Cash for Flunkers
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Hi there, My name is George Leno, I am supposed to be Jay Leno ,
but due to difficulties in the the exchange, he was not available,
so you are stuck with me, his Cousin George Leno.

You have my sincerest Apologies.

But anyway, on with the show.

Several months ago the government came up with the program called "Cash For Clunkers".
It was a great idea. So we recently came up with our own version , Called "Cash For Flunkers!"
Yes , now you can trade in your D and F students for "New School Efficient Students"!
You also get a $4,500 tax credit! These kids will pay for themselves with there first A+ report card.

Lets meet a couple that will be applying for the "Cash for Flunkers Deal."
Please welcome my brother and his lovely wife John and Betty Leno!

Hey George , thank you for having us on the show. We are very interested in this
"Cash for Flunkers Deal." Our kids are terrible students and they behave like a bunch
of punks, even though they have not been brought up that way.

We don't know what to do George? Please help us.

Well, lets meet the little Flunkers shall we.
First, we have Charlie here. He says he hates school and never wants to go again.
He has flunked the 8th grade three times now.

"So Charlie, can you tell me why you hate school so much?"

"Duhhh, I don't know! Cept I think it's stupid and a waste of my time. I would
rather hang out with my friends and smoke weed all day. Maybe start a band."

"Its so nice to hear that you do have some ambitions. A band could be a good idea, do you sing or play a instrument?"

"No I cant sing very good and I cant play anything Uncle George. But some
day I am gonna git me a guitar and then I gonna rock out!"
"How about Lyrics, can you write them?"
"Whats a Lyric?" Charlie asked.
"Lyrics are the words to a song." George answered.
"Ahhh, nope I don't go for that mushy stuff."

Well, how about if you and your Dad go down and see what I have in the garage for you.

Go on in son and see whats in there for you.

Wow, a yellow Corvette!! Cool!

"Hey, who are you guys? What are you doing? No! Let me go.!
"Cash for Flunkers ?" No, I promise I'll do my homework... Noooooo!

When that door opens we will see what John got for his trade on "Cash for Flunkers".

Okay, time for the moment of Truth.

The door is opening!

Wow! Look at that trade!

So, this is our new "School Efficient Student", Charlie.
That kid looks like he gets straight A's.

"Hi Dad, how are you doing?"

So, come on back for Part Two.

When we meet Stabby Abby.

"See you later for Part Two of "Cash For Flunkers"!

{Author's note: Hi everybody, thanks for reading my story.
I had to go back and reshoot some pictures because about half were missing.
I tried to make my new characters as close as possible to the old ones. Thanks
for your patience
I also want to say always back up your photos because I posted this story
on Simmers Garden but they got all mad at me and deleted my stories causing
me to again lose most of my pictures. They did this on purpose for revenge.
This is from a so called Christian Forum. Writer's beware.}

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Next: Cash for Flunkers part 2 Meet Stabby Abby
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