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This is a franchise I've been a fan of since about 2012. I decided to recreate it in TS2 2013. Since then I've made 13 cycles as of 2018. When I started off I was very much a beginner when it came to picture taking, and didn't know what I was doing when it came to "showrunning" either. So many cycles are quite amateurish. They got better though (both visually and writing wise), and there was a significant raise in quality eventually. Still, I wouldn't feel right just skipping the earlier ones when uploading them here.

To give you an idea of the quality change: Cycle 2 took me 4 days to make. Cycle 13 took me 4 months!

If you can't stand the low quality, I'd urge you to please wait until Cycle 10-11 or so. 10 is when the fashion photos actually started to MATTER (lol), and 11 is when I started taking them in HD. I also used other than townies eventually. And 13 is the best I've ever done so far. Just saying! All cycles are translated from Swedish.
PS. If there's enough interest, I may make the first cycle with reader-submitted sims!

Without further ado, I present to you:


Allow me to introduce the Simland's Next Top Townie Model presenter ... Lyra Yanks!

Lyra has absolutely NO experience of the modeling career and takes this with the least possible seriousness.

But she is SO beautiful, and SO mean ... There is no one better for the job!

Welcome to Simland's Next Top Townie Model Cycle 1! In this competition, 8 beautiful townies will compete for the title and 100,000 Simoleans! One by one they'll be cut, based on their ability to take care of their needs and to make friends entirely on their own. Before each photoshoot, which is done at 7 am every free day from the host's job, a contestant will be eliminated. The one who has the lowest number of friends, or the lowest needs, if several of them have equally many friends, will be voted out. Finally, the winner remains!

The contestants are ... Greta Clarin

Marie Renberg

Lilly Dolk

Anitra Segerfeldt

Connie Palm

Hanna Kardell

Linda Morell

and Vanessa Janzon! Let's kick this season off!

Vanessa seems to have trouble taking care of herself.

So Vanessa Janzon was the one who had to leave first.


Makeovers! Now there will finally be some model quality on these chicks!

Greta Clarin got brown, wavy hair to accentuate her sweet face.

Marie Renberg had the wrong look for her skin. She got dark, licked hair and trimmed eyebrows.

Lilly Dolk got bangs for her high forehead and a more edgy style.

Platinum blond, bunned hair makes Anitra Segerfeldt's face light up.

Connie Palm's boring, black ponytail was replaced by short-cut, red hair.

Hanna Kardell gets blond, thick hair in Christina Aguilera style, to be really cute.

Linda Morell already looked good in ponytail but got a thicker and shinier one. Make-up emphasizes her piercing, beautiful eyes.

And then they are released.

Greta Clarin unfortunately was eliminated.

Now it's time for the girls' first catwalk in their own home! Linda Morell was the first one out.

Hanna Kardell was next.

Connie Palm

Anitra Segerfeldt

Marie Renberg

Lilly Dolk

Everyone did well and the competition intensifies!

Marie slipped a bit and chose to pee on the carpet instead of in the toilet.

Anitra and Lilly play with the bubble blower. A well-known needs drainer.

Unfortunately it was Marie Renberg who had to leave! She was a big favorite!

The remaining girls travel to Twikki Island for their first bathing suit photoshoot!

Lilly Dolk

Anitra Segerfeldt

Connie Palm

Hanna Kardell

Linda Morell

A fire breaks out immediately when they get home!
Thankfully it went well.

Except for Anitra Segerfeldt who was eliminated!

Half are gone and now they travel to Takemizu Village!

Lilly Dolk took a fantastic picture! Probably the best so far in the competition!

Connie Palm

Hanna Kardell

Linda Morell

Overall, the girls did very well. Lilly and Connie, however, do not do well on the needs front; they use the infamous needs drainer again!

Which was too much for Connie Palm, who got kicked off!

The three semi-finalists: Linda Morell, Hanna Kardell and Lilly Dolk!

They travel to Three Lakes for their last overseas shoot!

Lilly Dolk

Hanna Kardell

Linda Morell

As usual, a fire starts when they get home. That damn lightning!

Unfortunately, Lilly Dolk's performance was not enough and she had to leave the competition.

Hanna Kardell and Linda Morell as finalists, are now participating in the biggest annual fashion show in Simland!

Here they now will show off all the clothes they have modeled in throughout the season!

Who do you think will win the competition?

Will it be Linda Morell, the sexy beauty with the piercing eyes?

Or will it be Hanna Kardell, the sweet, fresh blonde?

It will soon be decided!

Despite being competitors, Hanna and Linda have become the bestest of best friends!

They are both very likable people.

They have both managed to get the most friends among the contestants, and at the same time managed to take care of their needs to stay in the competition!

Darkness falls...

And next day it's clear! Linda Morell was eliminated, and you know what this means!


Hanna Kardell, the sweet and fresh blonde won the whole competition, and walks away with §100,000 (in the form of 10 big TV screens), tremendous pride and a complete portfolio!

Her last shoot is the winner shoot that she gets completely for herself.

Her best photo will be displayed in the house throughout the whole next season.

Everyone who was voted out brought a photo album with all their photos with them. Everyone who got through the round also got the photo in large format. The loser's latest photo was sold.
Hanna is the only one who got to keep 100% of her photos!

She defeated all the girls, one by one. With blood, sweat and tears she reached all the way! Which she only had 1/8 chance of doing. In addition, a friend only counts if the friend remains in the competition! So it was also about getting the RIGHT friends, because if a friend was eliminated, she was no longer counted.

And she did it! Go out there and make me proud, Hanna!

Hanna Kardell is Simland's Next Top Model !!!

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Next: Cycle 2 - Part I
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