Life as an Anthropomorphic Fox
Greetings. This is my first actual story for The Sims 3. I've had storylines, but never have I actually posted anything in regards to an actual story, so I decided "Why not?". So here is the first chapter of Life as an Anthropomorphic Fox, which features a cherished character of mine.

So, let's get things started then.

CHAPTER 1: The Beginning of the Spiral Downwards into Oddity
The name is Asami Honononami. My story begins shortly after the reading of the last will and testament of my grandmother. I had inherited an old vacationing home she owned in a small sea-side town known as Sunset Valley, which was also where she grew up. It was a house near a cliff’s edge on the northwestern edge of town that faced the sea, a beautiful location for people who enjoyed houses with moats on cliffs. I guess my grandmother thought I was that kind of person. She wasn’t that far off.

While everything may seem nice and dandy, there’s always a catch. In order to live in this house, I would need to have at least gotten myself a job and possibly enrolled at the prestigious Simiean State University. However my family has had a bit of history at that school. A series of odd supernatural events have occurred either shortly before or during a term to my relatives, with the most recent happening to my older brother, Elan, who now seems to be affected by the full moon as much as the tides are. Little did I know that I would follow the family tradition, but in a way also have a “first” for my family’s odd odd background.

This is me…. Or at least who I used to be. If one word could be used to describe the events that happened that night, it would probably be odd, scary, or just downright insane.

Throughout my childhood, which was relatively normal for society’s standards considering my family’s mysterious history, I’ve always had something calling to me. I didn’t know what it was or why it was calling out to me, but it was.

I’ve always just ignored it, writing it off as just some figment of my imagination. After a while it would go away. Not this time. This time, it was persistent. After nearly 19 years of ignoring it, I set out to investigate whatever it was.

Eventually, I reached the area that this thing was calling from. It was at a secluded beach where I found it.

It was a freakin’ stone pillar.

Of course I got to curious for my own good, and what did I get rewarded with? A bunch of lightning getting shot out at me.

As you can probably imagine, it was very painful. Then there was a flash of light and for some reason I found myself at a different beach. Confused and weary from getting electrocuted, I passed out cold right on the sand. Little did I know that the stone pillar would give me a surprise the following morning……

What I assume was the following morning, I awoke on the same beach I fell unconscious at. I had to hold up my arm to avoid being blinded by the sun. My body felt weird. For starters, it felt warmer than usual. Fuzzier too.

I sat up and stretched, yawning while doing so. I felt a furry object thump into the back of my feet. Curious, I turned around to look.

I had a tail.

And digitigrade feet too.

Did I mention I had fur?

To see if I was just hallucinating or not, I decided to check my reflection on my phone…… I started freaking out more as I realized that the anthropomorphic fox in said reflection was me. I just about tripped over myself several times as I clambered over to the rocky cliffside, looking down at my new lower limbs didn’t help matters any.

I headed back out to towards the water line, trying to get a vantage point of where I was in relation to my home. Turns out I was at the beach at the bottom of the cliff behind it. Trying to find a way back up the cliff was another challenge though. As the closer I got to finding a good spot to climb up safely meant getting pretty damn close to the house my closest neighbors lived in. The Wolffs were really nice people, but I doubt that they’d want to have a literal vixen living down the street from them. Looking through their manor’s humongous windows, I was able to tell they were already up and getting ready to do whatever it was they did. And I knew that if I could see them from hiding behind a rock, then they’d most certainly would see me out in the open if they looked in my direction. Still, I took the chance and booked it back to my place, not stopping until I had closed the front door behind me.

I took several deep breaths to try to slow my heart rate back down. Even with being the athletic type I was, running practically an entire half mile non-stop was not something I have been able to do without feeling like I was gonna pass out afterwards. Nearly failed Gym class my sophomore year of high school because of it. Once I felt as calm as I was gonna get, still finding myself now being part animal as a big deal, I took a quick peak outside one of the windows on my front door to see if anyone was headed for my house. Only person I saw was the paperboy, but I still ducked down behind the door window so he wouldn’t see me.

As soon as I convinced myself that the coast was clear and no one saw me, I went back to my bedroom. It had only been at least maybe two hours at most since I woke up on that beach, but it felt like I was up for two days.

I changed out of the clothes I had been wearing since what I still assumed was yesterday and into my pajamas. I then proceeded to try to hide under my bed……

….. Damn tail…..

… At this point, I was hoping that this was still all just a large figment of my imagination that was running wilder than usual. I was wishing that I’d wake up as a human on the beach at any point and be able to forget this. I laid down to rest, expecting to wake up without fuzzy ears or a tail......

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