Serena Piper's Legacy
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Hey Simmers,

So I have been playing a new Founder for a little bit now, and I decided I wanted to start a Sims Legacy Family story! In order to do that, I need to backtrack a little bit before I start so that you are all caught up! This Legacy is called Serena Piper’s Legacy, and it is a little different from the common blogs that you are used to. In this Blog, I am basing the surname decisions realistically, so they will not always stay the same. An example, my founder’s name is Serena Piper. If Serena Piper has kids, they will have the surname of the father. So throughout my legacy, the children within that generation will always carry the surname of the father. So to begin, I have two sims, my Founder Sim, Serena Piper and her best friend Ryn Sierra (pronounced Wren). I intend to continue to follow the legacy with both of their lineages. For Ryn’s legacy, they will only be able to birth one child throughout each generation, and the child will always be the best friend of the heir (Serena’s lineage). The exception to this case is of course, if a set of twins or triplets are born, in that case I will choose.

So to begin, I’ll give you a description of our Founder, her best friend, and a few other characters.


Born: Serena Adrienne Piper
October 4, 1985
Star Sign: Libra

Serena Adrienne Piper was born in Oasis Springs, as the only child of, Oscar Manley Piper and wife, Julianne Morgan Piper (nee Troyer). Oscar Piper is of African American and Cape Verdean ancestry, while Julianne is of mostly German descent. Serena grew up as the goofball of the family. In elementary school, she met her best friend, Ryn Sierra. They bonded over having both moved to Windenberg from Oasis Springs. Before the beginning of the legacy, Serena was in a very serious relationship with Marcus Flex. However, after trying to be unconventional and propose to Marcus, Serena was rejected and her heart was crushed. Marcus and Serena’s relationship did not last afterwards and they broke up. Serena became heavily depressed and began dating men to numb the hole left by Marcus. She was in a brief relationship with Mitchell Kalani, however Mitchell could see that Serena was still in love with Marcus, and that she would never love him enough, and broke up with her. She then began having an affair with silver-fox, Jacques Villareal, however, Jacques wife, Luna, soon discovered the affair, and after threatening to leave with the kids, Jacques left Serena and went back to his wife. Serena is currently having an affair with, Dominic Fyres, and after falling deeply in love, Dominic left his wife, Moira, and their two children and moved in with Serena and Ryn. He is currently in the process of divorcing her, so that he can marry Serena.

Born: Ryn Giselle Sierra
December 4, 1985
Star Sign: Sagittarius

Ryn Giselle Sierra was born in Oasis Springs, the eldest and only daughter of, Christian Joseph Sierra and Ellen Joyce Sierra (nee Booth). Ryn has one younger brother, named Joel, and a half brother named, Dorian Fulton-Sierra. Dorian was born as a result of an affair Christian had in the 80s, thus Ryn and Dorian are six weeks apart in age. Christian is of partial Spanish descent, while Ellen is an immigrant from London, England. Ryn grew up as a class clown, she was voted “Most Likely to be a Comedian” in High School, and in college, she was praised several times for her wit and stand up comedy. She is currently seeking an aspiration to become a star in Comedy. Before the legacy began, Ryn was in a relationship with long-time college boyfriend, Luca Gabriel. However, after Ryn unexpectedly became pregnant, Luca began to distance himself away from her. After the birth of their daughter, Gigi Gabriel in 2011, Luca abandoned both Ryn and Gigi, as he “was not ready” for the responsibilities of fatherhood. Now Ryn finds herself a single mother, trying to make it in the world, with only her best friend, Serena, at her side.

Born: Dominic Rodney Fyres
January 31, 1974
Star Sign: Aquarius
Dominic Rodney Fyres was born in Windenberg, the youngest and only son of Mark Stewart Fyres and Ellie Louise Fyres (nee Smith). He has one older sister, Lyla Patrice Richards (nee Fyres). He is of African American descent. Dominic married Moira Fyres (nee Peebles) in 2001 and together they have two daughters, Siobhan and Morgan. Dominic is currently in a relationship with Serena Piper after having an affair, and is in the process of divorcing his wife, Moira.

Born: Luca Ethan Gabriel
August 1, 1985
Star Sign: Leo
Luca is the ex-boyfriend of Ryn Sierra, and the father of her daughter, Gigi Gabriel. He is the eldest child of Brantley Scott Gabriel and Mindy Anne Gabriel (nee Perkins). Brantley and Mindy are both of French Canadian ancestry. He has a younger sister, Dominique Gabriel. His parents divorced when he was 14 years old, and he spent his summers with his mother and school year with his father. Luca dislikes children, and currently, has abandoned his responsibilities as a father to Gigi.

Born: Gigi Nicole Gabriel
February 25, 2011
Star Sign: Pisces
Gigi is the lovechild of Ryn Sierra and her ex-boyfriend, Luca Gabriel. She enjoys art and painting.

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Next: Chapter One: "Didn't We Almost Have It All?"
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