A Pleasant Story
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EDIT: I have begun to re-insert the pictures. Since I lost all my originals it will not be a quick process as i have to re-create the entire game and re-take all the pictures, but I am looking forward to getting back to it! There is so much left to tell!

If you are not a new reader, I hope you'll forgive some changes; some of the events in the original story were just based on random things that happened as I played. If those things don't happen the same way, I'll have to go in different directions. There are also a few things I plan to change because I think they might work better than the way I'd done it in the past version. Hope you enjoy the old and the new!


I love Pleasantview and have played it many times. One day some years ago I decided to write a story about the people who lived there but I never posted it because I created it before I had good picture-managing skills. I got so caught up in the story while I was playing it in the Sims world that I took thousands of pictures without moving them to sub-folders, so trying to sort them into chapters after the fact was a nightmare and I gave up pretty quickly. But the story has stayed with me so I finally decided I had to get back to it.

The inspiration for this story was the beginning scene in the Pleasant household where I noticed that although Lilith was "the bad one," it was actually Angela who initiated the slapping fight. That got me thinking, and my story eventually expanded to include many of the beloved inhabitants of Pleasantview, their romances, dreams, and tragedies. And there is something odd going on in this neighborhood--you'll have to watch for the clues!

The story is mostly a soap-opera style drama but I have also tried to be funny, especially with the silly little things that our Sims are wont to do. It will be familiar but also engaging, I hope! So on to. . .

A Pleasant Story

Chapter One

Daniel's Maid Mistake

In the little town called Pleasantview things seemed quiet and peaceful, but that was only on the surface. Under the rain that was gently falling, in the house occupied by the Pleasant family, dramas were about to unfold.

Angela Pleasant was “every parent's dream.” She was an excellent student, didn't get into trouble in public, and dressed like a proper little lady. The reality though, was that she wasn't as sweet on the inside as she appeared on the outside.

That morning, like most others, Angela went to torment her twin, Lilith. She couldn't really explain why she hated her so much. Perhaps she was jealous of Lilith's brains. To get good grades, Angela had to study constantly. Lilith could easily get straight A's if she wanted to. Though she didn't seem to want to.

Angela gave her a good smack, just because she felt like it. And she knew from past experience that Lilith wouldn't fight back.

Lilith was startled, but not really surprised. She knew Angela hated her, but she wasn't really sure why. It's true they were very different--Angela seemed to always want to please people while Lilith was so busy she always wanted to Go! And Do Things! Even as a toddler, Lilith had been too busy and active to cooperate with any skills her mother tried to teach her. But she'd never hated Angela until it became clear that Angela hated HER.

Lilith couldn't help herself. The frustration she felt burst forth in angry tears. She was embarrassed to cry in front of Angela, but her emotions couldn't be contained. She knew that, as always, Angela would convince her mother that Lilith instigated the fights--only Lilith knew the truth. Angela watched her dispassionately for a moment, then turned to board the school bus.

Lilith went into the bathroom to fix her face, and gazed at herself in the mirror.

She posed a bit.

"I look pretty good. The only problem is I look too much like Angela! I swear, some people can barely tell us apart!" She was utterly sick and tired of looking like Miss Goody-Two-Shoes.

"Well," she thought to herself, "that changes TODAY!" Lilith decided a whole new look would, if not change her life, at least set her apart from her twin. Luckily, in Pleasantview you could just look in the mirror and WISH for a new look and it would happen!

Her new style made her laugh. Well, it was certainly a change!

Lilith followed her twin onto the school bus and chuckled at Angela's shocked reaction.

The mother of these very different twins was Mary-Sue Pleasant. She sat on the couch quietly while waiting for her ride to work and thought about her situation. She was getting older and her husband Daniel had been ignoring her for years. He'd been having affairs all over town and she was sick of it. Lately he'd been eyeing their maid, Kaylynn Langerak, but Mary-Sue had taken care of that problem by calling the cleaning agency and canceling the service. She sighed. Her marriage was over in all but name, but maybe she could hang on a bit longer, at least until the girls were off to college.

