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Note: This crossover fanfiction was made purely for fun. Only Dozerfleet characters were authorized for this use officially. All other properties mentioned are trademarks of their respective owners. None of the product placements were paid for, but are included as free advertising done for comedic purposes.

CHAPTER 1: “Multiversal Potential”

It was the beginning of a cool, dry day in Bozeman. Members of the board at the scientific research juggernaut of a company known as HanomCorp—small, yet seemingly unstoppable—were already in a meeting room for a presentation that current owner Fred Hanom—son of the company’s founder—would unveil as their most cutting edge technology yet.

After a rocky encounter in Tokyo following interference of the dreaded creatures known as the Gwirdons, and their monster Seirsionnach, terms had been formed for a merger with Japanese rival firm Sorisenshi. The future was Hanom-Sorisenshi, and this new device about to be revealed could be the prototype of a new wave of exploration not previously autonomously possible: multiversal.

The presentation narrative soon began, after some meeting and deliberations in the conference room:
We here at HanomCorp always strive to be the source of the future; but this next leap may require us to take a look at the past…

Some swear it is history, others call it legend, still others stammer hysterically that it is only a myth. We’re not here to get into their motives, which have been covered elsewhere. So let’s move on.

Some time after the failure that was the Tower of Babel, Nimrod made a deal with the forces of darkness to punish those nations that deserted him. Six powerful beings were created, one kept hidden. The first five of these beasts ravaged much of the world, seeking to slay all who forsook Globalism. One unlikely hero was chosen to slay these devil-beasts: Abrujan. He was given a trinket from Heaven called the Abdygalis, to have power to match those of his adversaries. At first, it seemed he won. But Nimrod wasn’t done. The final beast was revealed of Nimrod’s beast army, and this creature sought to sneak up on Abrujan while he was in a drunken stupor, having grown careless and apathetic about duty and faith. Abrujan was snapped back to his faith and senses, but not before being seriously wounded. He used the Abdygalis to heal himself, but damaged its integrity in the process.

He finally defeated the sixth beast—but at the cost of his own life, and the Abdygalis being shattered. Nimrod sought to recover the shards and rebuild the Abdygalis for his own use…but it was too late. The pieces became the Barely Explicable Phenomena, and scattered to the stars. It is unknown exactly how many of these came to exist—or what forms they all took. Only some of these Abdygalan pieces have known—yet mostly forgotten—history. The Marlquaan. The EccentriaCore. The XomiaFaeCore. These are known. How many more…remain a mystery.

Some time after what is believed by some scholars to be the time when the Ascension of Christ took place, astronomers tracking the Barely Explicable Phenomena of the Abdygalis noticed that some of the pieces were no longer detectable. Theories abounded, yet the continued power hunger of Mankind to have Caesar be God suggests that simply casting the Abdygalis into space was not enough.

It is believed that a few years after the death of Muhammad, who expressed interest in finding a way to regain the shards of the Abdygalis for his own plans of conquest, all except for the EccentriaCore and one other energy, the Percolation Wave, became undetectable.

The EccentriaCore, according to the lost civilizations whose descendants are hiding among us, merged with the planet Cortascius. The Cortascians devised their own framework within the EccentriaCore that bound itself to the core of their planet, called the Tapestry. Efforts to tap into the Tapestry have yielded some impressive results for quantum storage and even material repair. It is believed that the Tapestry may even power the mysterious knight that some have seen hiding in the forests outside of Bozeman, defending the city from an increasing wave of bizarre threats that appear to be from another time.

However, there have been an increase in incidents of strangers to our world speaking of worlds where the other phenomena may have vanished too. They seem almost identical to us, yet are not us. Strange as it may seem, the prevailing theory is that to stop the next Nimrod from ever succeeding in the original’s evil plans…reality itself was split apart!

Many Earths, longing to become one again. Post 7th-century, each of these worlds appears to have developed similar-yet-different paths of history. All who existed before appear as multiversal singularities, making cultures and religions on all Earths very similar.

There is talk of a reality where the missing worlds of Phaleel and Metheel have vanished to. Where the Marlquaan and Percolation Wave alone are known. Still another speaks of the XomiaFaeCore, merged with the core of the planet Xomia. That world is even believed to have pocket dimensions, with an untold number of other realities. Only the Percolation Wave appears to be a consistent across these, allowing some to occasionally cross over.

