Broken - Chapter One: New Home
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The Car rolled to a stop in the driveway, causing her stomach to lurch.

"Home sweet home," her uncle said. All she could do was look at the ground.

She watched as he closed the door and walked inside of his - their home.

"Come on Raine," she breathed. "You can do this."

Finally, she gathered the courage and opened the front door.

She could hear the T.V in the living room next to her left, and her the blender in the kitchen just steps away from the living room. Swallowing hard, Raine stood at the edge of the kitchen, taking in the appearance of her aunt.

"Raine," her aunt stopped cooking and walked over to her, hugging her tightly. "How are you sweetie? Are you okay? I was so worried after the crash..."

"Hey Liz," She said, faking a smile. Suddenly a girl and guy around her own age appeared in the kitchen through the opening to the hallway near the backdoor. She presumed them to be her cousins, Trevor and Taylor if she remembered correctly.

Liz turned to the two,"Taylor, Trevor, you guys remember Raine. She's your cousin."
"Oh right, the charity case." Taylor crossed her arms and smiled fakely.

"Seriously Tay?" Trevor griped at his sister.

"Your room is upstairs Raine, the second door on the right and the bathroom is the door before it. I'll call you down for dinner when it's ready. Chandler already had your stuff moved here." Liz spoke to Raine, an apologetic tone in her voice.

"When will Daniel come?" Raine asked before she could stop herself.

Liz watched her children as they suddenly left the room and she sighed. She didn't look Raine in the eyes.

"Daniel didn't make it."

"What? I thought-"

"Getting better? We all did. But the damage was just too much for doctors to fix. I'm sorry Raine."

Raine swallowed the lump in her throat and calmly left the kitchen, walking up the stairs, into the room Liz said was hers. Tears were running down her cheeks as she took it in. It was almost the same as her old one.

She leaned against the wall and sank to the ground, the tears still on her face.

This was her new home.

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Next: Broken - Chapter Two: It's Gonna Be Okay
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