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Now Accepting "Prompt Style" Challenges!
With the growing popularity of prompt style challenges in places like Tumblr, we've decided to broaden our challenge forum to include these type of challenges.

What is a prompt style challenge, you ask?

A prompt style challenge is something like the Outfit of the Day challenge, where you are given certain themes, or prompts, to create something. It could be a sim or a build. It could be a single prompt of a few. I would like to limit it to no more that a weeks worth of prompts per thread, if it's a daily prompt type. But as long as the prompts are different, there could be multiple threads of the same type. For example, two different Outfit of the Day challenges, with different prompts in each. If you make a new version of an existing challenge, please make sure it has a different title and prompts than the existing one(s). i.e., if you are making a second Outfit of the Day challenge, you could call it "[Your username]'s OOTD Challenge".

Outfit of the Day Challenge

Here are 7 style themes, one for each day of the week. Design a look for your sim fitting into each theme.
  • At the Beach
  • Prom
  • On the Farm
  • Autumn
  • To the Future
  • Urban
  • Retro

Post your outfits bellow and let us see what you've come up with!

A prompt challenge could also be something a little more detailed. For example: A build challenge where you give a certain set of ground rules, like a theme, budget and lot size, perhaps even a description of a sim or family that the lot should be built for.

A Home for Harvey Challenge

The challenge is to build a home for Harvey, a young sim just out of college. He only has $30,000 to spend on his new home including the base lot price.

He also has a few requirements:
  • Must have a stereo and a TV
  • Hates the color red
  • Needs space for entertaining

Build Harvey a home and show us what you've made!

These types of challenges could also be Maxis makeovers of lots or sims.

What are the rules for these new challenge types?

These type of challenges wouldn't require the same things as traditional challenges, like an end goal. (Though theoretically, the finished build or sim would be the end goal )

Your challenge is still not a contest. There should be no deadline or judging, that would go in the contest forum. This is just meant to share creativity. Any mean or judgemental comments about someone's creations will not be tolerated.

As always general forum rules apply and:
  • No atrocities. So it's... pretty sad that we have to say this, but: no challenges which focus around rape, child abuse, or anything else patently horrific. If you suspect your challenge may be patently horrific, consider whether telling your non-simmer friends about it in the pub would lead to bored looks, or to repulsed ones.
  • Age Appropriate. MTS is a 13+ forum. Challenges must be appropriate for the younger users as well. Topics that are exclusively 18+ (for example, drugs, drinking, over sexual, etc) will not be accepted as a challenge.
  • Credit adaptations. If your challenge is an update or alteration of an existing challenge, be polite and link to the original. *In most cases, Tumblr challenges take on a life of their own and break off into a million different adaptaions, so if you have gotten the idea from many places on Tumblr, like the Outfit of the Day challenge, credit is not required. But if it is something you've only seen once, please credit.
  • Type Intelligently. Please don't post in ALL CAPS LOCK or Like A Headline, l33tsp34k, lik u tink ur on ur cel fones txt msging, lIkE yOu tHinK tHiS lOokS cOoL, wildly abusing smileys, or with excessive punctuation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, have fun and let the creativity flow!

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