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Rules for this forum - READ BEFORE POSTING HERE!
What is this forum for? This forum is intended to be used as a tool for creators at various parts of the creation process. MTS strives to help everyone learn how to create high-quality uploads. Having new eyes on a project can help improve your work, even for experienced creators. For beginners, having experienced creators available to provide tips and hints can also be quite helpful. You can think of this forum as a sandbox meant to get feedback and advice. You can ask if your pictures, files, description, or other aspects need improvement or additional work/information. Do you need someone to double-check your CC list? Need to know if your item will work in a game environment that you do not have? This forum aims to help you with that. What is this forum NOT for?
  • Advertising upcoming creations. Please only post here if you want feedback for something you're intending to upload, not attention.This forum is only for content that you plan to upload to MTS.
  • Asking moderators for more information on why an upload was rejected, or wanting clarification on what you need to change if you have gotten a Changes Required notice on an upload. Please use the Creator Issues forum for that.
  • Complaining about your upload being rejected. Please don't take rejections personally - read the reasons and attempt to improve. Even MTS moderators have had creations rejected sometimes. You may post here if you have been rejected, only if you are looking to improve your creation to MTS standards. If you are not wishing to improve your creation based on the feedback you're given, don't post here.
  • Requests in disguise (or not). "So, I'm thinking of making TS2 into a first person shooter with dinosaurs....would anyone like this? Should I make it?! Could someone help with dino meshes?"
  • Permanent content hosting. You may post your content here to have someone test in-game, but this should not be the primary home for your content.
  • Creation help and other "How to" questions. If you are just starting out and need to know where to go, check out the Wiki pages and the creation forums:
    The Sims 2The Sims 3
    Sims 2 Creation Start PageSims 2 Creation Forums
    Sims 3 Creation Start PageSims 3 Creation Forums
Bumping You are allowed to bump your posts once every 24 hours, so they can get more feedback if you're still looking for it. Related Links:We hope this forum will be helpful to everyone in creating excellent custom content for The Sims games. Have fun, be nice to each other, and let's see what you can make!

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