Show Time Challenge
Hi everyone!

At first my apologies if there is some misspelling because English is not my main language.

This is Show Time challenge and show needs outgoing sims. What is outgoing sim? If someone calls, he needs to go out with him. If no one calls, he needs to go out alone.

With permission of OP to not to build any lot but use existing ones I started this challenge. So goals:
1. Have level 10 creativity skill; 2. Have 10.100 simoleons in family funds; 3. Have a child; 4. Have played on all music instruments; 5. Have at least one friend.
To make it more challenge for me I added 2 goals from myself: 5. Have been in the zone and 6. Complete it within 10 sim days. This last because I wanted her marry after challenge and get job in music career.

Choosing neighborhood was simple - Downtown. Just because there will be main stage for her in Sim Center North.
So here she is:
Name: Rihanna, zodiac sign: Leo. Outgoing as well.
I moved her into small house in downtown and furnished it until she had 100 simoleons left.

So lets start.

Day 1.
First thing what Rihanna did after moving in was going to play piano. "I am so excited to try this activity," she said. "It will be a lot of fun." She played piano when welcome wagon arrived. She didn´t hear them. When welcome wagon was gone, she decided to go out too.
Rihanna arrived at Sim Center North. Greeting some people, she checked them on. Nothing special. But there was a stage. Rihanna picked bass to less harm ears with her level 1 creativity skill.

When Rihanna came home, she was excited: "I want more levels in creativity skill, so I will not be ashamed." She sat at piano and practiced and practiced. When Rihanna at last went to bed, she had creativity skill at level 5.
Family funds after day 1: 340.

Day 2.
Rihanna woke up, cleaned self and house, ate and went out. Soon after her there was Scot coming to Sim Center North. "What an attractive man," Rihanna thought and went to greet him. Checked him on and three bolts was showing up. "Just like love from first eyesight," she thought and wanted build up relationships very fast. And when other sims was playing music on stage, she played with Scot water balloon fight.

Scot was tired soon and went home. Rihanna drank some coffee and played drums on stage. Later at home Scot came to visit her. He left soon and Rihanna practiced piano before going to bed.
Family funds after day 2: 1.551

Day 3.
Rihanna decided not to go out today. There was a lot of things to do at home. Also she learned parenting for future case and practiced piano. Before going to bed, hobby lot instructor showed up. She gave her membership card. Rihanna was happy.
Family funds after day 3: 1.551

Day 4.
"What can I do with my new level 9 creativity skill?" Rihanna was ready to lead a group and play guitar on stage. It was gorgeous. So sad you don´t hear it. Downtown sims are really creative.

"I need max out my skill." She decided to go look at secret lot. There was a violin. "I will try it." Rihanna played violin until she got skill maxed.That´s enough for today. Just because tomorrow is FRIDAY!
Family funds after day 4: 2.544

Day 5.
Scot called and asked out on date. Date went very well. Soon after coming back to home Scot wanted another date.
Two dates at a day. She liked it. They felt in love already.

Rihanna was worry about money decay because of paying bills. She decided go to secret lot and earn some money. With her creativity skill it was not so hard. Also she played on synthesizer. Just for fun. And Friday is party time. Lets dance!

Scot hiked in at midnight and brought her DJ Booth. Rihanna had no place where to put it and sold it.
Family funds after day 5: 7.287

Day 6.
Dating. Performing. Dating. Love is in the air.
Family funds after day 6: 8.696

Day 7.
Rihanna was stuck with the first date. She managed to make dream date but she was not satisfied. She wanted marry Scot and have wedding party but sorry... rules. Rihanna went to perform at Sim Center North where she suddenly saw a very attractive man. She checked on him and chemistry was higher than with Scot. Rihanna wanted flirt with him but then started thinking: "No. I already love Scot, I cannot cheat. Besides, he likes me so only when I have glasses on. But I´m not sleeping with glasses on. Scot loves me always." Rihanna took deep breath and flirt want was gone. It did not stop them to be friends. John was following her everywhere.
"I need change in my life," decided Rihanna. "Maybe a baby." She picked up a phone and asked Scot on date. She did everything very fast at a restaurant and asked Scot at home. They woohooed twice. Nothing happened. Disappointedly she picked up next phone call. It was John. John wanted outing. Rihanna was immediately agree. "Something new and relaxing," thought she when they soaked in hot tub building up outing points.

When outing was over, she managed to earn some money from same place.

John liked outing so much that he hiked in at night and brought her a mirror. Rihanna was happy. She can now learn charisma skill for future job.

Family funds after day 7: 9.341

Day 8.
Idea to have a baby sticked in her head, so first thing what Rihanna did at 7:00 a.m. was to call Scot and invite him over. They woohooed and she heard lullaby. Anyway, it did not stop them dating ahead.

Performing at deep winter outside while being pregnant was pretty dangerous for her health, so she went there last time.

Rihanna had one more dream. She wanted maximize her hobby and be in the zone. The best place for this was secret lot. She played on piano long enough to get it and later enjoyed being in the zone.

At same time she was grateful if someone decided help her with funds.

When she came home at late evening, her pregnancy suddenly bumped. I really don´t have any mods to speed up pregnancy, so it was surprise for me too. Maybe being too long time on secret lot messed up her pregnancy timer.
Family funds after day 8: 11.590

Day 9.
Continuing dating with Scot. All these restaurants made her nearly fat so I forced her to have some fitness activity.

Always someone calls, always at phone. And she went out. No matter of pregnancy.

Even thought at outings she could not use hot tub anymore.(I did not know that before)
Family funds after day 9: 11.669

Day 10.
At morning John came to visit her. He stayed long enough and Rihanna enjoyed his company.

Game tip: Do not send her to tip. Wait until she does it by self. It will increase your funds.
When John went home, she was in the zone.

At late evening she already went to sleep but came up and went into labor.

Rihanna had beautiful daughter. She named her Latoya.
Family funds after day 10: 11.785


Resume: Skills: creativity 10. cooking 2, cleaning 3, mechanical 1. Friends: 4. Maxed hobby, maxed popularity.
She kept her house clean and repaired when needed. Also cooked food for self and quests. All bills was paid immediately.

Enjoy playing with your outgoing sim.
Thank you.
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