The Road Home by MEliseG
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Chapter One:

Those who are faithless know the pleasures of love; it is the faithful who know love's tragedies.* --* Oscar Wilde

It was an ordinary day for Gabrielle. After switching shifts at The Yoga Corner to head home early, all she wanted was dinner and a movie with her boyfriend Garrett. It seemed forever since the two had a Friday night alone.

As she pulled in the driveway she noticed a strange car and all the lights on. The car was not one she recognized and she could hear the dim sound of music. Her stomach dropped as she walked to the door. Something was not right.

Gabrielle rushed to the sound of smooth jazz and took a deep breath as she began to twist the knob. She was not prepared for the sight at hand. Her whole body shook as her brain was connecting the dots of the image she was seeing.

Her eyes widened and filled, crushed with the scene before her. Garrett was entwined with a long legged well endowed blonde. Her legs wrapped around his waist, moaning with pleasure, just as Gabrielle’s heart was breaking.

After the longest few seconds of her life, the blonde noticed Gabrielle in the doorway and gasped. As she was struggling to stand up, Garrett turned to see Gabrielle at the door. Even with the tears in her eyes, he saw the raw anger and disgust in her face.

“Gabby! What are you doing home so early? I thought you were working the late shift. This is not….” He trailed off, knowing full well this was exactly what it looked like.

“Well, I see you are busy here. I thought this was the time, Garrett. This was our time. You were going to be different. Things were going to be different. And here we are again. We might as well just erase the last six months. No. Don’t say a word. Just leave. The both of you!”

After a moment of stunned silence from the pair, the blonde quickly got up, grabbed her clothes and exited the house. Gabrielle heard her pull out of the driveway, the car moving as fast as possible.

Garrett went into the bathroom to change as Gabrielle methodically grabbed her suitcase, filling as much as she could into the two bags she could find. She would rather leave some of these memories behind. Garrett walked out of the bathroom and just stared at her for a moment. For that second he realized the mistake that was made, aware of his actions. But true to form, within moments he was justifying his behavior in his head.

“Well, if you wouldn’t work so late all the damn time, this wouldn’t happen. I mean really, it’s just sex. It’s not like you and me. You know that. C’mon Gabby. Give me a break. You’ve made mistakes.” Garrett was getting nervous as Gabrielle didn’t say a word. For the first time she didn’t need him to tell her how it would be. She wouldn’t leave. Right? As she grabbed her keys and loaded her car, he was stunned to realize it was actually over.

End of Chapter One

*Note* Chapter one has pictures that were edited because of adult content. This explains the odd size and quality. Thanks.

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