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Hello, This story is based off of an idea that I have been playing around with in my head. This time, I am very happy to see it come into frutition using The Sims 3! I really hope you enjoy the story!

Chapter One

It was a cold, grey morning in a suburban area known as Crystal Falls, Colorado, a nice little community, a few neighborhoods, a town square with a rather large shopping district, vast rural stretches of land, a little bit of everything in one town......A rather nice place to live.

The truck was travelling at approximately 55mph on a long, windy road....the driver’s destination was not far. The truck had a design painted on the trailer and the hood bearing the words “Crystal Falls Animal Rescue: Equine Division” From the dashboard, he can hear faint banging sounds and a man say “easy, boy!” Not given many details about the animal he is transporting, he just views it as another paycheck, his way of putting bread on the table.

The trailer arrives at the place, Six Gable Stables a medium-sized horse farm on the outskirts of town. Almost immediately, two stable hands unlock the hatch of the horse trailer and take the animal out.

“Looks like the rescued horse is here, can you tell me anything about him?” a voice said. It came from a man that is decked out in worn-out denim jeans, work boots and a plaid jacket. A tall man at six foot one, his face has rugged and arguably handsome features, a beard that covers his face, but not long and unmanageable, his eyes were a crystalline sea green color. His name is Jack Silver, but everyone that knows him just calls him by his first name. “His name was Tornado, sir. He’s 14 year old Arabian stallion with a bay coat. The poor boy’s been so badly abused that every single attempt to rehabilitate him has failed. We’ve heard about how you and your stable hands are able to work with dangerous horses, and we trust you, but I feel I must warn you. If you don’t break him within10 days, the Animal Cops are contracted to seize and put him down. It’s a damn shame though....he’s such a gorgeous horse” said the animal rescue worker. Jake is confused, he’s worked with unbroken horses for a long time and there has never been such a short window of time to break a horse. “Why are the animal cops giving us only 10 days?” Jake asked and the answer that the animal control worker said sent a horrible shiver down his spine and for some reason awoke nameless fear in his heart.

“Because sir.....he killed his last owner.” After he said that, a feeling of dread had encompassed both of the men, he continued. “His last owner was always very tough on his horses, one day he decided to use the bullwhip.... after a huge commotion, stable hands found him with his neck snapped at the base of the cervical vertebrae, and hoof shaped bruises on his body.”

One of the stable hands leads the horse away from the trailer, the animal shows resistance, but the stable hand is persistent. Suddenly, without any notion of a warning, the blazing guitar riff of the song ‘Thunderstruck’ as made famous by the Australian band AC/DC suddenly blasts as Jake’s cell phone rang. The horse as a result goes into a frenzy and rears on his hind legs and bucks wildly, stable hands scramble to keep the horse under control.

“SH*T” Jack curses, It’s his son on the phone. “Listen Joe, I can’t talk now, call me back later, ok? Bye!” “Get the horse into the quarantine pen!” Jack barked to the stable hands.

The stablehand, already shaken up by how violently the horse reacted to Jack’s cell phone going off takes the horse to a quarantine corral for horses to be rehabilitated. He moves slowly, breathing at a constant, calm rhythm to avoid spooking the stallion and leads him into the concrete and steel pen.

Right before he walks out to lock the gate, a metal shovel falls over, and switches on an old stereo system that Jack used to own before he got his iPod and “Yankee Rose” by David Lee Roth starts to blare over the stereo system. The horse suddenly lets out a terrifying, almost demonic neigh so loud that it resonates off of the metal walls, the horse looks at the stable hand with his piercing black eyes with hate and malice. While the music is still blasting, the horse suddenly charges the young stablehand, rears up and nails him in the chest. “Hey! Easy! EASY!!!” he yells, but to no avail. The horse continues his rampage, stomping the stable hand nearly to death, horrifyingly akin to an episode of Bonanza named “A Matter Of Circumstance” where a spooked horse maims Little Joe. The same thing was happening in real life, right here, right now.

Jake rushes over, as fast as his strong legs can carry him to the containment pen and sees the horrifying scene. “Hey! BACK OFF!” Jake yells at the horse while he grabs the injured stablehand and takes him out of the pen. He then, as fast as he can, locks the gate.

“I’m fine...I think he broke my wrist though...” the stablehand says, rising to his feet. “I’ll take a look at it. I just want you and everyone else away from that horse. It’s for your own protection.”

While the stablehand walks into Jake’s office, Jake turns around and looks at the horse inside the containment pen and watches as the beautiful bay stallion rears up wildly and gallops around the pen’s perimeter in circles. He says to himself, “This is going to be a challenge.....”

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Next: Chapter Two
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