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Sims Stories Rules and Guidelines
Hello and welcome to the Sims Stories Forum!

The Official Rules for this forum are as follows. If you post a story or comment on a story here, it is understood you have read and agreed to the following rules. Feel free to PM any of the Stories Forum Moderators or an Administrator if you have additional questions or concerns.


Pictures This forum is for Sims stories, so all story threads must be accompanied by in-game Sim pictures. If you are writing a general story without sim pictures, you can post it in our Creative Corner forum instead.

New Story Threads are Moderated: When you submit a new story, it will need to be approved by a moderator before it's posted. We check often, and it is not hard to get a story approved - we are very understanding of beginning writers, but we do expect you to try to write a nice story. Stories are not "this is what happened in my game today" with pictures and captions, but with an actual attempt at telling a true story.

Introductions: Do not post short introductions - that is, introductions must have in-game pictures and as much effort as if it were a first chapter of your story - consider simply writing a first chapter rather than an introduction instead.

If you start a story, FINISH IT! If you do not update your story for 1 month, it will be locked for 48 hours, and then after that, moved to the archive. Please PM a moderator of the Stories forum to have your thread unlocked or moved out of the archive. We do not delete old stories - just archive them, so if you leave and come back and your story is gone, fear not - it can be recovered.

Off-Site Stories Please feel free to share your off-site story via a link in your signature, but stories posted here must be actual full stories, not advertising for them posted elsewhere. You may post your story both elsewhere and here, but you need to post your full text and pictures here if you want your own thread in our stories forum.

Story Limit: Writers are usually allowed to have one story thread in progress at a time. Please do not try and get around this rule by starting a story and deleting it when you simply lose interest in writing it. Try writing out several chapters (or even the whole thing!) before you post it if you tend to have a hard time finishing things. You may request to start a second story, but it will be allowed only on a case-by-case basis.

Completed Stories: Stories which are completed will be moved into the "Completed Stories" subforum. Please edit your story thread status tab to "Completed" once the story is finished.

PG-13 Rating: Occasional swearing doesn't kill anyone, but excessive swearing or vulgar language is not allowed in stories (nor is it allowed anywhere else on this site). This also means there should be no inclusion of pictures of blatant nudity or strong sexual themes. That means no female nipples and/or crotches or butts of either gender; they need to be covered at least as much as a swimsuit would cover. If your story is mostly about sex and/or violence, it's not appropriate here. Please treat controversial topics with care and sensitivity - stories can be removed for inappropriate content at moderator discretion.

Adding a New Chapter: To add a chapter to your story, click "View comments" and scroll down to the Quick Reply box. Click "Go Advanced". In this screen, you can do one of two things: if you type your reply and give it a title, it will show up as a new chapter. If you type your reply and don't give it a title, it'll show up as a comment. If you just use the Quick Reply box, your post will be a comment.


Please give helpful comments! Readers are urged to comment, give compliments or constructive criticism to the author of the story. However asking 5 million times when the author is going to update is annoying and unnecessary. Authors never have to tell when they are or are not going to update, so do not harass them because you are just impatient. Also, try and keep general chatter to a minimum - remember, you can PM someone if you're holding a conversation with just them that others don't necessarily need to read.

Constructive Criticism: You may not like everything about a particular story, and not all comments have to be gushing and glowing. But please remember that the author has feelings, and to phrase your comments in a way that is not hurtful or hateful. Rude comments will be removed and the poster dealt with.

To Report a Post in a story thread: Click the "View as Thread" link under "Article Tools" to view the report button.

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