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Default Sim to Sim interactions without social download test?
I was reading an old thread where Chris Hatch posted this.
Originally Posted by Chris Hatch
The pet pie menus (cat & dogs have separate menus) don't check for social plugins, they use Learned Behaviour Commands instead.
The Learned Behaviour Commands can be made as an addon. They don't need or use a controller, instead the pie menus pick them up by their Selector Category (same as sims do when influencing another sim). There is three types of Learned Behaviour Commands
The Social - Pet - Base Command uses a Selector Category of 0x0095
The Social - Pet - Reinforced Command uses a Selector Category of 0x0097
The Social - Pet - Reinforced Social Command uses a Selector Category of 0x0098

The pie menu runs the BHAV 'CT - Command Menu TEST' for the test (instead of CT - Object Menu) then directly launches the social (no need for CT - Object Menu Command since there is no controller)
To make your own you'll need to clone and examine an existing Learned Behaviour. In the Object Data, in Raw Data scroll down to the Selector Category (0x004b), that determines the type, the next line Selector Sub-Category should contain a value that has not been used by that type, preferably next in sequence to what has been used.

This may seem a little complicated but it actually better and simpler than using a controller for every social plugin and it is the same method phones use to get all of the phone call types and sims use to influence other sims so it is worth learning.
Since Sims also use selector sub-categories, I was wondering about using this method to make social mods. If this is possible, which selector category and CT for adding to the pie menu do Sims use? I saw that the influence helper object is using a selector category of 0 and selector sub category of 1.
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It'd only work for influencing a sim, won't appear in the sim menu with a controller. The Selector Sub-Categories for social interactions are;
To ensure a social plugin can't fall back to anything un-toward just copy the GUID value into the Fallback GUID
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Okay, thanks.
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