Picking Up the Pieces (Star Trek) (Ch. 4 - 07/24/11!)
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Picking Up the Pieces

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Just a few notes about this story before I begin:
* It takes place around 2428-ish ... same timeframe as the uniform set I posted a while back, HERE. To give you an idea, 2424 is about 45 years after the end of ST: Nemesis, the last TNG movie. In fact, one of the characters related to (but not appearing in) this story was born amidst the events of Nemesis, and is in her late 40's now ...
* The basic plot idea this story goes by, was laid out before the release of the 11th Star Trek movie. Therefore, it is not in continuity with this movie.


Please excuse the not-so-great quality of the pics for this chapter. I did them quickly, and did a lot of photoshopping (GIMPing?), they're not even all from the Sims game ... sorry. (Although, I did create the planets from 2 pictures of rocks! I'm happy about how it came out :D) PLEASE COMMENT!


Cirtri. Situated in a quiet little corner near Federation space, it didn't seem like much would happen there. The planet itself was beautiful, serene, a good vacation spot. If it weren't for the fighting.

For many years, the two rival governments of Cirtri had been fighting a war of sorts, a war of threats, alliances, and midnight stealth attacks. The two often involved themselves in the affairs of such powers as the Federation and the Romulans, supporting their respective allies with technology and supplies, and getting the advantage of having someone much bigger on their side.

And thus was the situation now. Within the Federation, there was a near-rebellious coalition of developing worlds that wanted a faster rate of technological development than the Federation thought was good for them. Their former leader, a peaceful, charismatic man, had been assassinated and replaced by someone with much more militant ideas. Cirtri's Lecxèan government began showing concerning support for the faction's new leader.

So, the Federation sent unofficial ambassadors T'Lea and Kareb to their unofficial ally, Xis, to try to swing events in the Federation's favor.

While they were there, however, Lexcè attacked Xis' capital city, Euneva-Kwa, in the middle of the night, forcing a complete evacuation of the city into its extensive network of underground tunnels.

It was from this situation that Capt. Andersen and the USS Taurus was sent to rescue them, and return them home.

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