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Hello everyone and welcome to my Sims 4-Story.

A short warning at the beginning: I’m from Germany and thus no native english speaker. So the chances are quite high that I’ll make some mistakes from time to time for it’s already quite a long ago since I had english lessons in school. Writing in english now is some sort of experiment for me. So, please have some mercy with me

Well, this story is actually no real story. There’s no planned storyline – it’s rather a documentation of the life of my sims with some bits and pieces of storytelling. Like a Sims sitcom.

The Sims you can see here are most of all rebuilds of the Sims I’ve frequently played in the Sims 3.
My family started with just two sims: Alisson Green and Logan Steele. Logan spent lots of time in Egypt and when he came back to Twinbrook he met Alisson. They instantly fell in love with eachother and marryied. They have three kids: Dylan, the firstborn daughter, and the twins Maddison and Nathan. Later on they took care of the only child of their best friends, a girl named Genevieve. This is the main family I’ll write about here.

So I hope you have some fun here. Ofcourse I’m open for critics and I really like to read what you think about my little story.

Welcome to Willow Creek

Five years have passed since the oldest daughter of Alisson and Logan ran away from home to explore the world.

A lot can happen in that time. Logan, who was a police officer in the Sims 3, is in retirement now. His son Nathan has visited the university where his interest into technology arose and his twin sister Maddison found the love of her life – Music.

Except the fact, that Dylan ran away from home, my family was doing quite well. And there was absolutely no need for them to change anything or to leave Twinbrook. Unfortunately (for them) Sims 4 came along and I really liked that game in an instant (except for some obvious things that still get my goat, like the missing of toddlers!). So my Sims had to move from Twinbrook to Willow Creek. Why? Eh … well, to find a narrative reason for my sims to move away is not that difficult: Since my Sims had some bad luck concerning fire in the Sims 3 it’s not unlikely a huge fire finally burned down the whole house.

Now, having no money, no home anymore where should they go to? Thank god, Alisson has a half-sister.

Okay – remember that weird relative back in the Sims 3 who sent that strange dolls when a new baby was born? Yeah, that was Aunt Glenda. She’s a little bit excentric and, yes, also quite weird, to be honest. But when she heard of the misery that happend to her sister and her family, she mercyful offers them to move into her house.

Once Glenda has been a famous actress – well, okay, she just played in a TV soap and has done some TV spots once in a while. She didn’t became particulary rich, but earned enough money to be able to afford a beautiful small house in Willow Creek.

I built the house myself ofcourse. First of all because I really love building houses and sencondly I need enough space for all my family members. So doing it yourself is always the best way to get what you actually want.

And that’s the house:

You can find this house in the Gallery at #dramedy. It currently has 4 bedrooms and just 2 bathrooms. But also a big kitchen and a nice big living room and a lovely porch. And this is actually the first building I’ve ever (!) built in The Sims 4 – it’s not the best one I’ve made so far, but it definitely has some emotional value to me.

Glenda definitely is happy that she doesn’t have to live alone any longer. Sure, living alone also has some pros, but it can get quite boring too.

She offers her sister and her brother-in-law, that they can stay as long as they like to stay … why not forever?
Poor Logan doesn’t look that pleased. Spending the rest of his life as a guest at the house of someone he just rarely know is just not the way he imagined how he would spend his retirement.

And even Alisson isn’t convinced by this idea yet. Glenda is her half-sister and Alisson knows, how difficult she can be. Alisson is grateful, that Glenda is helping her, but agreeing to stay here forever? Nah – let’s just see how life works out living together in the same house. Glenda and Alisson haven’t seen eachother in years … for some good reason.

Like a real diva Glenda summons everyone of the family for a little talk to get to know eachother. She really seems to like Alisson and Logans foster-child, Genevieve – and, to be honest, I don’t know yet, whether this is good or bad for Evie.

Evie in reverse doesn’t really know what to think about that strange Aunt. And when Glenda starts comparing Evie to the afro-american housekeeper, she knew, when she was a kid, it’s no wonder that it’s more than unlikely that this two women will become friends.

Gosh, Glenda haven’t you ever heard of political correctness? Mhm, how will Evie deal with this? She’s very shy and the total contrast to a hot tempered person! If Glenda goes on like this and Evie doesn’t learn to fight up against it, life here will be a real torture for Evie.

Thank god, Logan appears again and saves his foster-daugther from having an even more akward conversation with Glenda. He again thanks Glenda for her help and asks her if there’s some work he can do for her in reverse for he’s in retirement now and has a lot of time to help.

And yeah, Glenda really is glad to have a strong man at home now, who can do some work and she already has some ideas for Logan to do.

But you haven’t seen everyone of my family, yet!

That’s Maddison. Just like Evie she’s a shy and introverted person and has some difficulties meeting new people. Her one and lonely interest seems to be playing the violin and becoming an advanced musician someday. So she’s practicing playing the violin all day.

Will she be able to fulfill the dream of her live even though she is a loner and a real closed person?

Nathan, Maddisons twin brother, spends a lot of time at the computer, for that’s his passion. He really loves technology and wants to reach the highst career level of the technology career.

Yes, he’s a little geek, but also an openminded and happy person.

And yes, Evie and Nate are a couple. Their love story already began in The Sims 3 when they both were teenagers. Sure, there were some ups and downs. For example back then, when Nate, not knowing Evie had feelings for him, was dating another girl. Poor Evie had some real hard heartache back then. But since Evie confessed his love for him (with a little help by Dylan) they’ve become a couple and stayed together ever since.
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