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Eliza Carey.
Subject No.134664
Age: 14
Program Satus: Pre-Life Contractor
World: Devils port.

I woke up silently. I knew where I was. A Life Contractor Database.
There were wires coming from a machine, which connected to various gadgets. But most of them were connected to one place.
Inch by inch, I slowly moved from the tin bed I was laid on.
"Your'e going, where?" A voice asked behind me.
I started screaming, and jumping and kicking around. They were flowing fluids into me, of course I had gone crazy.
"military! military! She is reacting to Hipherum!" A male scientist yelled into a speaker, while frantically trying to attach the wires and drips back to me.
A troupe of hunky men ran in, and pulled me back to the bed.
"No, No, you can't tell me what these are!" I screamed, tears rolling down my red face.
"Calm down, you'll die if you don't!" A lady said behind me, trying to put a mask on my face.
They shot me, with sleeping drugs.
I was frozen, I could still hear
"of course, this one will be in devilsport."
"Why, that place is full to the brim."
"keith regan was willing to accept her. No one else. Anywhere."
Despite my hardest efforts to stay awake, those drugs where powerful.

Cliffhanger! More tommorow"

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