make/use to explain her Brood wishes, and have traits/habits that show her as a faithful follower of her Lord.
  3. The Brood mother cannot leave the lot for longer than 8 hours at a time: The home lot is a home "battery" in a way - connected directly to her life force. More than 8 hours, she forfeits the claim to the current oldest or youngest brood, and more than 12 hours has her forfeiting her life or claim as Creator.
  4. The Brood mother cannot have more than 2 broods at a time. Once one generation has moved out to begin their adult lives, she is given the ability to contain life within herself once more.
  5. Once a week, on the same day of every week, the Brood Mother and her Brood(s) reconcile and meditate on their Lord for 5 or more hours. At least half free will must be on during this time, and any children that attempt to leave the room/rooms of prayer are considered to have forfeited the family. Remove them from the household as you see fit, but they did not invalidate the rest of their brood.

For the Lore and Religious side of things *Optional
  1. Every day is Holy. Have a specific routine every day. Whether it's the morning meal or activity the family does together, it needs to be something unique to each day of the week.
  2. Sacrifices must be clean and dressed appropriately when they die. Feel free to mark them up with tattoos or sacrificial marks to show their purpose to the Lord.
  3. The Lord will send his Wrath or his Blessings on the day most opposite the day of formal worship. If you worship Him on a Wednesday, for example, He wil send a blessing or curse on Saturday.
  4. Blessings include: Money, time increases, higher brood count, more men, a raise in relationship status, or other.
  5. Curses include a serious pull of money (5,000 or more), a negative addition to relationships, a decrease in Brood Count (which means if your Brood count was 2 before and you receive a Curse, you have to choose which Brood to disown), etc.
  6. The Lord will Curse you if anyone leaves during worship time, if you deliver too many Lord's Children, or if you've simply decided he's a less merciful God than most.
  7. Blessings come from good Brood's and their accomplishments, like a doting father rewarding his children.

*A few notes: Your Creator/Brood Mother can have one pet for herself, something to represent best her personality, and your children are not to interact with them on purpose unless they are a favorite of hers. The pet represents her soul and her commitment to the Lord (so you may take the pet's actions or death in any way you see fit related to this information).
*Your brood's and Creator should be self-sustaining. Make their own food with the produce they harvest, listen to the music they play themselves, do the homework their mother has given them and not a public school's lackluster teachings, and make money not from a Corporation. The Ideal Brood and Creator live their lives according to the Lord's wishes, which includes not interacting with what he deems below him (human greed, human knowledge, etc).

This challenge has a lot of "wiggle room" other than these rules. You can toss the current Brood Mother out at any time, so long as you have an immediate replacement, and the males only have to be "Attractive" according to you. You can also move if you like, as long as you have another type of "home battery" to explain how you can move from the original home lot. You are also fully allowed to kill off the non-brood Sims all you want; You'll definitely finish the challenge sooner that way.
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