Lost and Found - Chapter 1 - Why are they looking at me? [Discontinued]
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Hey, everyone. I've had to discontinue this story due to really bad issues with my game. I absolutely loved writing this and am sad that I can't finish it. If I ever feel like remaking the neighbourhood and all the Sims, I will. For now, though.... Thanks for supporting me and sorry I couldn't finish it.

Caitlin stood there, shaking. She waited for her order in the shop. She was being stared at and she didn't like it. Clearly they were staring at her eye and the great big thumping black spot covering it. She tried using make up but it was no use. She couldn't hide the fact her dad did that the night before.

She wanted the world to swallow her up. The feel of her being judged and thought about by other people made her feel uncomfortable. She knew what they were thinking, "Where'd she get that?" or "Who did that?" but she didn't want to say anything so she knew she had to get out of there. She leaned over the counter to the woman and whispered “actually, forget that” before she rushed out the shop like lighting.

Walking home the weather hit a sudden turn and rain started to crash down the streets. Her feet sped up and SPLASH SPLASH SPLASH through the puddles she finally got home...

Home, to face the inevitable.

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Next: Chapter 2 - I need to get away
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