The Misadventures of O'Greeny - O'Greeny and the Cat

O'Greeny wasn't really an Irish guy. He was just a guy who desperately needed some money to round his monthly expenses. This is what made him accept a job as a model. Lousy job that was, as the clothes that were displayed were truly not his style at all. Strange costumes, they were. His friend Buddy was supposed to join him later and they were going to do this together - dress up like green clowns and take photos. Lame activities are always much less lame when someone does them with you.

For the moment, loneliness is what was making O'Greeny a sad boy. "Man, am I bored and hot in that costume. I can't wait for my buddy to show up"

He took several photos. He had to stand up in different positions and stay still. It was easy, and at the same time it was tremendously boring to do. O'Greeny was starting to wonder how many more of these pictures he was going to have to take. But then his buddy arrived! O'Greeny was so happy!

Buddy was wearing a green costume too, like O'Greeny had to advertise. His came with a green wig and beard. Buddy thought it was funny to dress like that. Buddy is a man who will never be too old to dress up. He loves it. He loves the idea of being another person for a change, even if it's not for very long.

O'Greeny was done for the day with the photos, and he could keep the costume and do whatever he wanted with it. That's what they said when they hired him. O'Greeny thought they better just give them away, that nobody would ever want to pay for them; but he thought it was better to keep that thought to himself.

O'Greeny and Buddy had planned to spend the rest of the day together, and thought of making a small experiment with the cat of their neighbor. That neighbor was a mage, and they were so curious about him, always spying on his little habits and trying to understand how his life must be. O'Greeny and Buddy are exactly the kind of neighbors you hate, who are so bored that they enjoy spying on you and your family while you simply do your little things!

Buddy had stolen the neighbor's cat without him knowing... Or so he thought. Who knows what these mages know and don't know?

Today Buddy and O'Greeny decided to see what the cat was able to do. They were wondering if, for example, he was able to dig his way back out of a hole, a deep hole? O'Greeny wasn't sure it was a good idea, but he always followed Buddy's ideas. O'Greeny had a great admiration for his friend. Buddy was the one who knew better. If anything was going to go wrong, Buddy would know what to do.

But then it did go wrong, and Buddy didn't really do anything. O'Greeny decided to be courageous and ask the neighbor directly about it.

He was afraid the mage would get mad, but he reacted very calmly, very casually. The death of his cat was a small event of little importance, and he was not going to help O'Greeny and Buddy about it. He thought they didn't need the help.

This problem all seemed so simple to the mage, yet O'Greeny and Buddy had no idea what they were supposed to do. They tried a few things...

...but then they were out of options and things were not better. They really didn't know what to do. They had hot-dogs that night, and then Buddy decided to just go home. He kept his costume, as he thought he might have fun with it again eventually.

O'Greeny was feeling a bit down. He didn't care to change clothes or anything else. He just sat in a corner, wondering what else he should try. But he couldn't find any solution, and just didn't feel good with himself about hurting that little cat.

Up to this day, O'Greeny is still sure that they killed the neighbor's cat, and he still feels bitter about it, even when he is eating his favourite pie.

The neighbor brought his cat back from the deads the next day. For a mage of his power, it was a thing of one minute. He never told O'Greeny about it, as he was starting to be tired of their silly games and felt like a little guilt might knock some sense into him.

Great intention, but O'Greeny still doesn't see what he did wrong. He's just sad for the little cat and numbs himself the best ways he knows to not feel that pain. Once he'll get over it, he'll probably do something dumb with Buddy again.

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