Witch queen
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For many years the dales were at peace. The Dalish elves that lived there seemed to excepting the humans living in there homeland and the humans seemed to be living with them in peace in the once grand elf city of Galroa that was not shown on any map of the dales. Only by those that lived or travelled there knew of it. For a time all was well in the land until prince Arthur was of the age to marry.

Arthur was the only child of king Joshua and Mira. His life had not been normal even for prince, he was raised by his father since his mother vanished when he was still a baby. His step mother was a keeper’s first who loved him dearly but she moved on when her can moved into Ferelden.

He had hair as black as embers and eyes as blue as the sea but for this he had on fault he had a strange attraction to blondes with blue eyes either killing them or tiring to rape them.

Years later after his father died after finding a mysterious crack in a cliff, going init and was never seen again. Arthur had no money and the kingdom was without a king to lead them. To become king, Arthur had to marry a princess.

So far he had found no one until one stormy night.

Arthur was standing by the fire warming his hands against the fire as a storm raged out side “by the maker, what a storm outside”.

He went to a window and looked out to that rain was pouring down on a women with long blonde and blue eyes. She stood there her beauty was plain to see.

Arthur was not sure if his eyes were lying to him. How could there de a women with so much beauty should exist in this world. So he went to go and see if she did exist or not.

To his amazement she was real but he kept his distance. He heard tales of wraiths that took form of beautiful women that try to kill you in the end after having fun with you. “hey you. Are you spirit or human speak to me I demand it of you”

The women did not say a word until a bolt of lighting shot out of the sky and hit her making her scream that made all the hairs on the princes body stand up on end. She fell to the ground in a crumpled ball.

Arthur ran to her, knelling down and putting his ring finger to her neck to check that she a heart in her perfect body that still had a beat to it “so she is real” he said “a real living being which I love with all my soul already and finally after so long I will have my queen”. He picked her in his arms and took her inside his castle.

She opened her eyes to see the prince staring down at her “hey don't to try to move I do not how much harm that lightning did to you” Arthur smiled at her “what is your name, I would like to know what your name is”

The women smiled at him. “my name is Helena. I am the second daughter of the third son of lord Fo” Arthur thought that all the Orlesian had dark hair and all had accents but this women had neither of these making Arthur love her even more. “Helena what a beautiful name for such a beautiful women”

Helena watched Arthur as he got on the bed and lay beside her. “I love you from the first moment I saw you I loved you”. Helena watched him as he learnt towards and kissed once and then many more times until she started to kiss him back.

After that night the peace that was in the kingdom for over 50years was broken. The prince did not until it was to late to stop what was happening to him. Arthur’s soul was gone from his body that night.

Helena was not who he thought she was but she was juts possessed by a much more powerful being and more evil than what anyone had seen before in the dales since the time of the magisters of old.

He was now a slave to the will of the women that he had loved. She married him and took her place as queen. She quickly crushed all rebellion making sure that no one could appose her rain.

It has been twenty years since that night and the queen has hold an iron grip over the kingdom. The humans blamed the elves for all of this and would do all in their power to avoid them. The castle were the prince lived now belonged to the blood eagles.

Fear was everywhere in the kingdom and people hoped that a hero would rise and destroy the witch queen. Time passed in the kingdom and the power of the witch queen grew making her even more feared by all in the kingdom.

Rumours spread around the kingdom that queen had a plan an evil plan that queen was planning to do that would change her and the kingdom forever.

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Next: Chapter 1: plans of evil
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