In its stable state, the Wave rarely abducts anyone. Destabilized, its rhyme and reason can be difficult to predict. But when a Percolation Event does occur, will we be ready? What destabilizes it? Many things are believed to be capable of this. Much as visitors from other planets can make trouble, or may need accommodation, visitors from other realities may require the same. Will society be ready for them, even as it struggles with its own identity?

In an alternate reality we are dubbing the “Dromedeverse,” two female scientists operating out of a women’s prison have somehow figured out how to develop devices that would allow for voluntary interversal travel, a tool that could unlock countless possibilities moving forward. These devices are small, being dubbed “Percolation Wands.” These wands are currently only used under extenuating circumstances, as the locals fear their power in the wrong hands.

Such power could open up numerous military business opportunities for Hanom-Sorisenshi in the future. But it would be risky. Since we cannot patent our own wands, nor have wand-size devices, we’re now developing the PercoDome as a…somewhat larger means of opening up portals via the Wave. Security would have to be intense. While this may be the tool to unite reality into a cohesive whole again, there would undoubtedly be those seeking it for malicious purposes.

As the presentation came to a close, board members began cheering. Hanom knew he was on the right road to gaining approval for the start of talks on bids for military contracts for the PercoDome. Yet, he also felt an uncomfortable sense that the Gwirdons were about to try something. They had upped their ante on efforts to steal his inventions - to serve King Gwirmalesh’s very Nimrod-like goals. Dr. Fred J. Hanom was fortunate to have Prince Volkonir of Cortascius on his side—even if he had to go to the same lengths to help the lost prince hide his true identity that were also required to help the prince’s new friends expunge public knowledge of their criminal histories.

Only one attendee stayed behind as the crowds gathered out to handle their usual corporate responsibilities. That was Hanom’s visitor from Sorisenshi: Masato Yoneda. Recently revealed to be the Spectral Hare Samurai. The Tapestry had many Weavers. A descendant must have found work at Sorisenshi. How else could a samurai exist with the same powers as the Cortascian Elite Knights?

One of Hanom’s assistants, meanwhile, put in an order for transport of the device to a safe location. It was currently at the office; but it would require stronger, reinforced storage to keep away from Gwirmalesh.

Vanessa: “Gary! You up for another shipment today?”

Gary: “Vanessa Kwan? Is that really you, sweetheart?”

Vanessa: “Yes, Gary Berry! Though, I am seeing someone, so ‘sweetheart’ might not be appropriate anymore.”

Gary: “Ah yes, the Mexican kid with the drug queen mother. I guess I’ll just have to see if Nancy in accounting wants to have a night at Audrey’s over on Peach.”

Vanessa: “She’s been eyeing you for quite some time. Don’t do anything explicitly creepy, and she just might give you a chance.“

Gary: “So, what’s Hanom afraid I’m gonna lose today?”

Vanessa: “Ever hear of the PercoDome?”

Gary: “No, but it sounds dangerous. Hold on one second.

Hey! Mudo! Fetch me a few donuts, would ya? No, I don’t care when you get back. But if it’s two hours or more, I’m gonna say you took the rest of the day off. I pay you peanuts anyway, right? We got a PercoDome thingy to store! We gotta be special careful with this one. Those ‘squiter creeps will probably start WWIII to get their hands on this one! Fetch me a donut! Pronto!

Sorry, Nessie! The guy barely speaks English. More like Gaelic with a bad Spanish accent. I can’t figure these weirdos out. They just work for me!”

Vanessa: “Do what you gotta do, Gary.”

Gary: “Careful. I might…interpret that.”

Vanessa: “I’m sure you will.”

Meanwhile, in the conference room, Hanom was waiting for the transport team to load things up downstairs. Masato stared uncomfortably at the PercoDome, convinced of the worst.

Hanom: “I know what you’re thinking, Masato. This thing will either be our future, or just another toy for Gwirmalesh to play with.”

Masato: “The worst kind of toy. It would make me and Vinny irrelevant to his plans!”

Hanom: “A very understood risk. Which is why I’d like you to accompany Carlos; at least until your flight back to Tokyo.

Vinny and Kayla have to spend some time attending classes at the university. Kayla to blend in and have the college life Hoshijo and others deprived her of, and Vinny to integrate better into society. At least...until I can restore his kingdom.”

Masato: “Understood, good sir. It would calm my worries a little, to guard this device until we know it will be safe. One Cortascian warrior may not be enough, if this thing does what you say it will do. There is no telling how badly Gwirmalesh will want it.”

