Voltus Pravitas - Diluting the Ugly Gene
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Chapter 1.1: Welcome Home
This is Rosalie Graham, a young woman who recently moved to the quaint town of Riverblossom Hills. She was born with a rare congenital disorder called Voltus Pravitas, which results in a severe deformation of the facial structure. This disorder is likely why her parents placed her for adoption. In an era that had few people seeking to adopt Rosalie spent her formative years in an orphanage. Rosalie worked hard as a teen, saving money so as to afford her own abode when she moved out of the home. And, as fate would have it, her hard work paid off. When she became an official adult, Rosalie had enough money saved to invest in a small home of her own.
Despite it not being much, Rosalie found comfort and relaxation in her small shack. She knew that without any floors, and half-finished walls she would need a job, the sooner the better! Cracking open the classifieds section Rosalie set to work circling a couple wanted ads. She even called a few of them, and landed a same-day interview! She could hardly contain her excitement, and who could blame her?

When it came time to go, she suited up in her best attire and was off to meet her potential employer. But when she came back, she had far less vigour in her than when she left. "Thanks for coming in, but I don't think you're quite what this company is looking for." The interviewers words were like knives, but it was something she had grown accustomed to. Rosalie had gone through all the ropes to get the part-time job she had back in SimCity. With a face like hers, very little came easy. A fact Rosalie was painfully aware of.
It was just shortly after when one of her neighbours popped to visit unexpectedly. Leod McGreggor, a farmer from just around the corner. He seemed to take to Rosalie's looks much better than the interviewer did. Not that Rosalie was complaining, it wasn't very often she met people who were comfortable with her oddities. That and Leod did seem nice enough maybe they could even be genuine friends?
Leod ended up staying pretty late. Eventually the two of them got bored of football, instead picking up some pillows to use on one another. A couple of good hits from Rosalie, and a few games rock, paper, scissors later and Leod retired for the night. "Well, it was nice hanging out with you Rosalie. See you later, friend," He said as he walked away, leaving Rosalie with quite the smile on her face. Rosalie was broke, jobless and living in what could essentially be called a shed, but at least she had good company just a short call away. She was content. And wasn't that enough?

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Next: Chapter 1.2: Happily Ever After?
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