Adventures in " Burnt Biscuit Buns!"
It all started when Kelly picked up the cell phone to

start her Adventure to Egypt.

She is a well seasoned traveler so she knows what must be done.

This time she is looking for the "Tomb of Mystery."

She must beware because the curse of the " Burnt Biscuit Buns"

is lurking around every corner.

Now the journey begins!

Walking up the path to the old ruins she begins to

feel her skin crawl with the feeling of being watched

but not by something human.

Kelly carefully Opens the secret door to enter the tomb

seems easy enough but what awaits on the other side of the door?

Entering the tomb with caution.

Walking to the first stone to step on it,

not knowing if she will get burnt buns,

deactivate a trap, or maybe even unlock a secret door, she steps carefully

onto the stone.

She hears a click and notices a secret hole

in the wall appear.

Walks over to it.

Slipping her hand into the scary darkness to search for

another deactivation switch or unlock another door.

She begins to feel something crawl up her hand onto her arm.

pullin her hand out to find it plagued with bugs.

Letting out a deep breath she slowly slips her hand

into the creepy black hole again. This time unlocking a

door through which must be intered to find the

" Tomb of Mystery ".

She opens the door with caution and steps through,

starts walking down a long corridor.

unbeknownst to this seasoned traveler a trap is just ahead.

Taking 2 steps more sets off a secret trap.

will it be the Biscuit Buns Burners or

will she be Electrocuted?

Lets find out!

That's how the Adventures in "Burnt Biscuit Buns" starts!

Readers: sorry about Picture size. Still Learning!
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