Hanom: “Indeed. If I didn’t need to spread everyone so thin, I’d have Vinny and Kayla here to help you. I’d raise Lucy from the dead if I could. Vinny wouldn’t mind a future step-daughter at all. And I know nothing would make Kayla happier than to have her child alive and well again. But we can only play God sometimes. We can’t actually be him.“

Masato: “I would also like to apologize for back in Tokyo.”

Hanom: “Editrab is his own worst enemy. There’s no way you could have known he wasn’t still a threat. When Wontisha died, and Morlikus became too busy being king to have much time for Vinny, Silnya took Vinny under her wing. She became a surrogate mother of sorts to him. He views her as his mother. She is Editrab’s actual mother. Sibling rivalry is inevitable, when the biological heir feels threatened by a royal adoption. Even if it’s not a legal one.”

Masato: “Vinny is trying to reach a point when he no longer needs to be adopted out.”

Hanom: “I am just one more step in his path to true independence. And I suspect he will give Kayla what she has always deserved too.”

Masato: “So what is the solution to Editrab?”

Hanom: “We have to find Silnya, break her spell, and revive her…for whatever time she may have left. Only she can reconcile the two not-quite brothers, and redeem Tarantrum. The family needs to sort out their differences, and forgive each other. They are considering it. But without her, Editrab will always resent the prince to a degree. He feels he was robbed. Only now he knows he cannot trust Gwirmalesh either.

He’s a pitiful creature, Editrab. Betrayed by both kingdoms. The prince he hates being one of his only remaining friends in the entire universe.”

Masato: “Seirsionnach spoke of having cousins who would avenge him. I have faced many monsters as Samurai Gōsutousagi. That aku-kitsune was one of the worst! I am only fortunate that after the Editrab mess, Vinny would still help me defeat such a thing.”

Hanom: “If you need help after Vinny’s classes are over, I will contact him. I suspect that will be too soon for comfort.”

Masato: “Understood. If this thing can contact the pocket dimensions of the Dromedeverse; I am fearful we will see things far worse than what Gwirmalesh can make on his own.”

Hanom: “I don’t doubt that. But my company doesn’t function on thwarting science in the name of safety. If we screw up, the bureaucracy will simply keep us from doing that specific thing again. And will make it illegal for anyone else to do it.“

Masato: “You trust them too much.”

Hanom: “Valid point.”

Carlos Modi was happy to have his job. Not so thrilled about the Gwirdons, or the constant security threats. But he had friends. He had a church nearby that he agreed with. He had a steady job. He had adventure. And second-most-importantly to him: he was finally able to make his mother proud. The Modi crime operation would most likely die with her. He had found a superior legacy, to take the family name in a legitimate direction far better than any his druglord father and grandfather ever could have. He had forged for the Modi name a better destiny than the one it had been handed in Mexico.

Even so…the threats of attack from Gwirmalesh were getting increasingly desperate. Volkonir had to work harder and harder to protect Bozeman, with Carlos feeling less and less like he was making a true impact. Treaders he could handle. But the monsters were getting tougher – and meaner!

Hanom: “Carlos, do you read?”

Carlos: “I’m in the warehouse, boss.”

Hanom: “Masato will be joining you soon. He just needs a change of clothes.”

Carlos: “Hopefully not shimmery-shiny clothes!”

Hanom: “Not yet. But be ready. Gwirmalesh is psychic lately, it seems. I still haven’t figured out how he has managed to plant a mole in the company. But I know there is one.”

Carlos: “I’m locked and loaded. I wanna put one right between Hiktomoph’s eyes!”

Hanom: “Satisfying as that may be, you may need to be willing to call the police for backup on this one if something goes more wrong than usual. Use discretion.”

Carlos: “Understood, boss!”

He could shout the rhetoric all he pleased, but Carlos was not the least bit happy about all of this. A device that could tap into the Percolation Wave itself? Voluntary travel between multiple Earths? It reeked of being a bad idea.

Masato wasted little time changing into something more street-friendly, and joined Carlos as instructed.

Carlos: “Hey, man! Ready to squash some big green bugs?”

Masato: “If I have to.”

Carlos: “How was Panda Buffet?”

Masato: “Better than La Tinga. I will enjoy returning to Tokyo, to eat real food again!”

Carlos: “Man, you have expensive taste!”

Masato: “So do the bugs. Let’s keep our eyes peeled.”

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