Port Sienna Ch 1: Meet the Sims
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Welcome all to the rare gem that is Port Sienna, a shipping town holding its own despite former beginnings as an old pirate hideout. Those who come to Port Sienna are instantly attracted to its seaside charm, the dozens of ships that cross its waters daily never distributing the natural (and sometimes magical) beauty of this seaside wonder. With the opening of Nova Island and the recently finished Downtown area, people flocked to the new jobs and entertainment being offered. The sun, the sea, and now hundreds of opportunities flooding the area, just what kind of mark will this first generation of island dwellers make?

Malcolm Landgraab IV

Ruthless, Cunning, Incredibly Wealthy, all of these things can be used to describe the members of the Landgraab family and Malcolm the fourth is no exception. Blessed with his family’s midas touch, Malcolm didn’t miss the investment that was Port Sienna, his electronics emporium and nightclub only the start of his soon to be many ventures. Despite what his success and poker face might allude to, the fourth generation Landgraab is a very lonely individual, his hundreds of failed dates leading him to take the next step in life alone and adopt the beautiful Katherine. Between a daughter and a growing empire, is there really any time to deal with more money-hungry women?

Sofia Basta

Forget fashion or acting, the law was always the way to go in Sophia’s opinion, graduating top of her class and joining Lili in her move to Port Sienna. Though she definitely got more out of being a young-adult in college than Lili, this didn’t stop her from graduating summa cum laude or establishing herself as one of the island’s best attorneys. Despite exuding confidence in the courtroom, in private Sophia constantly questions herself, especially since she seems to have unintentionally caught the attention of a rather prominent man. Two people from completely different worlds can’t truly be together can they?

Katherine Landgraab

The adopted heir to the Landgraab fortune, Katherine wanted nothing more than to have a family which she found with her new father, who she loves more than anything in the world. Though she’s just a child, even she can see the loneliness in Malcolm’s face and now just wishes he would find the person he’s met to be with. Hoping for a miracle led her to Malcolm, maybe the same could be done him?

Lilium 'Lili' Casell

An aspiring architect fresh out of college, Lili’s desire to reach the top led her to portside where the ongoing search for a city planner caught her eye. Her college years spent tucked away in libraries and coffee shops, it's surprising she found a forever friend in Sophia, the outgoing law major ready to take the world by storm. A new town means a new place to live, and the internet ad for free housing in return for part-time work as a farm hand seems promising, at the very least it’ll give her some new drafting ideas.

Kemet Obeah

One of many who took advantage of Port Sienna’s opening, Kemet used his green thumb to establish the town’s first, and for a time only, fresh market grocery store. His customers love the earthy atmosphere of the place and the friendly ‘dogs’ that he brings with him to work everyday. A lover of nature, underneath his shy and quiet personality, Kemet holds a secret that many have speculated on, yet never proved due to his timid refusal to allow visitors or hire a farm hand, instead choosing to do all the hard work himself against his more productive store manager’s advice. A major introvert, the golden eyed farmer is never seen out after dark, only bringing more suspicion onto just what he is hiding. Perhaps he spends his nights reading about plants or maybe he’s working on that old junker he keeps tucked away in his barn. Who knows. You never really know a person do you?

Adriana Zakari

Sexy and talented, Adriana’s purpose in life seems to be making others look and feel just as gorgeous as she does on a daily basis. Many a man has tried and failed to woe this non committal woman, evident by the dozens of roses and the fact that she hasn’t had a daily paper in almost a year (thieves!) The only constant in her life seems to be her dog Bo who won’t hesitate to bite anyone who looks at his master wrong. Living with the mindset that life is too short to ‘settle’, just who is this guy she keeps seeing everyday insisting that he is everything she could ever want in a man?

Quienten King

Little is known about the mysterious man who moved in next door to the Landgraab mansion other than his apparent obsession with Adriana. Quite the unconventional charmer, his odd ways haven’t seemed to deterred those around him, his eccentric behavior only making him more desirable. Quentin’s job is questionable as he doesn’t seem to keep regular hours, his car always seen leaving late at night and not returning until just after sunrise. He can’t be all bad though, he was quick to befriend Kemet, a rarity in itself and even Malcolm has been to his house once or twice for business purposes. What could this mysterious man possibly want?

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Next: Chapter 2: Just Another Day
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