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"When I was a little girl, my father always told me, once they are dead, they are dead. They never come back. So, when I read books about Vampires, Zombies, and Werewolves, were tall tails, told by men that scared children from leaving the house at night. When I was about sixteen my father passed away, but the months before he died, he told me a story about a prophecy. That was to be had.

He told me about two people that were destined for each other. Like two peas in a pod, that would always call for each other. But their personalities would be completely different. One would represent Night, while the other represented Light. As if they were good and evil, but to become one, and bare a child of neutrality. I sort of laughed at the story he had told me. But he also told me, they would not look like humans. Their ears would be pointed. And their eyes would be completely different from their parents. And Night's parents would have blonde hair, and their child with black. Light's family on the other hand, the parents would have black hair, and their child with blonde. I wonder till this day what my father meant.

But there is one person I could see being Night...Viktoria Ravenmoon. She has the grip of ice, and a heart of coal. She is dark, and twisted. But who would of thought...I would be shown in a different direction...Enjoy...Mortals."

"Milady..." Jonhanthen's words began with a soft tone, as he looked towards his mistress, or in some cases his master. A loyal butler, that would surely die before the woman that stood before him, "Milady, are you alright? Its bright out here, morning. Why have you sent yourself out here, alone?" After his question was asked he heard a soft chuckle linger away from the mask.

"Why not? Johnathen, my dear. You have served me well, for many years. And yet, you ask the same damn question every time I come up here!" The female spat out, "But aren't you lucky, I am in a rather good mood. Have my 'troops' arrived?" She asked with distain in her tone. She heard nothing but silence, "Well, then I suppose, I shall wait in the throne room until they have arrived."

Viktoria sat upon her throne, waiting, waiting. Hours had seem to go by, "Shallow ingrates! They should know by now, I hate to wait. And yet, look at the time." Viktoria snarled, as she tried to calm herself down. She sat there, now thinking to herself, "I do not wish for this prophecy to come true...For if it does..." She sighed, "It'll be an end to amazing civilization. And I can not let that happen." She mustered to herself, as she was beginning to get even more restless, she heard a loud bang against the wall. She looked up, to see her butler running towards her.

"MILADY! MILADY!" He screamed through the hallway as he ran towards his master, "They have arrived. And they are here. Shall I send them in?" He asked, knowing that he was about go get his ass chewed.

"No, keep them outside! ARE YOU THAT NAIVE?! Of course, send them in! And as soon as you do, you'll stand next to me like a good dog." Viktoria hissed.

But before leaving, Johnathen lowered himself to the floor upon one knee, and his hand to his chest, "Forgive me, milady. I shall not use an ill tongue towards you again. I should not be so naive. And I ask for your forgiveness, and if I shall, I will beg like a dog for your mercy." He stated, he kept his head bowed, before a silent hiss behind soft spoken words.

"I will not tell you again." Was the only words that fell from Viktoria's cold lips.

Viktoria watched them all emerge within the throne room, a cold smirk rose to her lips, as she watched her loyal butler take his place next to her.

"Well, what do you think of them, milady?" Johnathen asked, as he leaned over close enough for their conversation to not be heard. Johnathen was more or less scared of Viktoria, he knew in one moment he could be dead. And Viktoria would show no remorse for her actions. He remembered when he was a child, she took him in. But now everything had changed, and he was regretting walking within the deadly walls of Viktoria's castle.

"What do I think? I think they are rather pathetic. But that shall too pass. For they will not last very long here. They will die like the others before them. Whether they die of old age, battle or even an illness. They will die, and more will take their place. Johnathen, I wish for you to leave us. I wish to speak to all of them, and see if they know why they are here. Please, for once in your life be useful, and cook these of pathetic flesh dinner." Viktoria stated, she watched him bow then leave the room.

Viktoria rose from her throne, and headed down the stairs. She could feel the aura of each of them. All of them showed that they were ever so nervous around this masked female. And all of them wondered one thing: "Why did she have a mask on, and what is she hiding?"

All of them surely stopped breathing as this female was now standing only two feet away, Viktoria smirked as she heard them gulp, "Nervous?" She asked, "Well, you should be. But that isn't the question that comes to my mind, and I do know that is not the same question that comes into your pathetic minds either. My question, I ask is...Do you know why you are here?" Viktoria asked, and she heard no answer.

"How about you?" Viktoria's hues were directly on the male named David. "Do you know why you are here?" She asked with now a linger darkened tone,

"No...N..No milady." David replied. And he heard the word: "Pity" crawl into his ears like a spider.

Viktoria's glare was now upon a female named Janice, "Do you know why you are here? Or are you like the pathetic male that has a tongue like a stuttering snake." Viktoria chuckled eerily behind her mask, and awaited for an answer.

"N..No..Milady." Janice replied, and Janice too heard the word: "Pity."

Viktoria was now standing before a female named, Dalia. "One of you better answer the damn question at hand! Before I discard all of you! Now you!" Viktoria kept her focus on the female that was before her, "Why are you here?!" Before the girl answered, Viktoria was now right in front of the female, staring down at her.

"We are here to serve you, milady. Whether it be cleaning toilets or fighting. We are now your servants in life, death and all of eternity. That is why we are here, milady." Dalia spoke with a bold tone. Though she couldn't see the eerie smile behind Viktoria's mask, she could only assume what she was thinking, and Dalia was truly frightened.

"Rise." Viktoria stated with a rather calm tone.

"My dear child, you may just have a purpose. But only time can tell. After all, I am not looking for some stupid...Wench...That can waltz her way in here, thinking she owns the place." Viktoria spat out, "Now, listen for I shall only say this once. And you can tell your little friends. That I seek for the best, and the strong. And he or she will be in command of the group. And will ONLY follow my orders." Viktoria emphasized the word only, she needed the point to get across.

The only question that was left, who would win the competition to become Viktoria's right hand man/woman. Only time would tell. But Viktoria seemed a little to desperate. Viktoria was the only knew that there was something...Wrong.

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Next: Born of Innocence into the Darkness
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