Mary-Sue's ride arrived, and she climbed into the beat-up car while Lilith and Angela headed off to school. Daniel ignored them all, as he was busy digging a hole in the front yard.

He did that a lot.

Daniel waited until the school bus and his wife's carpool had pulled away, then ran into the house to call the cleaning service.

"Could Kaylynn come over right away? My wife accidentally canceled the maid but our house sure needs service," he lied to the receptionist.

The receptionist assured him they'd send Kaylynn over quickly, then hung up.

Daniel laughed to himself. "It might be more accurate to say the bedroom needs service."

Kaylynn was Daniel's latest target for his romantic exploits; the young and beautiful maid had caught his eye from the moment she had walked into the house and begun to clean random items in no discernible order that made sense.

She'd been resistant to his advances so far, but he was confident he could charm her into his heart, and his bed.

The thought of another conquest made him so happy!

Daniel went outside to continue digging his hole while he waited for Kaylynn to arrive. When she drove up in her van, he pretended he hadn't noticed her and continued digging. He watched her through the window though, and when he saw her head for the bedroom, he ran in after her.

His sudden appearance made her jump.

"Oh, Hello Mr. Pleasant! I didn't hear you come in!" she said in a startled tone.

He replied, in his most charming, silky voice, "Now dear, didn't I tell you to call me Daniel? I want us to be good friends!"

He went on with a little hitch in his voice as he drooped his shoulders dramatically, "I think. . . you're my ONLY friend. My daughters think I'm a hopeless square, and my wife is only interested in money. She won't even . . . kiss me anymore. It seems like you are the only one who understands me."

He smiled at her shyly, and reached out to caress her cheek.

Kaylynn accepted his touch, but was hesitant. She'd been working for the Pleasants for a few weeks, and from the very first day Daniel had talked to her in a friendly way and told her the sad stories about his wife. At first she thought he was just looking for a friend, but as time went on it became clear he was interested in more than just friendship. As wrong as she felt it was to have an affair with a married man, she was also very lonely in Pleasantview. She'd only moved there a month ago, and her boyfriend Don Lothario had recently seemed very distant and aloof. Her attempts to make other friends in her new town had been unsuccessful.

Daniel was watching Kaylynn carefully as she pondered. He was expert at manipulation and knew how to tug on a young woman's emotions. He saw the sadness in her eyes and knew that she was feeling sorry for herself, but also for him. He judged the moment was right and pulled her into his arms and began to kiss her. She didn't resist. He had timed it just right.

Daniel lured Kaylynn onto the bed by telling her that he felt sad and lonely and wanted to cuddle. Once he got her on the bed, he seduced her with his tale of once being an up-and-coming skiing star--but explained that Mary-Sue hadn't supported his dream and had made him give up his skis and find a boring and unfulfilling job.

Kaylynn couldn't quite believe her ears, and she wasn't sure this was a good idea, but Daniel was almost the only person to be nice to her since she had moved to Pleasantview a month ago. She felt sorry for him because she knew his wife and daughters were mean to him. He had told her this. And she knew what it was like to have your dreams snatched away.

His charm worked. Kaylynn had been so lonely in her new town, and this man seemed to sincerely like her . . . she took the leap. As she snuggled next to him, she dreamed of what a great life they could have together once he left his wife. He had told her that was his plan after his daughters went off to college.

After the WooHoo, which was over very quickly, and with a distinct lack of fireworks, Daniel tried to wake Kaylynn quickly to send her away. She snored deeply though, so he decided it would be okay to let her sleep a bit. He knew the twins wouldn't get home for a few hours and Mary-Sue would be at work until three o'clock, so he had a little time. He'd get Kaylynn out of the house long before they got home.

He was sure NOTHING could possibly go wrong!

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Next: A Pleasant Story - Chapter Two - Taking Out the Trash
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