The Sims 2: Memelands #1
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This time we will go to Strangetown (and most likely will not leave it for a long time) Today we will see a "family" that has not yet killed anyone, but which is nevertheless also quite ... meme.

Sorry, English is not my native language, so heres the notations: Tipus Nervus: Nervous Subject
Colby family: Beaker Family
The Humble: Shy Guy

And we will get acquainted with the Keter family! As it turns out, Tipus Nervus was not the only" object " of the Colby family, it turns out they own a secret underground laboratory called the SCP Foundation! And then one day there was a Violation of the conditions of Detention and several objects broke out on the surface. Namely: SCP-106 the old Man, SCP-049 the Plague Doctor, and SCP-096 the Humble. Fortunately, during the years of imprisonment, they were re-educated, but not much. Modesty has stopped attacking anyone who looks him in the face, Doctor... For the most part, he hasn't changed (Except that now he doesn't treat everything), but the Old man has... Became just a typical grandfather. But for that, it can pass through walls!

It began with the fact that Tipus infected everyone (Except the doctor) The PLAGUE (Flu), and at this point, the Doctor's eyes lit up and he went to make a medicine, which unfortunately did not work and had to involve CIRCE Colby, whose medicine caused the error at all. After that, the Modest man prepared hot dogs for everyone, and Tipus was sent to a detention cell without a ladder for infecting the children with the PLAGUE. In an attempt to cure the team, Modesty was sent to an incomprehensible mechanism. Although it worked perfectly, it didn't cure the PLAGUE. At this time, the Doctor took the ability to medicine from CIRCE using a magic vacuum cleaner. Modesty goes to the toilet, during which he experiments with his growth. At this time, for no apparent reason (Possibly for breaking the ceiling), Loki and CIRCE appear in the bathroom. They begin to reproach him, which makes Modesty angry and attacks Loki right in the toilet. During this time, the old Man again uses the same machine that Modesty used in an attempt to recover. But it works in a very different way... Because of this, the old Man wanted to go to the toilet. After passing through the wall, he found a fight between Modesty and Loki, which made him unable to take a proper leak. With the help of magic, it was possible to remove everyone except the old Man from the toilet, and the fight meanwhile took some too flexible turns. The old man falls asleep in the toilet. Loki wins, but Modesty demands a rematch. CIRCE is sent to tipus ' cell for rooting for Loki, after which He wakes up from a nightmare. CIRCE plays the guy on the phone, and who won the fight is not clear. And the old Man again tries to use the car, the plan fails again, from which the old Man begins to twerk furiously (Even in his sleep). The doctor goes to work in his fancy suit. At this time, money is placed in tipus's cell (to increase comfort) and Patrick (So that He can talk to someone), but he did not like Patrick. After a strange incident with the refrigerator and the roof, Loki is now able to become completely invisible and barren (it can be said that he himself has become a new SCP). An old man sleeps in a plate of Pikachu pieces. The doctor returns from work with a strong desire to cure someone... He treats CIRCE. They also have a picnic with the Modest man. At this time, a cat comes to them and moves to the old man's bath. Well, it all ends with the fact that the Doctor decides to open his own clinic, where he can treat patients with his own methods! And so he builds an extension right next to the house, putting Mickey mouse next to it and hanging a picture of Mario (to attract kids and their parents). The clinic called "Finally the plague" is open!

Thank you for reading! This story turned out to be more ragged than the previous one, but I hope you enjoyed it. Good luck and bye.

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