Goldie's Adventures on the Moon - A Short Story - Chapter 1: Flight to the moon
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Goldie's Adventures on the Moon - A Short Story

Chapter 1: Flight to the moon
Well, it all started when my mom passed away and we moved in here in the middle of nowhere - Widespot. I was very miserable; nothing could cheer me up. Not even my brother's silly attempts at trying to make me laugh by talking through that teddy bear which I've got when I was just a kid? Anyway, they would never leame me alone! Why couldn't I just spend the whole day in my room, doing nothing and just have some time and space for myself? Everyone was SO annoying!

Anyway, I didn't care about my homework, too. Dad kept insisting on lecturing me because of my bad grades, but I bet, when he was in my age, he must have been one of the worst for sure! Just... look at him and you'll understand. In short: school sucked, family sucked, life sucked!

One day, all of sudden, Dad came to me to tell that I should be packing soon, we're going to fly to the moon. He had seen an advertisement on the newspaper before, applied there and since he was a professional athlete as an adult... well, let's say, he got everything he wanted! I wasn't really into that at first... but I didn't want to stay home either. Not to mention that I didn't want to go to school, do the homework, buy nursery stuff for my sister Candy's baby, and do much more chores! So, I just had to go. It'd be just me, my dad and my brother Rhett anyway...
That day, I went on vacation without telling anybody at school that I'm leaving... I bet that school bus driver was mad at me for wasting his time on that day.. but you know what, I didn't care. Nor do I now.

As we arrived there, my dad checked us in in a rather... open-air hotel? If such a term exists... anyway, it was dreadful! Everything was exposed as hell; the restrooms, the food stand, you name it... only the bedrooms were in a kinda closed building - HOWEVER, it was so tiny and just EEEWWW? The walls were made of thin curtins? You could literally hear EVERYTHING! I HATED it! I knew there must be MUCH fancier hotels out there, but Dad saved the simoleons for a special thing.

"A room for three, please?"
"Sorry, we only have 1-bed suites, so, you have to rent three suits for your family! Not to mention that there's one and only restroom which you all have to share with the fellow tourists... oh, and the only bath tub we have is in the garden!"
"Whatever... sir! But I'm a former superstar, you can't treat me like this!"

"Goldie, you've been locked in for hours in that tiny room! You can't be that sad for the rest of your life! Get out of your suite and join us here at the the food stand! Rhett's here too! "
"Hell NOO, Dad! I don't want to eat that crap!"
"You're being disrespectful, young lady! The chirasi bowl is really good, you
should try it! ... Well, if you don't come, I'll take your bowl then."

The tiny suite made me SO angry... and those fake walls! That was probably why, I was in such a bad mood all day long, but at least I could read my favorite book which I had brought along... that made me feel a bit better. The room still is a bummer, though!

I fell asleep while reading that book... and woke up with weird knockings on the door. It was Dad...
"Honey, they have an aquarium around here. Let's check it out! The reviews on the internet are good and ..."
"Ok, fine... let's just go."

The place looked awesome, indeed! They had like this huge aquarium where you could even swim and downstairs, there was a restaurant, too... it was just stunning! As I was looking around dazedly, some cute guy spoke to me ...

"Oh hi, you're new around here, right?"
"Well... I've been just... uhmm... "
"Hehe ... travelling?"
He was kinda cute... but that conversation was kinda... awkward? But he really was cute... like cute for real! Anyway... Dad and Rhett were already upstairs swimming in the pool, so I went up to see what they were up to.

"Goldie!, Rhett!, watch how your Daddy's gonna jump into that hole!"
"Yeah... whatever Dad!
"Hey Goldie, you wanna join me in the sauna?"
"I think I'm fine... Rhett! Just go in there yourself... it's kinda bizzare to take a sauna... with you!

I really enjoyed swimming in the aqarium... also, it was interesting to experience the weak gravity, but it was very tiring!
"Dad, I'm gonna head back home... I'm dead tired!"
"Fine, I and Rhett were about to ask you anyway to go home..."
"You... two won't come along?"
"Well... we do want to spend the money now for that special thing..."

I never knew what they really meant, but I found these pictures which they've apparently taken on that night.
So... they went to check in in another hotel? Without me? Sheesh!
Not to mention that they've taken this photo as well... them doing a flirty face... I wonder for what...

Now coming to this picture, I think I've seen these two girls around town once... when we were in the aquarium and I think I remember the one with long hair listening to the conversation I had with the handsome boy earlier that day - I think she was just curious because I said I was new around here? Well, technically I didn't say that... he asked me and I said? OMG... what did I just say again? I think I said something SOO embarrassing! Anyway... apparently, Dad and Rhett met these two girls later that night in a rather interesting looking venue!

And EEEWWWW! This is SO disgusting, but SO creepy as well! I mean, the cashier kinda looks like Sadie, the local cashier in my hometown - Widespot. But, this can't be her!
But if it were her... I could kinda ask what my Dad and Rhett were up to that night... but something tells me that it'd better leave things as they are...

Oh, and they didn't return to the hotel that night. I woke up alone in that crappy hotel where they left me alone! I just wonder WHYY?... and did I feel better on that day? NOO!... I had to admit though that this boy at the aquarium was.... kinda cute.

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