Pleasantview Mega-Hood Challenge!
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I am moving my story here from a Blog I have been working on for a while. I took a break but just picked it back up again. Im hoping to have more readers and feedback in this format. I previously have attempted this challenge a couple of times... with Pleasantview only. There weren't many surprises so... This time I created a MegaHood. This Pleasantview includes Downtown with all Downtownies & Tricous. Plus 2 shopping districts, Bluewater & Belladonna. I added Strangetown, but I don't want to actively play them in rotation. Only Tricou teens and 1 parent are in Downtown... they will not be played in rotation but are available for Matchmaker or Wishing Well to grab and will be added to Uni rotation at the end of round 1.

So I am at the point that all the playable families that I intend to use are on livable lots and randomized my Rotation schedule. The rest are in the Sim Bin which the Matchmaker and the Wishing well CAN pull them out. I will not be determining the matchups in this challenge. Sims will use either the matchmaker, wishing well or if they meet/bring home a 3 lightning bolt friend then that is their match. First playable Sim becomes their future spouse. NPC's only if they are 3 lightning bolt...

Pleasantview proper first:

Burb - Round 1 posted
Broke - Round 1 posted
Dreamer - Round 1 posted
Pleasant - Round 1 posted
Goth - Round 1 posted
Caliente - Round 1 posted - Now called De Bateau
Lothario - Round 1 posted
Oldie- Round 1 posted

Belladonna Cove second:

Contender - Round 1 posted
Cordial - Round 1 posted
Baldwin - Round 1 posted
Rutherford/Weir - Round 1 posted - Now just Rutherford
Green/Gere - Round 1 posted - Now the Love Family
Riley/Cho - In Progress

Bluewater Village third:

Landgraab - Playing now

At the end of the first full rotation of all suburbs & families, all eligible teens will be sent to Uni... unless the storyline directs them otherwise of course!

Each family will also be given randomness just like before. I will roll how many children each family will have (either natural or adoption allowed) and I have a little program with random scenarios so I can roll a random "Torture" for each family to deal with during the current and possibly future rounds. When the scenario plays out they will get a new roll on the Wheel of Torture. So when I refer to the WOT that is what I'm talking about.

So you want to know the Random results for Burbs? I didn't roll for children, I liked the 10 kids challenge with my last PC so I kept that. And then the perfect WOT came up for them! Aliens Attack, must have 2 alien abductions within the first week of play. So I begin their story right away!

Burb Family Round 1
Round 1 of the Burb Family. I will be playing this round for just one season (1 Sim week) just to get each household going on the storyline.

Welcome to the Burb House. Its under remodel as we begin our story.
*note the mortgage shrubs - like all middle income familes the Burbs will start out in debt.*

John has a LTW to earn $100K and a locked want for 10 children. Jennifer has an LTW of Top of Business career. Their Wheel of Torture to start them out is Aliens Attack - 2 alien abductions within the first week.

First abduction underway! John is a perfect preggers, not sick once, gets hungry & tired a little faster than normal but no passing out or sleeping in his food.

Can't say the same for Jen. She is sick alllll the time, passed out in her dinner and she hasn't even done her first baby bump yet!

Here comes Alien Nooboo number 1!

Its a girl! She is named Sabrina and has full alien genetics... well, not sure about the hair yet. Her eyebrows look brown but we'll see when she ages. I also have a Multi-PT mod so there are 5 different possible "parents" all with different haircolor...

Lucy brought home Tessa Ramirez after school. Jen talks to her about making friends and Lucy asks, once again, for a pet.

Jen thinks Lucy can handle the responsibility of a pet, so she brings a little kitten home. Cymmi.

She won't admit for the world that she wanted a kitty too.

Look who walked by! I made sure to get Jen to go chat at her for a little while. They have established a low level friendship.

Do you see it? See the problem with this picture? No its not the cat pee. Though Cymmi could have chosen better timing. No its the baby John is holding and Jen is having another!!! Natural unplanned twins! Boy & Girl. Named Derrick and Darleen. Darleen takes after mommy in skintone while Derrick takes after John. Eye color & hair are still a mystery.

Cymmi grows up!

So does Lucy. She is now a teen with Fortune Aspiration. Attracted to guys with Glasses & Blond hair. She is not attracted by Zombies. Her LTW is to reach the top of Architecture career.

And abduction number two on the last night of the round. This is the end of the Burb Round 1. When we return it will be Sabrina's first birthday and time for Lucy to think about college.

On to the Broke family. WOT for Brandi is Repo Man Rampage. Do not pay any bills until Repo Man comes 2 times.

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