Sim Wars I: Chapter 1 (Intro): Welcome to the Imperial Rule, Sunset Valley!
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A long time ago, in a galaxy far away, an imperial star destroyer was getting hit badly by the rebel alliance. The empire was going to lose the battle, and unfortunately, Lord Vader had to know about it.
"I'm sorry sir!" grasped Grand Moff Tarkin
"Sorry for what?" Vader said angrily
"Sorry for the loss, of yet another..." Tarkin said nervously
Vader shouted while raising his arm for the choke: "LOSS OF YET ANOTHER WHAT?!"
Tarkin: "The 15th, Death Star, sir!"
Vader strangled him with a powerful force choke until Emperor Palpatine arrived.

"VADER! Put him down!" The Emperor screamed.
It was only seconds until a stupid Storm Trooper launched the star destroyer through hyperspace. Vader waked up because he heard a scream; poor Yuriko while her husband Vladimir brought a machine gun, and Natasha, his daughter was stopping him, while Sasha, his other daughter, was doing otherwise was shouting: "THAT THING WITH THE HALLOWEEN COSTUME...." but before she can continue she got strangled by Lord Vader, the police came and told him to calm down, but Vader drops the woman and tells the police that he wants to talk to the emperor. The police officer, confused, looked at him while laughing, and told him that there is no emperor, it is called a president! Vader found the rest of his ship crashed on there, but he wanted an explanation. A confused Storm Trooper told Vader that while the hyper-drive was on its way, they crashed with a meteorite and in light speed, went back in time in four million years, where there is no light swords, or laser blasters, or even large spheres that destroy planets, so Vader shouted in anguish: "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!". The emperor got very mad hearing that he didn't rule that time, hence him being already a four million years old. Yuriko told the duo to find a job throwing a help-wanted poster in their faces. The emperor and Vader went to the store to take the job, but after the emperor being refused to, he electrified the manager and went along to the town hall. Vader followed him inside, and when a security guard tried to stop them, he got slice up in half by Vader's saber, "Get me a bounty hunter!" Vader called.

The emperor smiled saying one last word before going to confront the president: "Welcome to Imperial Rule!"


What can we say about him, Evil, obsessed with ruling the stuck once in a bathroom, can he bring the wars in the stars to Earth?

"We can rule this valley, like father and son!"

The famous father with a disobedient son, can he convince his son to finally obey him?

"Yeah, man, that's what I call fun!"

The craziest bounty hunter ever (contains nuts and milk), can Fett get used to that world without anyone hiring killers?


Well, unfortunately...we have no information on him...

"We're dead!"

The empire's first line of trivial defense

Yuriko Shinji
"We both have psychic powers..."

Born to a scientist, she developed some brain powers and got in love with a Ukrainian smuggler and married him, can she keep it tight?

Vladimir !$%#^%#@^(He's a smuggler after all...names don't have to be given)
"Put my daughter down or else I shoot you, and her!"

Vladimir (known better as The Strelok) got weapons, military on his tail, married a Japanese woman and has a family...can he balance his old 'family' life with his real family?

Natasha Vladimir
"Dad's a criminal, mom has a supernatural brain, I have a stupid sister, an immolated Sith lord is living with us in my bedroom, life's too fine..."

Natasha is the smartest of her family, she likes to negotiate instead of fighting, she likes science and talks logically, and takes her study seriously, she also heard that the human DNA can be merged with plant DNA to make a new creature she is trying to turn herself into, will she succeed in her science and study with an un-supportive but loving family?

Sasha Vladimir
"Smart phone, check, Skateboard, check, Sunglasses, check...I'm good!"

Natasha's evil twin, Sasha isn't very evil, but quiet a hassle, she likes rebelling and problem making and violence like her father, she also wanted the emperor to turn her into half a wolf with his Sith Alchemy, well she ever learn how to quiet herself down a bit and stop problems?

Kimiko Vladimir

Natasha and Sasha's toddler sister, will she go in which of her sister's paths?

Chapter 2 Coming Soon, with new characters and more about those characters mentioned above!

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Next: Sim Wars 1: Chapter 2: Did Someone Call, a Bounty Hunter?
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